cut it out love.
you know i enjoy your company
so why don't you come and sit with me?
we coud chat for days about the weather,
play piano duets and see who is better,
anything, just come it with me love.

stop playing kid.
don't bat those perfect lashes at me.
you should know that isn't fair dear,
just come now, come here,
stop playing games with my head
you're with her, but you should sit with me instead.

fine, you got me, i'll give up on you.
flaunt yourself ha, i'll show you two!
sweetness, you had me in your porcelain hands,
dropped me, and let me to put myself together again.
but i'll turn new, and then i'll show you.

sit with me, you said.
i ignored such an innocent plea,
i'm immature, i'm not acting like me.
but unlike you, i can catch on,
sit with me, you said again.
and i did, and i shook off my mean streak.
sat with you and had some tea.

let you play matchmaker
as i gaze at your intentions,
play a duet with me?
you say, so suave and quiet.
"alright, but you know you're better dear."
"then let's talk about the weather."