In a world without order, chaos prevails…Many years before the Order was issued. People lived in harmony, both humans and mutants alike. But everything changed when the New Order took control of the world…Nothing was able to go back to the way it was…

It is year 3500 AD, where the world under the New Order looks perfectly harmonious and peaceful while hiding its true colors from their citizens. The principle of the New Order is to live in harmony and eliminate anything that ruins the harmony of its people. The major threat to the New Order is the existence of humans with superhuman abilities. They are labeled the major causes of the society's problems and eliminating them from mankind is the only solution.

In the early years, the New Order did not mind the existence of mutants, but after an assassination of the leader of the New Order, the blame was put on the existence of mutants becoming a threat to mankind. The current leader, Tyson Burns, a very charismatic dictator, issued a law, the Order, which persuaded the general public that locking up the world's monsters will keep mankind safe from danger and humans will be protected from these dangerous monsters…Where is Tyson Burns leading the world to?

"Another explosion took place at the one of the many New Order offices in the City of Richmond," reported a person on the morning show.

"Why are there so many explosions lately? I thought we got rid of the threats a few years ago…How is it possible that explosions are still happening?" asked a random person in the coffee shop while staring at the television.

"Isn't the better question, is the New Order doing their in looking after the monsters?" asked another person.

"Burns seems to doing a good job…but there must be a reason to these explosions…especially if they're becoming more and more frequent…," added another.

"Better start praying that we're not next," said a person with their face hidden under their hood while walking out of the coffee shop.

"Who would attack Capital City? It's the most guarded city in the world," replied a confident man to the stranger's statement with many people agreeing with him.

"Well, think again," said another stranger while they sipped their coffee and point their gloved finger at the television.

Another shocking news report was on air to inform the people, "An explosion has taken place at the downtown branch of Capital City's Central Bank. There is no report of any deaths, but about few dozens of people have minor injuries. For further report of the explosion, please stay tuned," before a commercial came on.

"What!" exclaimed the people in the coffee shop. Many began to break into little murmurs. Some asked if it was possible for such things to happen, others talked amongst themselves about the cause of the explosion, and another group was plainly shocked. While the whole coffee shop was shocked from the sudden outbreak of the news of the Central Bank involved in an explosion, the stranger who pointed at the television left the coffee shop.

As said stranger stepped out of the coffee shop, a group of men wearing similar uniforms stopped and halted the stranger and spoke, "You have the right to remain silent, come with us quietly so we don't have to apply violence, mutant."

"I think you should always think twice before you label or accuse anyone in being a mutant, officer," replied the stranger before the group of uniformed men was distracted.

"Sir, there's a house fire two blocks from here!" said one of the uniformed men.

"What? How did that happen?" said the leader of the uniformed men and turned his gaze away from the stranger. Once he turned back his head, the stranger was no longer there, he said to his subordinates, "Where did it go? Wasn't anyone looking after it?"

"Sorry Sir!"

"What are you all doing here? Find it!" ordered the officer.

"What seems to be the problem, Officer Johnson?" asked a masked man from behind the fuming officer.

"Well, if it isn't Lieutenant Emerson," answered Officer Johnson. "What are you doing here?"

"Looks like someone seems to be causing you a lot of trouble, I came to offer my help," replied the Lieutenant.

"Well, it's always the same one…If I ever catch it, I'll really show it that messing with Karl Johnson is a big mistake," responded an angry Officer Johnson.

"Which one is it?" said Lieutenant Emerson with an interested tone. "You've been chasing this one for over a year."

"I have no idea which one it is specifically…But this one escaped from Zone 24."

"Zone 24…But isn't that the strongest containment facility under the New Order?"

"Technical glitches, that's the excuse we were given."

"Looks like this chase will be taking a lot longer than I predicted," answered the Lieutenant. "Well, I'll leave you to your work. Please come see me anytime you need help."

"Thank you, Lieutenant."

As Lieutenant Emerson left Officer Johnson, the angry officer lit his cigar and whispered to himself, "That self centered bastard…Who does he think he is? Offering me help?"

"Sir!" exclaimed one of the officer's subordinates.

"What is it, nitwit?"

"We are given orders from headquarters to return at once and leave whatever job we have in hand to a halt."

"Reason?" asked Officer Johnson.

"There's seems to be an outbreak at every mutant containment facility."

"What! All twenty-six containment facilities?" exclaimed the Officer. "Let's head back quick."

Observing from a skyscraper, two strangers watched the whole situation. One was standing and the other was sitting at the edge.

"Looks like our plan of causing some major damage to Burns is coming along very well," said the stranger who was sitting at the edge of the skyscraper.

"He's getting what he rightfully deserves, and this rebellion is going to help New Order see what kind of monster he is…," responded the other stranger.

"Good work, you two," said two other strangers. "Let's head back to headquarters before someone discovers us," and led the group of four away from the skyscraper and vanished from the scene.

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