Maybe you don't care
but I think it's interesting,
I knew this girl though
I forgot her name.

Well, she wanted to return to that time
when she was insecure about everything,
you know when we were teens
and we were afraid of everything.

It doesn't mean she have no fear anymore
but she did so many crazy things,
she want to walk that way again,
no matter how hard and hurt was
when we got lost in ourselves,
you can't deny there were nice times too.

Let me see, if I could meet this girl I used to be,
I'd try to comfort her in her lonely room,
nothing's as impossible as she thought,
I'd ask her never stop believing in something
'cause if you believe in something,
you have a reason to fight until the end.

Well, I tell you this 'cause I know
sometimes you feel like pushing yourself away
and losing the sight of your dreams
but you keep going on, right?

Actually, this girl's still herself,
there are things changed
but I think she knows who she is,
no matter how she never found the answers.

So if we return to that time,
let's make the same mistakes
and let's learn more about ourselves,
I'm sure we can give our best.