Story Trivia from Author

Selected Japanese Title: 壮烈火炎 ・ ソルアカ

Romanji: sōretsu kaen ・ soruaka

Meaning behind "souretsu": I picked souretsu (壮烈) because it means heroic or brave. Furthermore, the word provides more intensity (to me). Something or someone's spirit is high and acts with extreme bravery to prosper or to succeed. There are different Chinese letters and words for brave/heroic, but wanted something that sprouted more strength or is overwhelming. Something seen as epic and notable, and moves a person. Souretsu can even describe a god, war, or a story.

Meaning behind "solaka": The word aka (赤, アカ, or あか) simply means the color red in Japanese. Also used to define the color of fire. Sol, in many languages like Spanish, Old Norse and Portuguese, means the sun.


// Introduction: Through the STORMS \\

It was April 4, in the year was 2010.

A heartfelt voice of a girl resounded across the city of Tokyo, Japan:

"Yami! Your shadows won't embrace me! When growing in power, everything else narrows including your insight and modesty. I will not allow the Dynasty to dictate humans. I won't let you oppress their beauty!"

A loud crashing sound followed after that. Another voice, a woman, screamed in fury, "D-Damn you Princess! Why would you want to protect these neand-!"

"De-yaaaaaah!" The girl lets out a spirited yell cutting off the woman, and there was another crash. A heavyweight black mecha, standing over forty meters in height, fell back from receiving its second blow to the face.

"There are good people in the world," said the dignified girl, "they have the magic of being colorful, charming! When they are able to conquer their mistakes, toils and fears, and shift from being discontent to happy after realizing how prized their actions are, it gives them the will to live. Everything with a charm can spread happiness. And for you to prevent that with your tyranny, like back then, I'll never forgive you!"

It was like, to describe it in Western terms, "the shot heard around the world" – an unforgettable and dramatic moment that would echo through time, and the hearts of those who was there to witness it. In Tokyo, a red bird-like mecha appeared to battle against the forces declaring themselves as the Deva Dynasty. Five hours before the attack, all of Japan received an announcement from the Dynasty's leader, who stated that he was the next ruler of Earth. Not even NHK could override the broadcast. Even worse, it wasn't taken all that seriously until the attack came.

Ever since the early 1920s, Tokyo has been the location of many high-scale disasters: earthquakes, war and bombings, volcanic eruptions, and even invasions from extra-terrestrial forces. In contemporary time, very few would believe that aliens would attack the Earth, like what happens in children's comic or cartoons. The ones who saw it with their own eyes became old and were expected to be senile. Even the newspapers they kept to show the later generations were believed to be fake. But, surely, records saved by the government showed it. Concerned over Japan's national security, the Prime Minister of Japan approved of a versatile agency able in response to such threats – the Hoshizawa Association (普仕沢連合会). The Hoshizawa, comprised of members of the Japanese Self-Defense forces, the digital cooperation Toshiba and other industries, was tasked to developing advanced weapons (like mecha) and war tactics against the abnormalities. It was their job to face off against the so-called Deva Dynasty.

However, Hoshizawa was not today's highlight – it was the tall red bird mecha and its operator, whoever she may be. Throughout the fight, she kept being called "Princess". She was a brave princess with a hot heart. Her energy was channeled through her fighting, reflecting her virtuous words. And despite the danger, many of the evacuees stare at the battle in awe. When the fight ended with the Deva Dynasty's retreat, the red bird ascended into the sky at amazing speeds and penetrated the stratosphere. Then it disappeared from radar.

Now, the association and the rest of the world were curious about the red robot.

Curious about the so-called "southern legacy of Shinrei"...known as SolAka.


FLY ahead to your dreams

Skies have no boundaries, so spread your wings

LOVE boils deep inside

A heart of true belief, push what you seek

Just like the sun rising through the twilight, our eyes foresee a new day

Cleansing the dark and the fears of Earth

Soaring by...

...She appears!

Eternal typhoon of divine righteousness

An angel of red and yellow steel

Whirl, Gale Talon!

Burn, Nova Beam!

That FIGHTING SPIRIT hot as the sun

Brave noble of the Heavenly Stars

Blazing Phoenix Queen SolAka

Unveil, Eyes of Judgment

Strike, Seki-Shin-Ken

That immortal, brave spirit of justice never burns out

Master Gray Wolf (Author of Heroic Blaze SolAka, March 2009)