'Hero' by Design – my first novel is dedicated to:

My friend Stephen,

Who showed me how to laugh and enjoy life again.

And whose friendship inspired the character of Leo.

Each and every one of you who has subscribed to this story or favorited this story has made writing so enjoyable. To know that people enjoy your work is very flattering. But to everyone who reviewed, you guys honestly made my day. Sometimes after reading your reviews, I would sit at the computer and churn out another chapter. You have no idea how much you guys aided in my inspiration. Each and every one of you has made this story an exciting and memorable experience. So, thankyou.

Now, for a quick announcement. If you read in Chapter 49, Amy's mother writes an article entitles 'Young Love.' That article is a sort of prequel to what I have planned. I won't be writing a sequel to this story, but instead starting a series of what I like to call 'The Young Love Series.' Any of the stories mentioned on my profile that have the word Romance by them is a planned story in the series. Of course, I can't write all of them at once, and don't really know which one I will write next. I will be taking a break from writing for a while so I can get some ideas and story lines down, but I will be back. Thank you once again. Happy New Year to everyone and I will see you all in the coming year as we read about more teens who find themselves in the mysterious web of 'Young Love.'

~ Ruby Kart