by Roderick Stewart

On his way to work, a night security guard wanted to listen to his MP3 player on the bus, however the batteries were dead. So, he had to contend with listening to the gossip of strangers around him.

Coming to a stop, the bus picked up some passengers, and two men came inside wearing matching suits.

The guard eyed them, and immediately recognized them as Jehovah Witnesses. Incensed, he tried to avoid eye contact.

"Hello, how are you today?" one of the men said to the him.

The guard frowned angrily. "Don't preach to me!"

A women sitting next to the guard turned and looked at him with awkward confusion. But the guard didn't care who heard his protest. An eerie silence followed inside the entire bus.

After a moment, the same man said, "What's the matter? God can heal all moods. Just let him flow into your heart and heal you."

"Don't try to solace my pain," the guard said strongly. "I don't believe in God!" He rang the bell and stood on his feet then moved to into position with others to get off the bus.

Quickly, the guard lowered his head almost shamefully, turned to the man who spoken to him, and said, "Look, nothing personal, buddy. But I can't in good conscious believe in a deity that kills without mercy."

"Whom do you think God killed?" the man asked. The guard told him. Surprised by the revelation, the man's eyes opened wide. Then he said, "I'm sorry for your loss." Genuinely sympathetic, the man further said, "But all things happen for a reason. You must place your trust in God, for He will show you the path to salvation."

The guard once again became incensed. "I stand by my previous utterance, please don't preach to me. And you go ahead and keep believing in the lie."

The guard walked off the bus when it stopped, as the doors opened.

Coincidentally, the same woman who had been sitting next to him on the bus, who also got off at same the stop, approached him as he waited for the light to turn green at an intersection. And said, "Do you really believe in what you said on the bus?"

"Yes, why?"

"I was just curious. Why?"

"Experience," the guard simply said.

He then crossed the road, leaving her behind.