scene one

High School.

(Enter Gene, a 16 year old nerdy kid. He has to wear glasses and wears a hearing aid in his right ear. He has light auburn hair and light blue eyes. He is wearing a white and blue shirt with a picture of Jimi Hendrix on the front. He is also wearing baggy blue jeans and white sneakers. He sits down in his seat next to Noelle. A girl about the age of 16. She has brown skin and short dark brown hair is in ringlets. A few of them fall below her hair line and line up with her middle forehead. She is wearing a bright yellow sundress and white ballet shoes. As soon as the teacher, Mrs. Foster enters the room Noelle raises her hand).

Mrs. Foster - Open your books to page 150, yes Noelle?

Noelle - Why does the first period class get to leave early?

Mrs. Foster - I hadn't really thought about that.

(She starts to write something on the white board and clears her throat).

Mrs. Foster - I'm taking some members of this English class with the other classes to NYC to see the Metropolitan Museum. A few of you have already paid for your tickets. How many others want to go?

Noelle (shrugging her shoulders) - American Idol's on tonight… Don't wanna miss that

Cody Ficher - My mom's sick with the flu… I have to take care of her.

Mrs. Foster - The only person who's going is Gene.

(The lights dim and a spot light comes up and focuses on Gene).

Gene - What could I say, it was the only way I could get out of this hellhole I have to call home. I really hated to see my mother being abused by the asshole that she called her husband. Every single night it's the same old stuff. He tells her that she's worthless, she cries, me and my younger sister have to listen to their arguing as we try and fall asleep. So for my 16th birthday, I asked if I could have money to go on the class field trip to New York… What could I say? I really needed a vacation

(The school bell rings and the students hustle out of the class. Gene takes his time, plugs his Ipod earphone into his left ear and heads out).