At peace in heaven, up high in the sky,

Where true happiness lies and there is no place to cry.

Yet during one winter's night, the Devil's broke in,

Only to add to our blood filled night, in came the sin then we all knew hell would win.

The Devil's came running swinging their blades, releasing their unholy yells,

Mixed within all of this madness you can still hear the ringing of the Church bells.

Blood and corpses lined the city's streets,

From my small hiding place I can still hear the death march beat.

Alone through this battle, I try to make a run for the city gates,

Running free, almost there I hit Hell's army only to meet my fate.

Chained and thrown into their dungeon keep,

The hounds of hell are a fear I still have to meet.

Tossed out the gates, falling from the sky broken inside,

For now the way to end my life is left for only them to decide.

Now I make my way towards the ground,

Straight to hell is where I am bound.

To burn within the hellish fires,

And listen to the false tales from the liars.

Marked for life by my black broken wings,

To be beat, burned and whipped by these Dark Kings.

Thrown into blood filled rooms,

Never knowing when I will finally meet my horrible doom.

Watching these Devil's day after day,

You start to understand their evil horrible ways.

They know nothing of peace, only of pain,

Bring death to one's families because their souls these Demons wish to obtain.

For the lost souls locked in the never ending darkness living through their worst fears,

During the night's sounds from the tortured is what I have left to hear.

The howls of the wind that whine down the dungeon halls,

Trying to break free from my steel shackles, never works only causes a pain recall.

With the cold steel of the shackles digging into my skin,

I try to enjoy the small moments of peace until they walk back in.

Small cries are always heard along with their laughs of pleasure,

Causing their captives unthinkable pain, making them bleed at their own leisure.

Hiding in the back listening to others receive their torment,

Listening to their bones break and their blood splattering across the cement.

Pushed down onto the ground only to have chains slashed across my back,

Crying out in pain showing any weakness only gets you smacked.

Certain people were allowed free, yet it cost them their soul,

And the promise they will forever serve within this Hell by working patrol.

To fight back against them is only proof that you wish to end your life,

With that they drag one after another out the doors and stabbed them in the throat with a knife.

Crying does nothing for the one I lost, but whole only my soul left to give,

The Devil's return for their nightly tortures, I willing give it up due to the fact I wish to live.

With smirks on their ugly faces, one reaches down and pulls me up to throw me over his shoulder,

Walking through these halls the air gets colder and colder.

Thrown in front of the leader and giving him my soul, I receive a final gift,

The promise of this pain is to be swift.

I'm a Broken Angel forever marked as one of the dead