A/N: This is a little tale I've written for my friend but I decided to share with you guys too. It's just a little fun about what we envisaged our futures to be like in one boring free :)

The young law student sighed as she sidled through the lecture hall trying to find a seat. She saw one in the far corner and realised that meant she'd need to climb over the other students knees and she knew that wasn't going to go down well. The young woman had an unnatural habit of tripping over and she'd already premeditated that more than her would get hurt during this attempt for a simple seat!

"Excuse me but do you have a problem finding a chair?" A Scottish voice purred from down the bottom of the lecture hall and she found herself whipping round to look at him, her heart stopping at the exact time.

The man stood staring up at her was a complete hunk!

She knew that was a silly teenage way to describe him but it was the only word she could think of at the present moment because her mind went completely blank and she felt really faint.

"You still appear to be struggling to find your chair, miss." He reminded her not moving from his spot and she felt a warm blush warm over her cheeks as she looked down at the floor and shook her head.

"I found it." She muttered to herself, ignoring the sniggering of her fellow peers as she pushed through to the chairs wan ting to be anywhere but here.

"That's good to hear." He smiled brightly before moving to the computer and opening the power point that he had created so that he could show them.

Lindsey hardly paid attention to what he was saying; she was drawn to listening to the low rumble of his voice and couldn't believe that there first altercation had been one of embarrassment. She'd never felt like this towards a guy before. Sure there had been the odd guy that she'd smiled at and thought that maybe something could maybe a little more than friendship but it had taken some time. However with this lecturer, she was struggling to even breathe let alone think. There was the odd moment when he would look over at her and she knew that was because he was doing the lecturer thing of making sure that no student was confused or lost but she'd have happily bet money that he lingered on her for longer than he actually should. She knew that was just her hoping but it was really working.

The man was really attractive. He had dark brown hair that was getting too long and his fringe was flopping into his eyes that she'd seen were a deep brown colour from the piercing look he'd given her at the beginning of the session. The shirt he wore stretched over muscle and she could see even more muscle due to the fact his sleeves were rolled up, showing some arm. Her eye was completely drawn to that and she knew that he'd eventually feel a little freaked – that might actually have been the reason she believed he was staring at her so much, he'd seen her staring – but she couldn't help it because he was just so gorgeous.

"Miss McAteer?" She jumped at the sound of her name and blinked before focusing back on him again, her pen falling from her lips where she'd been chewing on it.

Once again a warm blush swept over her pale cheeks as she looked over at him, her eyes opened a little wider. "Yes?"

"You realise the lecture is over?"

That's when she sat up straight and saw that the other students had all gone. This is what happened when you sat in a far corner because no other student tried to push past you, you stayed in your own little dream world!

"Oh god, this hasn't been my lesson, has it?" She chuckled lightly before gathering up all her things and moving down the lecture hall, starting to head out the door when a warm hand pressed against her shoulder. She turned round and smiled at him.

"Would you like to go grab a coffee and maybe try to wake you up?"

"I think I'd rather go hide my head somewhere and pretend this day never happened but seeing as that's not going to happen, coffee would be lovely." She said noticing that the sentence headed on a whisper and she'd moved her gaze away from his slightly so that she wasn't staring at him straight in the eye.

"That's good." He smiled before opening the door and letting her out before closing the door after them.


Stepping into the small cafeteria, Lindsey nodded at the owner who knew that she wanted her usual before turning to look at the guy. "What is it you drink?"

"Um... tea, please." He said to the guy before following her to the table where she headed to. Putting her stuff under the table and sitting down, looking up at him.

"Not sitting?"

The man chuckled before sitting down across from her, "You must think I do this all the time?"

"What pick up the rowdy students and take them out for a coffee?"

"Can't actually call you rowdy, Miss McAteer." He whispered before smiling. "But that was what I was talking about, I never just pick up students and take them out for a drink."

Lindsey smiled, "I feel so special."

Michael Peterson laughed as he looked over at her, his eyes twinkling with a soft happiness. He couldn't believe he'd found himself falling for her. She had long brown hair that was amazingly straight, he didn't even think it was humanly possible to get it to look that straight! She had dark brown eyes that he found himself getting lost in as he stared at her. Mikey was the kind of bachelor that didn't believe in love at first sight. Him and his bachelor friends back home had all swore that no girl was out there in the world would take their breath away. Yet he knew Chandler was mesmerised the pretty mother he'd recently hired as his secretary and Guy had recently came out of the closet, fancying Mikey's own brother.

Yet here he was looking at this young student and feeling as if he wanted to be with her forever. "I want to ask you a question."


"Do you believe in love at first sight?"

She looked at him with a blank expression before shaking her head. "That's an unusual question and it's called Lust not Love."

"That's really what you believe?"

"That's really what I believe."

He looked deflated for a few minutes before quickly recovering. "I'll change your mind about it."

"Why would you want to waste your time doing that?" She asked shocked by what it was she was hearing him say to her.

"Because there is something that is drawing me to you, Miss McAteer and I would really like to find out what that is." He asked standing up, not waiting for his tea as he left her sat with her own thoughts.

Lindsey watched after him, shocked to know that someone felt that way towards her. She smiled at the guy who brought over their drinks.

"Chased him away already?"

"Apparently not..." She whispered in a confused tone.