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Breaking The Habit

Looking at the tall figure leaning against his locker, Kyle growled low in his throat and muttered a colourful array of cusses in a desperate attempt to calm himself down.

If he didn't at least try to do that, he'd probably get himself killed. Or at least beaten to a bloody pulp.

And it would all be the courtesy of his sharp tongue that seemed to work faster, much faster, than his brain. It seemed to be a completely separate entity with its own brain and it just loved to lash out at any given time, no matter the victim.

…Even if the said victim is one of the hottest and most dangerous people of all Hartley High. And that would also be the one that would be killing Kyle if he didn't calm himself down. And fast.

Slowly walking over to his locker, Kyle was preparing himself for whatever it was that was waiting for him.

Stopping a few feet away from the locker, he scanned the other boy: he was leaning against the locker; his back pressed firmly against it and his head leaned back on it. His throat exposed to all of the passerby's curious eyes, his own eyes closed and lips moving, making his Adams' apple bob up and down with the whispered words. On his ears were headphones big enough to cover his ears but small enough so they would not attract too much attention.

Kyle knew for certain though that the boy was an attention whore and loved feeling the eyes of others on him. He wore the standard uniform: black slacks coupled with a white, long-sleeved button-up shirt over which a deep wine red vest and a same colored light coat that reached his hip, with two rows of buttons—each garment adorned with the schools emblem.

He had to admit that the boys' athletic figure made it so the uniform looked utterly indecent on him; the slacks were almost too tight for comfort and hardly hiding anything while the shirt and the vest were just barely fitting over his muscular chest. Of course, it didn't help all that much that he left his shirt opened and showing his collarbone and a little bit of his skin just below it.

And the fact that they had another three months of school to go through before they could manage to get new orders for their uniforms was extremely disconcerting. That, like everything else in this school, had it's time and schedule and it was rarely disrupted or changed. It was usually done at the beginning of each school year, meaning that even his summer uniform is the same size as his autumn, winter and spring ones.

Which would be—too tight.

Whenever looking at the boy, Kyle felt a bit self-conscious. It's not that he was scrawny or anything; he just couldn't really build up his muscles like that. He did have them, but…they were not exactly that much defined that you could notice them at first glance. It was a sore spot for him and a topic he hated. If someone annoyed him with it, he was always inclined to prove physically just how strong he was. Using the person that annoyed him, of course.

It's not my fault that I'm not the star quarterback of this hell hole. Hell, it's in his goddamn job description to be so hot...I mean taut! Taut! Kyle frowned at his own thoughts.

Ignoring his traitorous mind, he gave the boy a once-over and hoped with all his might that the school would be so kind to make an exception and disrupt the uniform ordering schedule in his nemesis' case or he wasn't to be held responsible.

Because even being the worst of enemies never changed the fact that whenever seeing the boy, Kyle had an indescribable urge to ravish him—the boy was pure sex-on-legs.

…And the sad thing is that he knew it and used it whenever he could. The hordes of girls he dated and even some female teachers could testify to that. Shaking his head and clearing his mind from those absurd thoughts Kyle came closer, stood right in front of the boy and cleared his throat.

At first it seemed like he never noticed Kyle's presence but then he slowly opened his eyes and pushed himself off of the locker so he could stare Kyle straight in the eyes, meeting Kyle's green ones with his own dark-brown. Kyle frowned at the obvious display of indifference and couldn't help but scowl at his peer.

'He's grown a bit…he's at least an inch taller than me now…' Kyle thought offhandedly, quickly getting annoyed by the simple fact that this boy had grown.

Kyle was becoming more annoyed by the minute. 'Less than an inch actually. Yeah, even less than an inch. He hasn't outgrown me still!' he thought.

Seeing Kyle's annoyed expression, the boy grinned mischievously as he said in a deep, husky voice,

"Kylie boy! What are you doing here this early? Could it be some new emo thing you're trying to pull? Coming here early, all alone to cry your eyes out or something?"

Hearing the amusement in his voice, Kyle groaned and took a deep breath. It served as a calming measure so he would stop himself from punching the guy. And he'd really enjoy doing that even though it would definitely get him in a world of trouble. Cause, his desire to fuck the boy aside, they were each other's bane's of existence.

