The Devil and His Secret

.Chapter One.

My jaw is hanging open whilst I stand frozen still unable to believe that for the first time, I am really in the presence of People Magazine's 11th most eligible bachelor in America. The very same man whom the magazine quoted as " an ambitious gentleman who has a natural flair of eloquence and elegance."

The time's not really perfect for sizing him up but my instincts are acting on their own. I mean, it's not everyday you come face to face with the one of the hottest single guys in the country. I know he's in the same company as I but I never had the chance to see him. My office mates talk about him but back then I thought he is overrated. I didn't know he is for real.

As discreetly as possible, I start checking him out. He has sexy dark brown hair that's neatly combed that makes him look like he just stepped right out of a refreshing shower. What can I say? His eyebrows are just as neat too.

I narrowed my eyes to see what colors his fiery, mesmerizing eyes were. I smile after realizing they were cute baby blue. God, those lips of his look like they can do totally awesome things. Uh...Not that I'm imagining him doing those great stuff to me or anything.

I almost let out a cute, 'aww...' after convincing my self that he did have chiseled features as the magazine claimed. Just look at that manly jawline. His masculine, broad shoulders and wide chest. He's like a piece of art – wait, make that 'an expensive piece of art.'

His lips are moving and his eyes have an even fiercer look in them. However, I am too absorbed at being amazed by his gorgeousness that nothing of what he says registers in my head. I am about to look even further down and right in to his pants before hearing a loud roar.

"Samantha Meester! Are you listening to what I was saying?!" He shouted after banging a thick folder of files on his desk.

I almost jump at my feet, shaken by his aggressive attitude.

"I'm sorry sir! I was just...umm, a bit distracted." I meekly say in response.

He closes his eyes and sighs before starting to massage his temples in exasperation. I feel a little guilty for losing my focus but no one can blame me. If your boss is this hot, you're bound to get distracted.

"Well this company doesn't pay you to stare blankly in to space." He says.

"As I was saying..." He starts pacing back an forth his enormous office. "you were held responsible for the lost records."

He looks at me smugly. "Now tell me, what do you plan to do about it?"

I bite my lip while he look at me as he wait for my answer. I was expecting him to forgive me and let me off easily since I'm a newbie and it's my first mistake not eat me alive. The magazine never mentioned his temper in it! Damn it!

"Let me guess. You haven't even thought about it." His expression darkens and I could feel like he was dying to flay me alive.

Seriously. I just started working in this stupid company for five months. How am I to supposed know that those really old dusty files near the rubbish bin are that important?! Come on, I was being kind when I volunteered to shred them. My supervisor even thanked me for doing so!

"I'll do something about it." I say just so he'd stop glaring at me.

"Miss Meester I need to know what this 'something' is! I am not a psychic!" He exclaimed throwing his arms in the air.

I gulp as I think. "My God, he's at wits end. Think Sam. Think!"

"Details! A company does not survive on mere 'something.'!" He continues, his voice rising in consternation.

My legs finally moves and I try to approach him but he is giving an 'I-will-kill-you-if-you-invade-my-personal-space' aura so I stand an arm length away before speaking.

"How urgent do you need them? If I must, I'll redo them again." I nervously wait for his answer when he suddenly turns around.

"I have a meeting on Monday. That's four days away if you start working on the records now." He looks at me and I'm petrified.

"Four days? Today's Thursday sir. Including today, there are only two working days." I almost smile at him. It must have missed him that there's no work on weekends.

My eyes widen as I come to a realization and he seems to have noticed it.

"You're not going to get me to work on the weekend." I say threateningly.

"Unless you finish your job early, yes I will." He smirked slightly before his face returned to that impassive mode

"Can't we talk about it? No one told me those were important so I didn't know!" I try to reason with him.

He walks behind his table and pulls out a drawer and walks towards me.

"Your job is simple. Just copy these and transfer the commentaries and analysis on a separate file. It doesn't require much brain work so I expect that even someone like you can accomplish that." He thrusts a thick ring file at me then hands a thumb drive to me.

"Bu...bu...but..." I stutter hoping he'll laugh and say he is joking. It isn't wrong to hope right?

He darts me a stare that says, 'I-think-I know-what-I-said.'

I bow my head in defeat before muttering, "It won't happen again. I'm sorry Mr. Byrne."

"It's pronounced as 'burn' not ba—yrn." He shakes his head and continues, "Do this again and there will be no next time."

I look up and meet his eye for a second but he quickly turns away.

"You can go. I'll see you again to check the progress." He adds before slipping back to his comfy chair.

My grip tightens as I hold the ring file and head for the door. As I was about to step out, I mumble softly not caring whether he hears me or not, "I'll do my best."

As soon as I was on the other side of the door, I grit my teeth in frustration. I know he's really good-looking and all but that's not enough for me to not acknowledge what a big jerk he is.

Yes. That's him alright. People magazine's eleventh most eligible bachelor in America is William Byrne. He's the company's youngest marketing director and he also just so happened to be my boss. Apparently, he emerged from the deepest pits of hell with the sole purpose of robbing us of all hope too.

Oh joy.

Author's Note:

I always wanted to write something like this :D But I plan to just make this short and filled with hilarity. Good luck to me == I hope you'll enjoy this story. I tweaked it a bit for a faster development in the plot~

William's looks are really misleading. A flimsy facade of elegance and eloquence. Deep in to the core, he is pure evil! I guess...

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