My Dickensian Character

The black buildings towered over the wet narrow road. Puddles formed over the blocked drains, with wet patches over the road. The wind whistled through the street, taking bits of rubbish with it. Smoke lingered over the rooftops while a cat walked carefully over the chimney tops. Rain starts to fall; splashing in the puddles. A single mouse darted into the middle of the narrow road. It turned its head and ran on. The silence lingered. No sound. No movement.

Three footsteps broke the silence. A swish of a long dress echoed around the alley. Tears from a young ladies face joined the raindrops. Her perfectly formed lips drawn into a frown as her head moved silently. Her bright ginger hair hung by her shoulders; darkened by the rain. The beautiful long velvet dress, hung limp on her body. The hem of her dress drowned, by the puddle she was stood in. She pulled her picturesque shawl around her slim shoulders. Her hands shook with fear. She looked back the way she had came, with a bigger frown on her face.

A few streets away she could hear them. They were coming to get her. Her breathing quickened and her heat beat increased. The wind whipped through her skinny body, taking her ruby red shawl. She watched it roll down the narrow road. No time to run and get it. She turned her head and ran. Her high heeled shoes echoed on the dark buildings surrounding her. Shadows seemed to jump out behind her.

Never looking back she ran on. The wind picked up through her hair: it blew out in a straight line behind her. Her shoes pattering through the puddles: that was on the road. Her breathing getting heavier by the minute: the running was tiring her out. She could still hear them; they were closing in on her. Moonlight splashed on her like a light as she neared the corner. The River Thames lay in her thought path; it was in front of her. Still she could hear them. She looked both ways not knowing where to go next.

She stopped at the corner and chose her path. The tears were twinned with the rain. Her velvet dress was clear now. The once had been rich dress torn by the tree branches and like weight from the rain. A bench sat patiently next to a shop window. Her legs carried her while her head was turned in fear. As she sat down the cold hit her. Her shoulders started to shake: and her sobbing turning into devastation. Her head sank into her hands: the shaking was worse now, she laid her tired head on the comforting arm rest. It would have to do. She lay down and within minutes she slept like never before.

Then the dreams started. In a green garden, a young girl of about seven lay on the grass. A grand house rose up in front of the girls opening eyelids. An elderly lady scurried down the copplestone stairways. The girl heard the swish of the grey dress on the gavel before she saw the elderly lady. The girl stood up and flattened down her sun yellow dress. She knew they would be looking for her; she looked around and ran towards the woods to the back of the garden. She kept looking behind her in case anyone was following her. She knew no one would find her in the attic. Her ginger hair swished by her ears. She could hear them shouting her name, very worried. She smiled to herself.

"Clemency! Where are you?"