HI hello I realize that this isn't really with FP's ToS but I also trust that you guys won't report me for it either (because man would that be a dick move or what)

Fun fact about this story: it was started when I was in high school. Like, fairly early in high school. I'm now in my fourth year of university, and have had my writing torn to ribbons by a couple of different professional authors (as adjunct faculty) and have learned to more effectively edit and critique my own work.

That being said, this story is bad. Bad bad bad. Primarily because I started it with little to no idea of what I was even going to do with it, and so the writing's all over the place, plot points surface and vanish, characters are brought in too early and too late, too much is explained in the author's notes rather than within the actual narrative—

Et cetera.

It's high school-level writing, and that's not acceptable to me anymore. Reading anything at all from this story makes me cringe now, even the parts I wrote while in uni. It could be salvaged, but that would take entirely too much time and effort, and I'm not inclined to waste time going back and revising something that's so poorly devised in the first place. Beyond that, I've made use of some plot points that I thought little of in high school that now make me deeply uncomfortable and I would like the opportunity to revise them to treat them with more respect.

So I've made the executive decision to pull the plug on Le LoupGarou, because it absolutely does not represent the type of writing that I'm capable of, and that's just not acceptable to me anymore. However, Lexi and Julia's clashes don't end here. I'm pulling the plug on Le LoupGarou the work of fiction, not the characters and story therein. The story is still salvageable, but only after I've completely torn it down and rebuilt it.

I have, then, started a new story, titled more simply, Garou. It has one chapter up thus far, and I think it is already much better than the entirety of this story. I recommend that you bookmark that if you'd like to see more of Lexi and Julia, as Le LoupGarou is finally officially being marked Abandoned.

I hope you understand, and I hope you enjoy the new writings.

-Tah the Trickster