The heist was all set. We'd hit the store just as it was about to close to grab all the jewelry, this way no one will get in our way.

We cased the joint three days earlier, learned the security guard's route and all access/exit points. Whitey even sketched blueprints of the place and indicated all the most valuable merchandise. At exactly 19:00, our inside man would bypass the CT system eliminating the alarms.

The plan couldn't fail.

An hour passed and the store began to close. A light blinked from an alley next door, that was our signal to go.

We put on our masks. The security guard was just about to lock up the front door when we, along with my gang, barged in, and Whitey immediately took him out. A clerk was behind one of the glass cases. He reached below the counter. "Hands up, hot shot! No cops, or you'll regret it!"

He put his hands in the air. "Anything you say."

As the others looted the place, Liz, my fiancée, came to me, and gazed into the glass display. She pointed at what she wanted. "That's the one - that ring right there!" she said excitedly.

"But that's not real, it's fake, only used for display," the sales clerk revealed.

"What she says she wants, she gets. . .now give it to her!" I pointed my gun at the sales clerk and he reached in to get it. It was displayed in a small purple velvet box. Quickly grabbing it, Liz stuffed it into her pocket.

Once the others grabbed all they could, we fled, and sped away in our getaway car, a blue Plymouth GTO. It was a fast car, and suited our needs. We escaped without incident.

When we got back home, we divided the snatch. And Liz took the ring into her daughter's bedroom. I watched from the door as she gave it to her. Her daughter was only five and wouldn't know it was fake. Days earlier we were in the store, casing it. Liz had brought her daughter as cover, a mother and daughter innocently looking at jewelry. I suppose that's why she wanted it, her daughter liked it.

The smile on her daughter's face was priceless.

Little did she know that her mother was a criminal.

But what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her.