At least he's evolved from that entire name calling. I mean, that's just so fifth grade. And after awhile it mostly revolved around 'fag', 'faggot' and 'queer'. Nothing there I haven't heard before you asshole. Kyle thought meeting the boys gaze.

After breathing in and out for couple of times and finally calming himself down he shot out icily.

"First of all, jock boy, my name's Kyle, not Kylie; but I think you should already know the name of the person you beat on a day to day basis--,"

"Of course I do. It's Kylie-fag-boy, no?"

Kyle groaned, irritated that his little speech was cut short, and for such an idiotic, childish response.

"Of course it is." He said sarcastically.

"Now that we've established that, if you wouldn't mind…" Kyle pointed with his head to the locker behind the boy.

The boy glanced behind him but never moved from where he stood. Turning back to Kyle, he said tauntingly,

"Oh, am I in your way, faggot?"

I guess he didn't mature all that much…sigh…

Sighing deeply, Kyle told himself to count to ten, breathing evenly and slowly. Breathe in, breathe out…he repeated it a number of times before he gave it up. In reality, it didn't help all that much.

"Would you please move the fuck a--,"

Before he could finish, he was suddenly grabbed by the scruff of his coat, whirled around and pushed against the locker--and hard. Just before the impact though, he managed to bow down his head as he learned early on that in doing so he avoided having a headache for the rest of the day.

Those days when he didn't do that ended up in him banging his head hard on the lockers' surface producing a very stubborn and extremely painful headache.

After the initial shock of being showed against the harsh, cold metal plate, he raised his head a bit and glared at his tormentor.

"…I so don't need this shit right now…" Kyle murmured to himself while still desperately trying to incinerate the boy with his intense glare. It only served to make him grin even wider, as he looked down on Kyle asking in a low voice that bordered a whisper,

"Need what Kylie boy?"

Once again Kyle groaned at the nickname, spitting through his teeth,


"'This'? Why, Kylie—my dear faggot friend—I have no idea what you're talking about." Seth said his feral grin growing even wider making Kyle wonder how was it even possible. He held Kyle firmly in place effectively stopping the boy from getting away when he tried to wriggle his way out of the mess.

Kyle growled low in his throat, but instead it came out like a whimper, before speaking again—this time inching his face closer to the infuriating guy and staring him square in the eyes. His tone was bitter and harsh—seething from anger and fiery hate.

"This as in you talking to me. This as in you beating the shit out of me right before the school starts. So do me a favour and if you wanna fight me, just wait after school. I'm not in the mood right now."

Seth cocked his head to one side, looking at Kyle's face intently, evaluating him. Even though still keeping that infuriating grin on his face all amusement left his voice as he finally spoke.

"Was that an order Kylie boy? Or was it just you begging?"

Hearing the serious tone of the boy, Kyle knew this was all slowly going to hell. It was just a prelude to what was about to come. And it would not be pretty. He knew that look on his face and that tone of his voice all too well and it always spelled trouble.

Well, if it's all already gone to hell, I can at least punch him just for my own little sick satisfaction.

For a brief moment he was considering his options. Then when he finally found a satisfactory course of action that would leave him with possibly just one bruise on the expanse of his face, he decided to play it all out and just piss off the guy as much as it was possible.

He moved his face even closer to the guy, putting it so close that even their breath was mingling, as he could feel the light puff of air on his own lips. Noticing the sudden closeness, the other boy slightly backed away, trying to make the move not so much obvious. Smirking tauntingly at the boy's reaction, Kyle cocked his face imitating the move he previously made and spoke in a pleased voice.

"Why yes. It was an order. How in the world did you manage to figure that one out, jock boy?"

The second the words spilled from his lips he slammed his right fist in the boys' side, making him stumble while holding his side with both hands. Kyle was seriously pissed and wanted to just let all of his inhibitions go and kick his ass to hell and back, but knew that not only was that highly unlikely to happen, but it would also only get him that much more beating after school.

Not like he wouldn't get beaten anyway, but still…He wasn't the one to deliberately rise up his own 'punishment', as they called it.

He slowly moved away from his locker, his eyes never leaving the boy. Stopping some distance away from his bully, he put his hands in his pockets and waited for the inevitable.

He wouldn't run away.

But he also won't fight back.

If he fought back, it would turn in an all-out fist fest, and he didn't want that. He just felt the need to punch the guy, so he did. Kyle has always been the man-of-the-moment type of guy and he wasn't about to change just 'cause there was this jackass who liked to train his boxing skills on him.

