Writing has been something that I have always loved, and never would get bored of.

Writing to me, is like creating a piece of art. From original stories to parodies, you can create anything with just the words of itself.

Its a time, where I can escape myself from the real world and do whatever I like when I write.

Ever since I started writing, I never knew it would be so...Interesting. I'm amazed by what just simple words of a language can do, writing, is also like a magic power. Something that I can use words to do anything, to entertain people. To make them laugh, make them cry. Or even make them get frustrated, hate me when I finish the story as a cliffhanger. Ending the story in no sense at all.

Writing, its not like a questionnaire you have to fill out, nothing like maths either. There is no yes or no questions towards it. Because you make the things up. The only thing you need to mind is the grammar, sentence structure. And of course, its common sense for the majority of us.

To me, its also a form of art. Music, it also has its right and wrongs. Play a wrong note, your wrong. Even playing the right note, and not getting the other things right, like volume, the way you play it. Your hand structure, if all of the above isn't shown correctly, you're still wrong. Especially the theory bits, and not to mention the grades. Without passing theory first, no matter how good you are at playing piano. You can't take the practical.

Drawing. It takes time, heaps of time if you want to get the perfection of the picture. Sketching, painting, colouring, so many types of things to draw, and so many different tools. But for writing, pen and paper is all the equipment you may need.

Something I think writing should also be categorized in, is preforming arts. Where all the music, drama is going on. If you compare it, writing is really similar to the two subjects. They all entertain others or ourselves. They all need creativity, they all have a sort of magic that it contains to change the audience's emotions. Sad music, comedy actors, storyline. All sorts of emotions in each subject has the power to change their emotions, their thoughts. Feelings, even change the way they think about life.

Sadly, the language itself is more important. And why its now included in the subject, English.

That's why some movies are very powerful, they have actors talking or narrators speaking in the back round, telling a story. Along with some music.

Like I said, pen and paper is all the basic equipment, or unless you can do it on laptop by typing it. But writing its mainly using your imagination, that's something I have, and the others. Something I have always been doing. Imagining things, I suppose its also something that everyone has, especially when your bored. And really, I can't think anyone who doesn't have an imagination of any sorts. Though, I wouldn't want to say I can't imagine. Because, anything can happen in imagination.

Just like drawing, writing is also a form of art. You can make any happen. No matter how insane it is, how unrealistic it is. You can make it, everyone has the privilege, they can write on their own free will.

At first, writing wasn't my best talent. Wasn't much of a talent with words at all for myself. And that's when my friend gave me advice, I had to read. For me, it helped a lot, I noted down things that I found the author that has written well, described things. Just noting down everything in general that I needed that would help me with my writing.

After a year, I went back and looked at my first piece of writing, I laughed. Somewhat ashamed of it, not believing that I actually wrote something like that, especially how when I criticized someone's bad story on a website when it was better than mine, the first piece of written work I have written.

But then again, they have been writing longer than me.

That's also something I realized, the more time you take to write, the better you get at it.

When I am stressed, annoyed of any sort of things in my life. I started to vent them by

writing. It started off when a friend of mine told me, that writing is also a way to vent out your feelings. It may even be more useful then talking to someone.

Writing poems were my best way of venting, it showed my emotions. It didn't have any specific plot or characters, just plenty of adjectives describing my feelings. Rhyming it, would sound more professional. But then again, I didn't want to look like a n00b.

For me, my favourite to write is comedy. To make people laugh, cheer them up.

Then comes the tragedies, to make them cry. Make them sad, and I suppose I'm just sadistic that way.

And last of all, I like to leave it as a cliffhanger. Its when I write the most exciting parts, the climax. And then, stop it. Makes them extremely frustrated, makes me laugh.

To me, writing is part my life.

To me, writing is something I will never stop having passion for.

To me, writing is something I can never get bored of.

To me, writing is something that I would never stop doing.

Well, not literally for the last sentence of course.