Dear readers of HPC,

I have decided the time has come to shake the dust off this story that was my very first and give it the revamp that it very much deserves. I started it six years ago but that doesn't include all the hours in my free periods during school thinking out loud the silly, far-fetched plots with my best friend, Lindsey. So this NaNoWriMo, His Private Challenge, will be getting a remake. Character name changes, a solid plot, and hopefully a whole new masterpiece that you will all enjoy.

So from November 1st, this story will be removed (saved in my archives as a glorifying moment for a story finished) and awaiting the revised update.

There is still time for you guys to come up with a plot and participate! Go to .org and sign up! If you do, add me as a writing buddy. I'm Freekydisaster_18!

Happy writing!