Racing a black Mercedes

I was running through the forest. I had to find her! There was a weird feeling of déjà vu creeping up my spine as I ran. I noticed I didn't have shoes on, but I could care less. Where was she?? My little sister, lost in the woods.

How could I be so careless? She had been my responsibility for the day! Suddenly I saw my mom, standing alone on the trail. At first I thought she was smiling, but as I got closer I saw her face clearly, and it was screwed up in pain and streaked with tears.

"They found her, Jess. There was nothing they could do. She fell in the river." Her voice broke.

That was when I saw her, lying on the riverbank. Her brown hair, so similar to my own, was soaked wet, and was tangled on her face. Her face was white, almost blue. I closed my eyes and screamed.

"Jess," I heard someone calling my name, but didn't care.

"Jessie!" It was louder this time. And then I opened my eyes.

Instead of the forest, I saw my best friend Emmett's face, and the doll-house ceiling above him.

"Jess, you were having a bad dream," he said, his blue eyes filled with worry. "The same again?" I nodded weakly. The same nightmare had haunted my dreams for weeks now.

"It's the colours," I said. I could see on his face that he clearly had no idea what I meant. He looked so confused, I couldn't help smiling even though my pulse still hadn't slowed since the nightmare.

"It's the colours that make them so scary. In my normal dreams the colours are kinda dull, I can usually tell that I'm dreaming. But in these they are so vivid, it's like it's really happening," I explained. Yes, the colours were strange, but that wasn't really the weirdest part of the dreams. First of all, it was my mother. My parents had died when my twin brother, Aaron, and I were five, and I couldn't really remember their faces clearly. But in the dream, her face was my mom. Not the woman from the photos I'd studied so many, many times, but a bit older and definitely alive. Another thing that was really strange was the way I felt about my sister. When I saw her lying dead on the river bank, it was like my world fell apart. This wouldn't have been so strange, if I'd had any idea who the girl was! But I didn't. I'd never had a sister, and I didn't even think Aaron had ever been in a forest, let alone lost in one. It was really weird.

As I was thinking about the dreams I took in my surroundings, and then I remembered where we were.

"Oh crap," I muttered, my voice still thick from sleep.

"I fell asleep! I'm so sorry, Em!" I really was. I shouldn't have let him be up all alone.

"It's okay," he said, and as I opened my mouth to protest he cut me off.

"No, really it is! You'd been up, what, thirty six hours straight? You seriously needed some sleep. You're no good half dead," he said and pushed his blond hair out of his eyes.

"You look terrible," he said with a teasing smile on his lips and shoved a mirror in my hands. Ugh, I did. My dark brown hair that could look smooth on a good day looked more like medusa's snakes than anything. My eyes had huge, dark rings under them. I sighed and reached tiredly for my hairbrush.

Emmett and I were partners. We were like brother and sister and we were, most importantly, best friends. Of course I had other friends, friends that were girls, but no one was as close as Emmett and I. We had grown up together; his house had been only three minutes away from ours, so we could hang out all the time. His parents had been close friends with my parents and when they died, Emmett's parents were there and supported us. Luckily, my mom's sister and her husband didn't live more than a couple of minutes away from where we had lived with our parents, so Em and I could still be together as much as we used to.

We had been recruited by the Academy three years ago. That is an academy that trains young agents. When you graduate there you've had the best training in the world, and Academy graduates are very desired as body guards and so on. Emmett and I, however, had continued on the Academy's own force, as many of the graduates also do. This was our first real assignment, and we were given an easy assignment for our first time. Translation: Easy equals boring. We were on babysitting duty. Literally.

We were the bodyguards of a three-year-old. Ok, and her mother, but it was always Claire in the middle of attention. Fine, I'm probably being a bit whiny, it wasn't the worst first assignment possible either. I'd heard about these guys, they'd had to protect some famous stunt man's cat. Yes, I know! A big guy like Andrew Titon should not only be able to take care of his own pets, but he was a stunt man for crying out loud! Shouldn't he have like a pit-bull or a pet panther or something! But no, it was a regular little kitten. And a spoiled one, I might add. It wouldn't leave the house, and the Academy-newbies weren't allowed in it except to clear out the litter box. At least we were allowed in the house during the day, and we didn't have to sleep in tents, because Claire had a doll-house bigger than your average apartment. And Claire definitely was no cat, and she was not your average three-year-old either. Claire was the daughter of Prime Minister Jason. He had gotten a note the previous week, saying "we'll be watching you. Take care of your loved ones". As prime minister he had gotten a lot of threat notes over the years, but this time he wanted some sort of protection. The answer was two teenagers fresh out of the Academy.

He had doubted us when he first saw us, but was quickly reassured by Mr. Sullivan, the headmaster of the Academy. But, in his attempt to make his daughter life as normal as possible, we weren't allowed to sleep in their huge, white manor, and we were stuck in Claire's doll house in their garden. Not that we were complaining, this doll house was well equipped. It even had a bathroom.

"Any news?" I asked him, as I was putting my hair up. He looked at me and raised one eyebrow.

"What do you think?" Of course there weren't any news. There never was. I frowned and stretched.

"What time is it? How long have I been out?" I asked and tried to reach for my cell phone. He handed it to me while he said

"It's ten to eight, so you've slept about six hours. Mr. Jason already left, and I think I saw Jane moving around just before you woke up," he said and smiled. Jane was Mr. Jason's wife, and she had insisted that we called her Jane since the first time we met her. I looked at Emmett and saw the same look on his face he always got right before meal times. Jane was the most amazing cook, and this was, no doubt, what Emmett was thinking about. "Do you ever think about anything but food?" I laughed.

"Yes I do!" he said in mock outrage. "Sometimes I think about…" he looked like he was thinking really hard "Oh, I've got nothing"

We sat talking for a while, and after about five minutes we saw the kitchen door open through the window in the doll house. A little girl with blond ringlets came running across the lawn, her small feet bare and still in her pink pyjamas.

"It's breakfast!" she called in a sing-song voice, and her mother, standing in the doorway laughing, said

"Claire, come back here!" Emmett's face lit up:

"Great, breakfast!" He got out of the house and scooped the little girl up un his arms. "C'mon Claire-bear, let's eat!"

"I have to say," Emmett said while helping himself to a third serving, "that I have never, in my seventeen years on this earth, tasted better eggs than these!" I could do nothing but agree,

"Yeah, they're amazi..." Suddenly I saw something outside the window. A man was standing around the corner of the house, and the sun cast his shadow on the grass.

"Jane," I said with an urgent whisper. "Take Claire into the living room and lock the door!" Emmett saw where I was staring, and suddenly the shadow disappeared and he ran out the door.

"Go!" I yelled to Jane, who was still in her chair with a terrified expression, and I sprinted after my best friend.

When I came out on the porch, there was no one there but Emmett and me. I whisper-yelled to Emmett:

"Where'd he go?" He didn't answer, and I ran past him. When I came to the corner of the manor house, I saw a black Mercedes standing in the street, and Claire and her mother were being pushed into it. The pusher jumped in the car after them, and it sped down the street.

"It was a trap" I yelled, as I ran towards the driveway. "Emmett, they're being kidnapped!"

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