I always dreamed of sitting on a hill,

Grass beneath me,

The sky above my head,
As the sun sets,

And the stars shine through,

Alongside you.

I can't lie to myself anymore,

There will never be a world,

In which my dreams will truly become true,

That there will be always be grass under my feet,

That there will be stars in the night sky.

I stare into the sky now,

And dream,

I hope in vain,

As the sky is blurred by my tears.

The tears rolled down my cheek,

And the horrifying thought comes back,

Of a gun in my hand,

And one bullet in the clip,

With my own name on it…

The dream now a nightmare,

And I shift my mind back to the sky,

And remind myself my self worth,

Reminding myself I have something to live for,

Something to die for.

I continue to suffer through the pain,

Brought by cuts and bruises,

Brought by trauma,

Brought by words,

Brought by the very emotions I can never truly control.

And the thought that bring my pain,

Runs through my mind,

As I stare into the sky,

And sometimes I cannot stop to believe its true,

In which this world, there is no one for me.

A world where no one understands my thoughts,

That no one can hear my cries for help,

That my plight for happiness is ignored,

Because the only thing that will bring a true smile to my face,

Is having that one person grab a hold of me,

Crying as well, and will never let go…