In an underground facility, located deep beneath the surface of several islands, undetectable to the electronic eye, eight of the wealthiest individuals in the world met in secret to form an organisation that would change the world for the good of all.

Those eight men and woman were seated at a long, diamond carved table each one committing the features of the others to memory, for this was the first time they had all met in person. They sat in silence, waiting for the woman who had called them together, the one who would instruct them in the building of a new paradise. Their eyes flickered around the dim room watching for a sign that their leader was coming.

Engulfed by shadow in a distant corner of the room, a wooden panel slid open. The woman known to the gathered men and women simply as the Chairwoman stepped into the room. To the eight people seated at the diamond table it was as if the woman had materialized from thin air.

The Chairwoman was an intimidating figure.

Her jet black hair framed her perfect, icy white, heart-shaped face and her almond-shaped eyes looked like tiny pits of burning coal. There was an evident obsession – or insanity dancing in her eyes, one that was visible in the cruel smile that haunted her blood red lips. There was a strong determination and will power in her face, features accented by her sharp profile.

Then there was the long, black silk dress that cascaded to the floor and trailed behind her, embroidered in silver and studded with diamonds, disguising her lack of height; the dark material a strong contrast to her freakishly pale skin.

She was the woman with the power, wealth and willpower to change the world.

The Chairwoman took her place at the head of the table and surveyed the eight whom she chose to help her with her revolt. A sudden chill washed over each of them as she made eye contact.

Apparently satisfied with her selection and pleased that she had succeeded in asserting her authority through one look; the Chairwoman smiled grimly and clasped her hands upon the glittering surface of the table. Then she spoke; to the men and women seated before her, the room seemed darker and it felt as if a cold breeze had entered the room. Her very tone and manner of speech made it very clear who was in charge.

"My dear Associates, you all know why we have gathered here today," she said her voice barely more than a whisper, yet it rang out clearly through the chamber. "The Regime, the world government, has become corrupt; more obsessed with making money and funding research than looking after the citizens of the seven cities of the world."

The Chairwoman pressed a button built into the arm of her chair and a holographic display flickered to life; mirroring her words with images of teenage street gangs, families being turned out of their homes by police men and women and labourers working factories. The picture changed as she moved onto the next part of her speech.

"The original Regime Council created a paradise; a world of peace and prosperity in the absence of murder and theft. Alexander Alterra and his twelve Commanders were heroes; they saved the human race from destroying itself.

"Now eighty years later, politicians who want nothing but to satisfy their own greed sit in the chairs of those decorated heroes. They pour their money into the Military forces and the production of weapons technology just to satisfy their greed. They beggar the people to fund their pollution of the world. They disgrace the name of the Regime.

"It is time for a new reign. We shall be the saviours of this earth, the next Commanders; we will restore order to the world and obliterate the corrupted government, the Regime. We will do whatever takes to achieve our goal, even if it means starting a fourth World War…"