Author's Note: Songs that were listened to while writing the Prologue is: Map Of The Problematique by Muse (I am building a playlist for this story but it may be after the book.)

In the silent darkness her breathing was labored and her heart was racing. It seemed loud in her ears, loud enough for it to be heard.

Sorrow, fear, and to her disgust excitement pierced through her. The fear muffled all her other emotions and it would seem some of her actions and movements as well.

She was terrified. She was alone in this dark space, not even a sliver shed of light was shed where she was. But this was not why she was terrified. She was terrified because of a certain presence. Silently she wished for her own presence to not be noted, she wished for a savior but she shouldn't be selfish. At least she should be grateful for the safety of anyone else but a part of her brain was searching for an escape.

She had no way of fighting as the other had strength that she lacked. She would never have a fighting chance physically. She just wanted it to be all over. Maybe then no one would get hurt, excluding her of course. Her thoughts all came to a halt and vanished as she thought she heard something. Her heart rate increased in response. It thudded noisily in her ears. Loud enough for someone to know for sure where she was, in her opinion. She had no way of knowing though.

The quiet noise seemed to get louder, but then suddenly fainter after what seemed like a minute. In that minute, panic started to course through her. She was too helpless. She noted that it was a little too quiet; surely she was not alone even if the quiet noise had gotten fainter. Suddenly a pair of crimson eyes was visible in her line of sight and a slight smirk on the owners face as the sinister presence sauntered with slight pleasure towards her.

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