Hello to my faithful (and potentially new) readers. It has been over a decade since I have made my way to this site and glimpsed my adolescent writings. I spent quite a bit of time reading and laughing this past week as I revisited many of my beloved characters and their lives.

I am currently at a stage in my life where writing is a possibility again. Hopefully, I am also at a stage where my writing is greatly improved!

With that being said, Hero by Design is being removed from this site and getting a MASSIVE rewrite. My prayer is that with some maturity behind myself and the story, we might actually land well with a literary agent.

I also want to say thank you to the many on this site who read my first drafts and encouraged me in my writings. You all truly were the fuel that kept me going those many years ago. I hope to post good news her in the future about Amelia, Jordan, and their lovable friends.

Keep Writing. Keep Reading.

- Ruby Kart