You'll know when it's coming,
when it's just a few steps ahead
and you know praying isn't helping.

You see a small spark of light,
feels like you are in a different height.
But it will never end; this fight.

Starting to imagine that you're on those train tracks,
how the train keeps running towards you,
and your brain gives a slap.

Maybe it will never end
you start to think,
but how much more time you should spend?

Everything that's living has fail you,
and so the sense of the power above,
you wonder, "Is miracle still true?"

"I can't feel much" your heart said,
"I'm okay as long as my body is fed."
But that heart still aches.

You wishes to end or to escape,
but strains of reality somehow chases you back,
leaving you with no faith.

Neither dead or alive