Dear Reader,

After much encouragement and insistence, I have decided to seek out a publisher. I know so many of you have told me to do so, even assured me you would all buy copies yourself, so I figured if I had so many supporters here- the rest of the world would fall as much in love with it as you all have.

Thank you for telling me how much this story means to you. Thank you for telling me something any author would kill to hear; that this is one of the best stories you have ever read. On Fictionpress and off. You don't even know how much that means to me.

Obviously- I will need these two books edited some before you will find it on the shelves. Though all of you have read it as just one massive novel- in the publishing world this is two novel lengths, so it might take a bit! But I promise you it will be there one day. You are the best.

Thank you for everything!