A long time ago, in a faraway place,

there once lived a man with a stark, deadly face

He wandered around with one earthly goal,

To patch up his past, and mend up his soul

But decades had passed, with all but reprieve,

And of a safe haven, he did not believe

But, then came a day that would change his life,

It ended his hate, and dispelled his strife

A young, pretty girl with a young, pretty head,

Offered him shelter and a cozy, warm bed

So with her he stayed for months on end,

And slowly his heart began to mend

But then came the day when the girl finally asked

Why, with the linen, he chose to be masked

"Oh, kindly traveller, where is your face?

You, from my mind, I wish not to erase!"

"My dear-hearted woman, my face has long gone,

To give you that picture would simply be wrong!"

"Mysterious sir, I demand a hint!

If not, my generosity will become quickly stint!"

And because she demanded, the man did supply,

And the long-shrouded sight then did meet her eyes

So, upon the first meeting of wide orbs and light,

The woman collapsed, in what seemed to be fright

But the man knew much better than to believe the new view,

And he sighed very sorely, his breath filled with rue

For the woman he'd killed had once been his sister,

And to show his remorse, he bent down and kissed her

"My own flesh and blood!" the man said very slowly,

"I hope that her future continues on holy!"

So his journey wore on as though nothing had happened,

But inside his core, his soul had been flattened

With no one around him and not any support,

He searched all around for some sanction of sort

But the brooding old man wrapped in thick, linen cloth,

Was never to find that which he had sought

And with his life nearly finished and his heart all but there,

The deadly-faced man died alone, cold, and scared.