There's an irony of the world that when you cry, the tears sharpen your vision and everything is more beautiful than your normal, blurry vision. Whoever said that when you cry, everything becomes blurry was wrong. Things become sharp and clear, and you can take in the wonders of the world.

And, unfortunately, being an extremely sensitive and depressed person, I witness this nearly every day. And I can cry and cry, for the world seems beautiful and kind, accepting, unlike the faces of people I don't know, laughing and sneering.

And even friends can hurt you and they don't know, like the pair of laughing twins who sit by your side, but only talk to each other, leaving you out, or the best friend who never tells you first. These things can hurt, even though people may not realize it.

People are more than black and white, more than two dimensions. People are all the colors of the rainbow, every shade in between. People are three, even four dimensions. Think before you act, and avoid hurting someone you don't know, an acquaintance, or even a close friend. Actions and words can never be taken back. They're there forever, in your mind, in the mind of those you hurt, and in the minds of all who see.