by Roderick Stewart

Jason Bates wasn't having any luck at the Black Jack tables in Las Vegas. He thought if he used his mothers inheritance that he could buy everything he wanted and live a life of luxury, but all his dreams had been shattered. He had lost it all on several bad luck hands.

Next to him sat an older woman. She looked to be in her late forties, but she was still a looker. Or maybe it was the alcohol that was talking. Unlike him, she had had luck at the same table he sat with only a small amount of money put down. She won five times as much as he lost in less than half the hands.

He leaned over and smiled at her, he caught her eye. "Hi," he said with a boyish grin. "Can I buy you a drink?" Perhaps if he wooed her, he could get some of that money for services rendered; he had just enough money to buy her one drink. She agreed, and a floor waiter came over when summoned. Jason knew what she was drinking. "A scotch-on-the rocks for the beautiful lady."

The waiter left to fill the order.

The woman seemed naïve, and he turned on the charm. Soon they were headed up to her hotel suite on the eighth floor of the casino. Inside, alcohol induced sex ensued, and she fell asleep next to him. He had sobered up a little, and was able to think clearly. From the décor of the suite, she obviously had money. So she wouldn't miss a little if he took it so he could continue to gamble.

As she slept, he rummaged through her purse and found her checkbook and a roll of one hundred dollar bills. It was more than he hoped for. With this much cash, he could continue to gamble, and if he played his cards right, he could come away with a fortune. Then he'd be able to afford that new Mercedes he had been looking at in the dealership his uncle owned.

He got dressed and then snuck out of the suite, and headed back to the casino. Sitting down at the same table he had played at before, he continued to play - and won big time! After an hour he had ten times as many chips as he started out with. It was enough to afford everything he ever wanted, and he wouldn't have to work for the rest of his life.

Sometimes a little greed pays off, he thought.

But just as he placed his next bet, he was touched on the shoulder by a security guard. "Come with me, sir."

Escorted by the guard to the security office, he was met by the woman he had stolen from.

She had reported him.

At the moment, he knew he should've just fled the casino when he had the chance, but he had been too greedy.