And since he was the one to throw the first punch, he knew he pretty much deserved to be punched back. He also knew the other teen wouldn't do more than just give that one punch back. Only if Kyle didn't fight back, that is. Later though…He shuddered at the thought.

The moment the other boy came to his senses, he mentally prepared himself for a heavy right hook that he knew he would be getting right across his face. When Kyle saw the boy lunging for him, he smiled a small, sad smile and steadied himself. Feeling the fist connect with his face, he couldn't help but crash to the floor.

Huh, what do you know, he went all out this time. Never before was I punched down by his fists…Guess I really pissed him off. Well that just makes us even now.

Slowly he opened his eyes and started to push himself up. He only managed to prop himself up on his right elbow before he saw a shocked face staring at him.

Now, if it were any other person he'd dare think that he was being examined worriedly with that gaze, but it was the guy, so he quickly pushed that thought aside.

But something indeed was wrong. He never cared if Kyle was beaten. Hell, he did most of the beating himself. Well, not alone, but still. He laid some pretty nasty punches all over Kyle. So what the hell was he freaking out for now? Did he suddenly sprout conscience?

Ha! As if!

It was interesting, though, seeing such a clear expression of terror on his face.

And why not make it even more interesting by mocking him for it? With a clear desire to do so, Kyle stood up. Wiping his bloody lip with his left hand he spoke teasingly, inching closer to his schoolmate.

"You okay there, Seth?"

Hearing his name, Seth jerked, his eyes focusing once more on Kyle. Seeing the boy, he frowned and turned away from him, quickly storming away.

Well that was no fun.


The rest of the day for Kyle went rather smooth.

And that worried him.

Whenever it seemed like things have finally died down, it was only the calm before the actual storm.

And after what he did to Seth, he was fairly certain that it will be he that will do the dying today. Or at least get very close to it.

So he wasn't really in a hurry to go home.

Not until he was certain the school was completely devoid of people.

After the final bell rang he decided to wait at least an extra half hour before heading home.

Looking up from where he sat behind his desk to the clock just above the blackboard he deemed it safe to move out of his rabbit hole. And hopefully all the wolves have already gone home so this rabbit will with a bit of luck manage to keep his skin.

Slowly he walked down the corridors making his trek out of the building even slower. He knew something was wrong and he really hoped that those guys weren't so keen on beating him that they'd wait more than half an hour for him to show his face.

The moment he stepped out of the building found him staring at angry faces of half a dozen jock boys, with jock boy supreme—aka Seth—in front of them. He was the first to speak, smirking maliciously at Kyle.

"You didn't honestly think you were getting away with it that easily, did you queer?"

The fleeting look of terror that washed over Kyle's features was quickly replaced with red hot anger as he looked over the faces that were chuckling wickedly at his impending demise. If it was a fight one on one he could handle all of them. Or well, most of them.

But they knew that too.

They learned it the hard way. Since then they only attacked him in a group of three, or if he royally pissed them off—four and more; just like now.

Damn. Six of them. Not counting Seth, that is. I'm really gonna get an ass whooping today.

Haaah…Okay assholes lets see what you've got. Either way I ain't going down without a fight.

Slowly he walked down the steps and right in front of the group of his soon to be tormentors. One of the boys came forward and put his arm around his shoulders, smirking eerily, leading him away from possible prying eyes.

He knew where it is they were taking him and not once did he think of getting away.

It was useless.

If they wanted to beat him, they would-one way or another. It was just that that place was their favourite for playing heroes and by beating an emo, gay boy half to death, no less. Namely Kyle. He was the one they concentrated all of their frustrations on since he was and is the only one that ever dared punch back.

As they rounded the corner and came behind the school and away from all curious eyes he sighed deeply and thought sadly to himself,

Here we go again.


Kyle panted heavily, both from exhaustion and from the pain that was racking his body. He was hunched a little bit, desperately trying to stay up, even though his legs were shaking in protest. He had to stay up, no matter what. If he were to fall down, to just give up…he'd probably never get back up. Or at least not until someone found him lying there unconscious. And that was highly unlikely seeing how school let out some hour or so ago.

Or was it more?

Whenever faced with this Trouble Committee, it always seemed like the time just stopped.

Or at least extremely slowed down.

