Title: When You're Mad

Type: One Shot

Genre: Romance/Humor

- - - -

1: 47 am

Knock! Knock! Knock!

I groaned as I continued typing on my Mac Notebook. I will not be pestered. I will not go and open the damn door and face my idiot next door neighbor.

Buzzz! Buzzzz!

Knock! Knock!

Pushing myself away from the desk, I mentally cursed at myself for being so easily swayed. What would he want now at one in the morning?? I told him earlier that I'm going to finish my term paper and I didn't need disturbances. I swung the door wide open and yelled out a "What?"

He grinned cheekily at me.

I rolled my eyes, "What is it this time?" I asked, leaning against my door frame, "You buzzed in here three hours ago."

His eyebrow rose up, "You've been counting?"

"I-I wasn't'!!" I yelled as I felt my face heat up. Growling, I slammed the door at his face and marched back to my desk and continued typing. It was due this Monday. I hate college.

Buzzz! Buzz!

"If murder isn't a crime. . ." I muttered pushing myself away from the desk again and opening the door; I am not pleased. "What, Eli?" I glared up at him. Hah, he thinks he's so tall because he's 5'11 and I'm just 5'3, well, I am not afraid of kick his. . .

"I noticed something," He said, pouting a little, "You always greet me with a 'What?', especially when answering the door." He smirked, "You always know it's me at the door." He chuckled, "Do you have an Eli-radar installed here somewhere?" He knocked lightly on my head.

I growled as I slapped his hand away. "Get. A. Life." Then I slammed the door at his face again. Damn that Eli; is it his purpose to make me lose my temper every minute of the day?! Argh, if only I had a really big pair of scissors, I'll chop him to tiny little pieces. And burn them all!

"Hahahahahah!" I laughed walking back to my desk; I love my imagination—too graphic, "Hahaha, serves you right." I sat and opened my blue folder.

"Serves who right?"

As I spun around, I fell of my seat and on the floor with a thud. "You!" I hissed, "How'd you get inside my room?" I threw a slipper at him but he moved just in time. Pulling the ends of my shoulder length hair, I asked, "What do you want? Get to the point."

He placed a finger on his temple as if he was thinking, "Hmmm?" He mumbled, "What was it? Hmmm, my psychic powers seemed to have disappeared somewhere." He turned around, "Look I forgot, I'll just buzz back in here in case I remember." He walked out and slammed the door behind him. "Bye."

"Aaaaah!" I screamed, pounding my fists on the floor, "Go to hell."

- - - -

3:12 AM

"Yess!" I cheered clapping my hands, "I'm done!" I clicked on the print button and waited as the slow printer printed my paper. Finally, I can go to bed and have a good night sleep.

"Aah!" I jumped when I heard a loud boom, "What was that? A gun?" It sounded like a machine gun. And it sounded like it was coming from next door. Some gangster killing Eli? I sighed, "Thank God." Then I heard an advertisement.

I rolled my eyes. "Television."

My phone rang. I picked it up, "Hello?" I asked, smiling.

"Hello? Keem? Could you tell Eli to turn down his television?" It was Mrs. Hiccups; she lived upstairs, "My baby can't sleep. He hates action movies."

"Why don't you call him yourself, Mrs. Hiccups?" I asked, filing the now finished paper, "I mean, I know he won't listen to me. He'll listen to you."

"If I could call him, I would have done it a minute ago." She replied, sighing, "But I can't. His line seems to be disconnected. Could you tell him, darling? Thanks. Bye"

I stapled my paper together before I walked out of my door and pounded on Eli's door. "Eli!" I yelled, "Could you turn the TV down? It's three in the damn morning!!"

There was no answer.

"That's it." I muttered before I back away, preparing myself to kick the door open, "One, two . . . Three!" I ran and—Ack! The door opened. I fell on top of a half-awake Eli.

"Oww." He said, rubbing the back of his head; his hair was even more messy, sticking out on every direction you could think of, "What the--?" He looked down at me, "Keem?" He smirked, "You know, if you wanted to ravish me you could have just told me. You didn't need to break my door."

I punched his shoulder with all my strength before I pushed myself off him. "Turn down your TV." I said, walking towards his flat screen television; I pulled the plug. "It's three in the damn morning. People are trying to sleep."

Silence filled the room. The more I stayed in the room, the more I became aware that Eli wasn't wearing anything but his boxers. I pursed my lips. No, not again. "Uh, that's all." I said, before walking out of his room.

"Hey wait," He said, digging into his closet, "This got mixed in my laundry." He pulled it out, "This is yours right?"

Blood drained down from my face. Shit.

I snatched the thing but he raised it up before my fingers fully clutched the fabric. "Damn Eli, give that back to me!" I ordered, stomping my foot, "T-that's . . .my friend's."

He chuckled as I blushed even more, "Nice taste." He said, looking at the fabric, "Haha, I love the dot on the nipple's place." Yes, it was a lingerie. A bra. A very naughty bra. I walked towards him, "Eli, give that back to me."

He moved away as he placed it in his boxers. "You want it? You take it."

"Aaah!" I screamed turning to the opposite direction and walking out of the door, "You're such a pervert. I hate you. I'm moving out tomorrow! Grrr."

- - - -

The next morning, I woke up with a start.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" I screamed dropping all the letters and bills I've been holding. There was a Polaroid snapshot of Eli, wearing my bra, posted on my door. "That. Is. It."

Marching to his door, I kicked it open with no effort at all. Horray for superhuman strength! "Eli!" I screamed pulling the blankets off him; he was still sleeping at this hour? It was eight. "That is it. I have reached my limit. I'm overloading." He didn't move or stir, "Hey! Are you listening to me? Wake up, you dolt."

