Heaven on earth.

I always dream of him,
I don't know who he is,
I'm saved from everything,
I don't want to wake up,
when I open my eyes,
every passage is blurred
and I'm lost again.

I'd like to hear his voice,
I don't care if he says nothing
and just keep crying me a river,
I know he can comfort me,
take the pieces of me
and do the puzzle.

I believe in him,
he's my big blue sky
where I'm held by love,
slowly I learn to spread my wings,
maybe I can fly if he's with me.

Though the winter ended,
the snow falls more than ever,
that's why the roses don't grow,
no matter how the sun shines,
the leaves strip the trees,
I stay sat in the dark corner

The things go by as nothing but

I stop and I can feel the ground,
he does everything for me
... I'm so grateful.