Note:Yay! My 100th work in this site! *fweee* I'd like to thank you the reader for reading and you the artists for writing art, always an insperation. I know 100 isn't a WHOLE lot, but it's still an accomplishment!!

Can You Blame Us?

We love you, we hate you,
And the worst part is we don't even realize we need you.
Can you blame us?

We need faith, we need action!
And I do understand the subtleties of your ways,
But everyone has forgotten.

We are your children, dying and bleeding,
We are blasphemous, crying and needing
A real God.

He who hath understanding, the knowledge of
All that is and all that has yet to come,
But where'd you go?

Was it me, was it them,
Who drove our Creator,
Our creation away,
When we though that we didn't need Him?

I apologize on behalf of the world,
I apologize on behalf of myself,
But can you really blame us?