Still nothing.

"Hey, are you dead?" I asked, nudging his shoulder with my foot, "Eli? Are you okay? Are you sick? Something? Are you near death?" I made a sign of the cross, "I'll pray for your soul."

He mumbled then he sat up with still half-closed eyes; he looked like a little lost boy. His green eyes looked darker than usual. Sexy. Ehem, I didn't eat breakfast so. . .uhh, I'm just not myself today. Eli is not sexy. No way.

"Am I in heaven yet?" He asked with a cocky grin on his face, "What's a hot devil like you doing here?"

I gave his hair a tug. "My bra. Please return it."

He tilted his head to the side. "Hey, look!" he said, smiling. He was pointing out the window behind me, "There it is!"

I turned around. There was nothing. "Eli, are you- - -" I wasn't able to finish my sentence because I felt two strong hands pull me into the bed. Letting out a yelp, I fell on the bed with a tumble. A pillow jumped out of the bed.

Eli positioned himself on top of me. He was just staring at me. Thank God, he was wearing a shirt this time. His dark bangs fell over his eyes, "I don't know what I'll do with you." He said, his face turning serious, "You're so hard to read."

What kind of shit was he talking about?

"Huh?" I asked, raising a puzzled brow, "What do you mean?"

He pushed himself off the bed with a sigh. I felt cold. "You have classes right?" He said, looking at the clock above his bed, "You're late."

"Right." I answered softly as I walked out of his apartment and into mine. That was weird. Sitting on the window sill, I remembered something. Something I didn't want to remember.

It was a cold snowy day; the middle of the first semester. "Eli, Eli!" I called as I ran through the horribly silent white painted hallways; I held a letter in my hand, "Eli, Eli!"

Then I saw him. He was just walking into the school. He was late again. He was always late. I was fifteen while he was seventeen. He was going to move away. His dark hair was messy as always, his lips were locked; he was upset. I could sense it. A look of surprise spread on his face when he saw me standing there by the end of the hall.

He smiled. "Hey,"

I looked up at him. He was four inches taller. "Eli, hello." I greeted back, walking towards him. The hallway was eerily silent this morning, "Eli. . . I. . . here." I handed him the letter.

He took it and read it carefully. He smiled then he frowned. He handed it back to me. "I don't like you." He snapped, glaring at me, "I don't need your 'love'. Go and find something better to do."

Then just like that he walked away like nothing happened. My heart got broken that day. I stooped so low for him, the jerk.

The next day he left for Australia and came back six years later and took the empty apartment beside mine. It was hell.

- - - -

Still 'weirded' out from what happened this morning; I took my time as I went home. I didn't feel like going home. I felt my phone vibrate. Quickly I pulled it out and read the message.

It was from Eli.

- - -Rooftop at Seven. I'll wait for you.- - -

I rolled my eyes and dumped the phone back into my bag and entered a small convenience store. I'll take my time. Let him wait.

Two hours later. . . 10:34 PM

It rained. Alarmed, I tossed the cup of coffee into the trash and dashed home. The elevator was occupied. Eli. Dashing for the stairs, I cursed at myself for letting this happen. I'm so stupid. Why am I even running? I doubt his even still there waiting for me to come! But a part of me said that he was there.

I can't believe this.

"Eli!" I screamed as I busted through the door. My heart skipped a few beats. He was there; he was waiting for me under the rain. There was a dinner for two prepared, the candles died because of the rain, there were flowers all around and Christmas lights. "Are you an idiot?!"

Thank God, I'm a girl scout. Pulling out a small foldable umbrella from my bag, I approached him. "What are you doing standing there?" I demanded, glaring at him, "Are you insane?!"

"Yes, I am!" He snapped and I felt afraid. His green eyes were glinted with anger; he was angry. "I hate myself for leaving you like that six years ago. Keem, I'm sorry. But. . . I loved you back then. It was just. . ."

My hands trembled. "What kind of nonsense are you talking about?" I laughed, "It must be the rain. Come on," I covered his head with the umbrella.

He gripped both my shoulders and shook me, "Hear me out. Listen." He said; I dropped the umbrella, "I was leaving for Australia. I didn't want a long distance relationship. I'm sorry for being so selfish. I should have taken a chance." Then his lips reached mine without giving me the chance to answer back.

It wasn't like those kisses you see in the movies, you know, the hurried kiss so they can get it over with to get onto the more heated stuff. He was so gentle and loving. So perfect. It was just like I had always imagined my first kiss with him to be like. His eyes were closed, the most heavenly look was upon his face; a mix between love, fear, and contentment. I smiled goofily, and brought my lips up to meet his again.

"I love you, forgive me?" he asked, smiling.

How could I refuse? I nodded before bonking his head with my fists, "Why are you always late, Eli?" I snapped, smiling, "Does it make you happy seeing ma mad?"

He grinned. "You get a little wrinkle over your nose," he sung, as he circled around me, "When you make your angry face," He gently trapped me between a wall and himself, "It makes me wanna take off all your clothes," I gulped.

My hands and knees were trembling. I think I could collapse any second now.

"And sex you all over the place." I gasped as I blushed violently at the lyrics. He chuckled at my reaction. The asshole.

He leaned in closer until all I could see was his face. My mind literally went blank—as in not functioning! He lowered his voice, "I'm sorry but seeing you mad is so sexy." Then I kissed him.

Automatically, he kissed me back. I couldn't let go of him. I've been waiting for this for a couple of years now. My hands snaked around his neck and I finally got to comb my through his silky dark hair. My body shuddered when he bit my lower lip. "Eli," I said, breaking off the kiss, "Why didn't you just say it earlier?"

He grinned, "I don't know but I like it this way."

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