He slowly straightened up, trying not to think about all the places that hurt from just that simple movement. Looking at the six boys that surrounded him, he smiled contentedly. They too were slouched a bit, gasping for breath.

No matter what, they could never deny that he always gave them a good fight. However, even though they too were covered in bruises, they were in much, much better shape than Kyle. He had so many cuts and bruises that even those had their own cuts and bruises. This was by far the worst beating he'd ever gotten from Seth's posse.

And the funny thing was that Seth never once laid a finger on him.


He always eagerly took any given opportunity to make Kyle's life harder-both mentally and physically.

The later being his favorite.

His blows were few, but chosen; they were the most powerful from all of the blows he got. It was kinda like a mob boss and his minions—the boss stood at a distance and enjoyed the view, while his minions did their magic.

Then, just before it ends, he approaches and gives The Finishing Blow or Blows, depending on his mood. And while the punches from the other six were just random and with no emotion at all (except for the need to bash someone—no matter the reason), he could feel the anger, hate and disgust in Seth's strong punches.

But today was different.


. . .

Lost in his thoughts, Kyle never noticed the fist coming at him until it connected with his gut, making him double over and gasp for breath.

Useless. The bastard somehow managed to hit his solar plexus and he was out of breath; not able to speak or draw a tiniest breath. His vision swam and his consciousness was slowly slipping away as he promised himself that he'd beat that guy half to death for this sucker punch.

As soon as he found out which one did it.

As he fell to the ground he vaguely saw Seth—he was leaning against the building, hands in his pockets, head slightly lowered and a strangest look on his face.

The look of guilt and grief mixed together.


Darkness. There was only darkness all around him. Where was he? Why is it so dark? Is he sleeping maybe? He remembered something about a fight and…Ah yes…he fainted.

But…why is it so warm and soft? The ground has never felt this strangely comfortable before. Did he maybe die? Is this the void between heaven and hell?

No, it can't be. If he were dead there would be no pain. And right now, he could feel a lot of it. It's just that he can't wake up even though his mind seems rather alert. His eyelids are somehow way too heavy for that. He's so tired that he can't move a single muscle in his body—not even a finger. And it feels so damn good laying here, sleeping.

Yes, he'll sleep some more…And hopefully he will wake up later. If not…well, than that will only mean that his sorry days on this earth have finally come to an end.

An abrupt end, but…that's how life is—you never know what'll hit you--or when--until you find yourself knocked out on the ground. Slowly, his consciousness was once again fading away.

That's when he felt it. Something warm was touching his face. It felt familiar…A hand? Gently, tentatively it touched his cheek—as if afraid to hurt him more than he already was.


. . .No, it feels different…the touch feels so tender, but it doesn't feel like her…

Her hands were much softer; not only that, it didn't even smell like her. No matter the time or place, his mom always smelled like roses—tender and sweet, but not too much. This hand…its owner had a very earthy, masculine scent…it reminded him of something, someone, but he just couldn't place it.

It can't possibly be dad.

So…is it a dream then?

Yeah. That's gotta be it. Just a dream. A mirage.

Suddenly, he felt something warm press against his lips. The touch was unbelievably soft—feather soft—and it was gone fast enough, but it was also hot like molten lava and made his lips tingle. He stirred a bit trying to get away from that dangerous heat.

It didn't help all that much, since he could barely move.

Even so, that soft heat didn't make a second contact with his lips and for some reason that left him feeling disappointed. He felt like there was something he's missing. Like there was something he should know or maybe just recognize. Something about that touch he felt on his lips…

It was gnawing at his sleepy mind ineffectively. And only making him that much sleepier. He felt those last bits of energy drain from his battered body as a voice said softly in his ear,

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry…"

Those words were swirling in his mind as he was drifting away into oblivion that sleep brought.


The one thing Kyle utterly despised were the mornings after.

Being beaten half to death, that is.

He could not only feel each and every muscle in his body twitch from the overuse, but he was also painfully reminded of all the wounds adorning his body. Even though they were mostly taken care of, they were far, very far actually, from healing.

Walking slowly down the street and toward the prison that was often called school, he chose each step carefully, trying to avoid creating even more pain than was absolutely unavoidable for himself.

That morning the trip to school was quite possibly the shortest ever.

Not counting those few times his dad actually deemed him worthy of his gasoline that is; he didn't like driving Kyle to school since it was only a fifteen minute walk away from their home.

