A warm, fuzzy feeling.

A bit of cold air slithers across the skin, tingling, shivering.

The chime of bells.

Tiptoe across the carpet.

Skirt falls, caught with air like a fallen blossom.

Don't itch or risk spreading the rash.





And more tiptoeing.


The world is a wonderful place.

The world is a cruel place.

The colors brighten a day.

The colors tire you out.

Some want to live.

Some want to die.


Stacks of books, about to fall.

Fingerprints on the wall.

The cat dozes on the bed, blanketed by sun.

Luggage waiting to be unpacked.

The closet is a mess.

In the background, music thrums, screeches, and sings.

Relaxed, relieved, aroused.

Tap type,

Tap type,

Tap type.

Was there just someone in the hall?

Replacement earbuds.


The world is a beautiful place.

The world is a depressing place.

People are exciting.

People are annoying.

Some want to soar.

Some want to crash.


Standing up, unbalanced, squishy surface.

Stuffed animals black, bead eyes.

Neck is cracking with a turn and crick.

One light is burnt out, one is black.

Legs, while crossed, are getting sweaty.

Hips are a little achy, shift and adjust.





Disney really isn't what it used to be.


The world is full of life.

The world is full of death.

Humans are brilliant.

Humans are idiots.

Question: heaven.

Question: hell.


Moose with striped antlers.

Impossible to see all that there is in the world.

Underwater lakes with shores.

Flower print pillows, pink, orange, eggshell white.

Such a spoiled old dog.

Nothing useless in this room, everything is something.




Lets get up and freaking dance, already!!


Snapping fingers, painted fingernails.

Sing into the purple, black, worn-out hairbrush.

Where's a microphone when you need one?

Lip piercing spinning around like crazy, such fun.

Bet I'd be a good Frencher.

We should find a mountaintop and scream from it.

A bundle of fake roses bring guilt.





Dr. Pepper flavored Chapstick doesn't taste quite as good as it smells.

Take a bath with your tongue!