Just a bunch of shoes hanging from a telephone wire.


There's a power line in town that hangs over the road. It's an obvious one, and it is kind of like a marker that separates one end of town to the other. Well, it is to me anyway, I walk down its street every day, school or snow day. I guess you could say it's my thing. My one bad habit, or good one, depending on how you look at it.

This power line (or, maybe it's a telephone wire, I'm not entirely sure) is weighed down with sneakers. No, the shoes aren't sitting there like birds, they're hung there by whoever is idiot enough to tie a pair of perfectly good sneakers together and throw then just so and the footwear get caught up in the cable. And they are perfectly good sneakers, I think there are only one or two pairs that are absolutely annihilated from a forgotten pair of feet. A good few pairs on the wire are absolutely new, not a scuff on them, which leads me to believe that someone, or some people as the case may be, bought sets of expensive Nike runners simply to throw them on the line with the rest of them. Or maybe some punk stole them and tossed them up there. I wouldn't put it past some of the guys around here.

There's even a pair of sandals up there, tied together by a blue string thin enough to make it look like they're floating there instead of hanging. I'm waiting for the day the string breaks and they fall off the power line. They're nice sandals, and when they fall off I plan on taking them home and cleaning them and wearing them myself.

I've never actually seen anybody throw a pair of sneakers up there. On my way back home, I've seen kids try to throw their shoes up there, but the footwear always fall right back down and, if it's a particularly good day, hit the hooligans in the nose and send them howling.

I haven't yet tossed up my own contribution to the collection, but I do plan to, if it's still around by the time I shove off for college. I have a special pair of sneakers waiting for the occasion: a sleek pair of red and black and white All-Stars. I wear them all the time, step in everything when walking in them, and doodle all over the sides, making my mark. They're shoes that are juicy with memories. I'll hurl them upward just so and be on my way to newer and bigger things, leaving my childhood behind. It'll be liberating, at the same time a little bit sad because I so enjoy being a kid, and also a promise of new things to come. I look forward to it.



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