Kyle didn't want to admit it, but he knew that it had everything to do with his jumbled thoughts. And even worse was that those thoughts were circling around a certain brown-haired, honey eyed hottie.

He still couldn't believe the things his mother told him during breakfast. Seth Andrews, his worst enemy, brought him home last night--even put him in his bed! While he was still unconscious and barely breathing as a side-effect of the beating he got. For which Seth was the mastermind.

And it had to be the most awkward breakfast he'd ever witnessed in his home, his mom beaming with pride ('my son has such a polite boy for a friend!' she said joyfully) and his dad giving him that curious glare ('he your friend or not, boy?' he inquired menacingly).

He also had a hard time explaining to his mom that no, the boy doesn't need their thanks for dragging their half dead son home. Also, he didn't have any free time tomorrow to come and have dinner with them as a thank-you. And he doesn't have time the day after either. Or even the next decade for that matter.

It only served to confuse his parents and make them go all Sherlock Holmes on him, trying to figure out what was between the two boys.

Of course, he evaded their questions like any other self-respecting teenager and left his house with a simple 'I'm off' while they looked confusedly at his retreating form.

Sighing heavily, his mind still in a mess, Kyle entered the school and meandered to his locker, half expecting to see that same figure from yesterday leaning on it.

He was surprised by the disappointment he felt when there was no one there. He chastised himself for being so stupid to actually feel disappointed.

Cause he was certainly not depressed. Of course not. Why would he be? That guy didn't matter to him. Nothing connected with Seth mattered to Kyle. It was only that he was slightly taken aback when his archenemy showed a bit of humanity toward him, even though a hypocritical one, seeing how he first beat him up and then helped him afterwards. Yep, he was just shocked by such display of—as unbelievable as it was—kindness, nothing more.

And he was definitely just going to ignore that little voice in his head which told him that that same boy was his wet dream for two years now and that he very much mattered.

Cause it was definitely delusional. Cause Seth didn't matter. He was a bastard, a son of a bitch who made the last couple of years a living hell for Kyle.

He still couldn't figure out what was the reason he got himself on the hit-list of Seth and co. He was fairly certain that it wasn't just for that simple fact that he was a gay emo boy.

It was highly unlikely since he was open about it from the first day of his freshman year. The entire school knew about him and he wasn't that ostracised for it. He was avoided by some and beaten by some, some called him names, but he wasn't in too much trouble. At least nothing he couldn't handle.

Not until some two years ago…when Seth decided to promote him into his own, personal punching bag. That he later decided to share with the rest of his gang, unfortunately.

What the hell did he ever do to the guy? He never even spoke more than a few sentences with him before the beatings started. So why?

He smiled bitterly to himself, feeling as if something small but rather important just died inside of him. He ignored it and lifted his hand to open his locker and decided that, as of right now, he was done with him. Done with thinking about him, dealing with him. He was done with Seth. Now the only things left for him to do were to make that little voice shut the fuck up and the boy to leave him the fuck alone.


Kyle looked over the group of people he approached in the canteen, seeing the shock on their faces as they took in his beat-up appearance.

They were his soul mates, his crew, also popularly known as 'The emo brats' or 'Those suicidal losers'. Hmph. People these days really don't have the slightest bit of creativity. He smiled at them hoping to ease at least a bit of tension that suddenly fell upon them.

"Hey. Am I still welcome at this table or should I find somewhere else to sit?" he asked, intentionally giving them the opportunity to choose.

Either they will shoo him away or let him sit down. It was that simple.

He didn't want to force his presence on them as he knew they were still pretty scarred of Seth and his gang of bullies, even though most of the guys were straight. Actually, besides Kyle there were only two more guys in their little group that were gay, one was supposedly bi (even though most thought he was only bi-curious) and the other four were straight. And out of the five girls, only two of them were lesbian and in a loving relationship with each other for some two years now. They were their mascot couple of sorts.

But since Kyle was Seth's favorite punching bag, and supposedly for the fact that he was gay and even worse (queue gasp!) an emo gay boy…

Well, let's just say that their reaction was something to be expected and it did hurt Kyle but still…he never blamed or hated them for their cowardice. Yes, he was disappointed and bitter most times, but…He knew they wouldn't be able to fight those guys.

