You know those really ridiculous situations you find yourself in, that get steadily worse as time progresses? Like, you might be trying to get around and you step on someone's foot and then they start yelling at you when you're just trying to apologize and then everyone else is trying to get you two to fight and blah blah blah? Yeah? Well, imagine that, only the "someone" is a big gray wolf equipped with razor sharp teeth and deadly black claws who just happens to be two times bigger than you. Am I screwed or what?

"How come I haven't seen you around here before, pup?" the she wolf yipped. "I know just about all the pups, and I certainly wouldn't forget one with a pretty white coat like yours."

Before I could respond, heavy foot falls came from behind. I took a couple steps back so that I had the gray wolf on my left and the newcomer to my right, just incase. "What's going on, Karas?" came a distinctive female voice. A snarl exploded from my throat as the biggest wolf I had ever seen in my entire life came loping toward me. "Oh, who's the pup? I'm Lassie, by the way."

"She was just about to tell me who she was, until you barged in," Karas said. "Come on, pup, who are you? Are you part of this pack?"

"I'm not," I growled, looking at Karas, then back at Lassie. The woody brown she wolf was definitely going to be my main concern if I tried anything funny. She wasn't only big, but she was battle scarred. This was a wolf with knowledge on how to kill, and a pup like me wasn't going to be much of a challenge for her. "Does that mean you're going to kill me?"

"That's for Frac to decide, pup," Lassie said, the amiable tone now gone from her voice. She took a step toward me and I jumped back, growling up at her from my crouched position. "Lay down your fur, runt!"

"Stop freaking her out, then," Karas retorted. Throwing back her head, she yelled out the word "squeaks". This threw me off so much, I stood and cocked my head at her. What kind of thing was that to yell in a situation like this? Strangely enough, a distant howl answered her. "Oh boy!" Karas smiled. "Okay, pup, Frac will be coming in a moment. You'll like her."

"Don't lie to the poor thing, Karas," Lassie laughed. "No one likes Frac right away!"

"Too true," Karas barked and the two fell about yapping their heads off. The fools. Without a second thought, I sprinted forward, hoping for once that my huge paws wouldn't impede me when I really needed them to cooperate. "Hey, stop!" Karas yelped, realizing what was going on a second too late.

I didn't waste my breath on laughing at her. The sound of Lassie's angry barks echoed in my ears. I knew she was coming after me. Her heavy footfalls thudded like the hoofbeats of a stampede. "Stay away!" I cried. I couldn't get caught. Not now! The wood was right there, if I could just reach that first line of trees, disappearing wouldn't be a problem.

I didn't even see it coming. In mid stride, I was broadsided by a body of muscle and claws. This was it. I was certain Lassie had knocked me over. Now she was going to tear out my throat and wallow in my ripped open carcass. Her huge paws splayed out across my ribs, each claw pronounced in my flesh by a needle sharp pain. Hot breath ghosted into my ear and I waited for the finishing blow.

"Hey, now, where's the rush, pup?" said a laughing male voice. My eyes flew open and I looked around at the speaker. He definitely wasn't Lassie, nor was he quite as big. "We all like to get to know Frac, but aren't you being a bit eager?"

"W-wha . . . No! No, no, let me up!" I cried, starting to squirm.

"It's alright, Sesshy, you can let her up," came an altogether new voice that made me stop my wriggling. It was at once authoritive and pleasant; frightening, yet soothing. The speaker was the type that could kill you on a whim if you did not please them right away. "This one isn't going anywhere." The weight on my side was lifted and I struggled to my paws, wishing that I hadn't even gotten up this morning. Swinging around, I came face to face with the one named Frac. Okay, I stand corrected. Lassie is officially the second biggest wolf I have ever seen in my entire life.

In fact, next to the black Alpha wolf, Lassie looked normal. Already, I knew I had no chance of making it out of here alive. Frac had to be a monster, or some form of Death reincarnate. For a moment, breathing became optional. All I could do was cower under the amber eyed gaze of this phantom of darkness, hoping for a quick and painless death.

"As much as I enjoy seeing you grovel at my feet," Frac sighed, "it would probably do you a load of good to know that I'm not going to kill you." I cracked open an eye to stare up at her in disbelief. Frac smiled. "You can stop embarrassing yourself now."

Well, thanks a lot, I thought, frowning at the explosion of coughs and quiet giggles behind me. "Ah, don't worry about them," Frac said, raising one paw to bat me across the ear. "You need a name if you're going to join this pack. Any ideas, guys?" Frac asked above my yelp of horror.

Join the pack?! My thoughts of Frac just letting me walk away harm free crashed over my head like sudden rain. This couldn't be happening. It all had to be a bad dream, a nightmare induced by rotten meat or something. Maybe Frac was joking, trying to see if I would embarrass myself again. I suppose it would be best to humor her.

During my moment of horror, I had been unaware of all the name suggestions that Karas and Squeaks were yelling out and the one that Frac eventually decided upon. So, it came as a bit of a surprise when Karas turned to me and said: "I like Fang."

Well, there went that hope. I am so screwed.

Squeaks raised a paw to the air. "Me, too! Oh, smells like Lime is coming along. By the way, Fang, the name is Sesshy."

"Sesshy?" I grumbled. "I thought your name was Squeaks."

"Nope!" Karas yapped. "That's what I call Sesshy."

"Why?" I asked, completely forgetting that I was supposed to be disappointed with my lot in life. However, my question was forgetten as a new scent entered the group.

"Hey! Ooh, new pup. What's her name?" This so called Lime didn't look anything like a wolf to me. She was far too slender, too prim, too un-wolf like to be a true wolf. "I'm Lime, new member!"

"Fang," I murmured, testing the new name for myself. The dawning of what this meant made me sag in despair. I was named under this pack, I was now this pack. If I ever went anywhere, other wolves would know. I was literally branded for life. "Ooh," I groaned.

"What's the matter?" Sesshy drawled, padding toward me. "Empty stomach?" I only managed to stare at him. "There's plenty at the den for you."

"You should join us, it's fun at the den!" Karas chimed.

"Or you can explore your new home," Frac said. "Either way, I'm going back to the den. See you around, Fang!"

"Yeah, bye Fang!" Lime barked in her non-wolf way. She took off after Frac, barking and trying to get the other to race her.

"We'll see you around?" Karas asked as Sesshy and Lassie started trotting back toward the trees. I didn't know what to say, I was too shocked.

"Come on, Karas! We've got patrol duty," Sesshy barked, wagging his tail at the gray wolf. Karas rolled her eyes upward but began loping away. Sesshy watched her go before sending a meaningful glance over his shoulder at me. Then, he was gone, melting into the background of the wood.

That was it? They just name me and leave? Ah, what did it matter! I was part of this pack now, whether I liked it or not, and I certainly didn't like it. I was sort of curious about the den, though, and I wanted to find out why Lime was so un wolf like, but other than that, I didn't have a place in the pack. I didn't want to belong.

This was my home now, but despite the sentiment, I felt as far from it as possible.

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