Mama, why are you so cold?

Mama, why won't you look at me?

The blood smeared across your head isn't very attractive

Don't you want to look nice?

It's your anniversary

Are you celebrating it in hell with daddy?

Are you happy there?

It can't be much worse from the hell you were already in


Mama, why didn't you say goodbye?

Mama, why'd you put a bullet in your head?

It's not very attractive

You shouldn't have done it

Daddy wouldn't approve

I hope you're apologizing to him in hell


Mama, the death in your eyes is scaring me

Mama, why won't you stop bleeding?

Don't worry, I'll get a towel and clean you up

The gun lies beside you

It slipped from your finger when you fired

Mind if I borrow it?

Mind if I use your last bullet?

Do you think there's room in hell for one more?