I like to think that I have a high threshold for pain. Anything from being pinched to breaking my femur I can take in stride. It was just one of my strange quirks. I had many of them.

This type of pain, though, never failed to shock me with its fierceness.

My body thrashed violently. I was overheating. My fingers tore at the collar of my shirt, attempting to pull it off. I got frustrated; my fingers ripped the cloth to shreds, baring my chest. I growled in pain as my back arched almost violently.

My skin was itching like mad. I scratched helplessly at my chest, drawing red welts that bled sluggishly. I could feel hair beneath my fingers. My writhing body helped dislodge the scraps of my shirt off of me. I was still too hot. I howled in pain as my muscles cracked and popped, shifting sharply under my skin. My knuckles cracked and bulged; my fingernails cracked and fell away. The nail beds hardened and became black as they elongated and sharpened.

My screams became strangled and forced. My teeth forced themselves out of my gums, becoming longer, more fang-like. I couldn't make much noise; the fangs were crowding my mouth. My jaw forced itself into a short muzzle, cracking in a sickening manner. My eyes rolled back in my head. The pain was too much; I allowed my human side to pass out under the light of the full moon.

The only problem was, my animal side was still conscious and still craving to feel the moon on its fur...


Slowly, I woke again. I knew from prior experience that it was now morning again, and that my body was back to normal. My entire body was sore; the transformation was always painful. I swept a lock of black hair out of my eyes with a claw-free hand. My eyes remained closed; the transition from lupine vision back to human vision was always a befuddling one, and one that I put off as long as possible.

I lazily reached up to scratch at my neck. I froze when my fingers encountered leather. I sat up straight, and opened my eyes. The world was caught between greyscale and color, and shapes were different. I blinked slightly, and my vision returned to normal 'human' vision.

This isn't my room.

I gazed around wildly; my heartbeat began racing. I felt bile rising in my throat. My hand went to my neck again. I had been collared. I tried to get to my feet, but I fell back on the unfamiliar bed. Correction: I had been collared, and tethered.

I attempted to undo the collar, and released a lupine yelp of pain. It was made of silver. Crap!

My ears perked a bit at the sound of footsteps in the house. I instinctively covered my bare chest with an arm and crossed my legs. I could feel my transformation attempting to take me over again. My panic levels were triggering it again. It was considerably less painful; the full moon wasn't out anymore, so its energy wasn't forcing the transformation to go as quickly as possible.

I was in full therian form when the door of the bedroom slammed open. My golden eyes snapped up and my panic spiked. Shit, shit, shit, shit...

A/N: WHOA I'm doing another story. :O This one's about werewolves and vampires and such, though. Why? 'Cause werewolves are sexy beasts. (Pun intended.) Anyways. I'll go ahead and explain this right now: werewolves in this universe have four forms they can choose: human, anthro, therian, and wolf. Human and wolf are self-explanatory. Anthro is pretty much human form with back 'paws,' claws, ears, and tail. Therian is pretty much bipedal wolf with thumbs. Anthro is a little taller than human form; therian is at least a foot taller than human form. So, yeah. This will probably not be updated on a schedule, though. Sorry. :)