Author's Notes: Well, new chapter to My Immortal (or whatever it is called) I have to say, I tried to write this two times, But then I watched this music video of Delain's See Me In Shadow, and the song helpped me to write this short chapter.

This is her deepest thoughts.

CHAPTER ONE: See Me In Shadow


Imagine the throbbing of my mind as the news fell upon me like a collapsing mountain rock smashing all hope down into the pit of twilight.

It still clings on my heart after all the days I have tried to overcome this torture.

Like water rushing over my head, I can envision how you could just leave me to be judged over and over again, pushed and shut out of the eyes of disappointment and improvement.

You just leave me to fend for myself and the growing life that yearns to have freedom, in the prison of my skin.

The coward you are. I anticipate the guilt that you left not only me, but the child you made, shall kill your mortal being.

I anticipate your very soul screaming out for forgiveness. You didn't know. I didn't know either.

Why could you just leave me to fend for myself?

Couldn't there be another way for our love rose to depart without completely destroying our hearts?