When Opposites Attract:

Fuck you,
Fuck me,
Fuck this life and love I fucked you with,
Damn it all like I know you do.

Love me,
Love you,
Love this love like there's a love to love,
Like I know we somehow manage to do.

Who are we?
Why are we?
I hate you,
Love you,
And you love me,
Hate me.

It's true that opposites attract,
But it's nothing good when they smash into each other
Just because of some invisible pull.
Do you feel this pull?

It's true that nothing could separate
Our naked love, like our love glues us together
In warmth and wet.
Can you feel our warmth?

You could damn it to hell
Yet you damn it to me
And dammit i'm tired
but dammit I love you!