Hell, he himself could barely stand his ground against those guys, and he was his father's son. A fighter. A soldier, since that's what a soldier's son should be. Or at least that's what his dad still believed.

That's why, no matter what happened or how his little crew acted, he still cared about them.

They were friends for three years now and they knew more about him than even his own parents. They were his little support group, as they used to jokingly say. They were all people of same tastes, similar thoughts and various family situations. Some of them used to even be cutters, while some were even bolder than that. Those were all the things of the past, though, since all of them started to change after joining this little 'support group'.

And he wasn't ready to give up on them even after all that's happened. He needed them; they were his only connection with 'normalcy', whatever that might be.

Someone smart at some point in time said that strength came in numbers. Well they pretty much proved the truthfulness of those words. Since meeting here at Hartley High, they became each others strength. And even though in the beginning that wasn't enough and it didn't really work, lately they've changed. For better, of course. Or at least he dared hope.

After couple of minutes of silence, a single boy stood up, his semi-short, but styled black hair coloured with flaming red on its ends, slowly walked over to Kyle and lifted his right arm. Looking the slightly shorter boy straight in his bright blue eyes with his own pale green ones, Kyle waited for his next move.

He was startled to feel the warmth of the boy's palm on his bruised cheek. He hissed slightly as he touched a particularly swollen area. Looking Kyle in his eyes, the boy smirked mischievously.

"Well it seems like your pretty face wasn't that beat up. I was worried that your only redeeming feature was completely lost…" he said, his smirk never faltering, his cool blue eyes glinting with mirth.

"Of course not, sugarplum. I know how much you love this mug of mine, so I took extra care of protecting it." Kyle answered, jokingly putting his left arm around the boy's shoulders.

He playfully whirled the boy around, hiding him from the view of others, slightly tipping him over as he acted as if they were making out, making the boy in his arms giggle uncontrollably.

"Okay okay you can sit with us! Just cut it out already!" he heard a chorus of voices say.

"Geez, you're such a pushover." The boy in his arms said, still giggling and desperately trying to catch his breath.

"Why thank you, babe." Kyle said jokingly, kissing the boy on his cheek before he broke out in a fit of laughter, flooded with relief as he slowly sat down and started to converse with his friends.

Sure enough, most of the conversation consisted of their questions and inquiries over the fight and his exasperated sighs as he answered their questions, some answers repeating more than once. A smaller part of the conversation was their apologies and Kyle telling them not to worry. He told them he understood it and ended it there, knowing nothing more needed to be said.

They were in the middle of the discussion of 'those savage bastards' when someone let their presence be known by clearing their throat, and rather loudly at that.

Looking around the table at his friends' faces and seeing a mix of terror and rage in most, he didn't even need to turn around to see the face of the person. There was only one person in the entire vicinity of this school that made his friends look like that.

Kyle sat still as he watched his friends slowly leave, the boy from before being the last to get up. He walked over to Kyle, put a hand on his shoulder and looked down on him, worry in his eyes.

Shaking his head, Kyle held his gaze and spoke softly so only his friend could hear,

"Don't worry, just go. I'll meet you later."

The boy held his gaze and seeing determination burning in them, he nodded and leaned toward Kyle kissing him softly on the lips. It was not a kiss between lovers and Kyle knew it very well; it was a gentle way of making a promise between them, a promise that he'd be waiting for Kyle to come back.

He realized how it looked to anyone on the sides, but he never cared. Those that mattered knew how close the two boys were and they never questioned the nature of their relationship.

Straightening up, the boy locked his gaze with the other teen standing behind Kyle. Frowning in anger, he walked past the boy and away from them both. As always, both he and the rest of his friends knew that they could only wait for it to end. And for Kyle to once again pick himself up and come back to them.

They always waited even though Kyle sometimes didn't notice that. And they always will; he was and always will be their friend. Not once stopping or turning back to look at Kyle, he walked out of the canteen and back to the rest of the group.


The moment the last of his friends went away, he noticed the boy that was till now standing behind him shift. Rounding the table, he slipped in the seat across from Kyle, staring at him intensely.

Seth Andrews.

Ignoring him, Kyle started to get up and as he put his right hand on the table to steady himself, Seth grabbed his wrist.

Startled, Kyle jumped a bit and looked angrily down on the boy. And was even more shocked to see and worse yet feel those warm, calloused fingers gently rub the skin of his wrist just below his wristband. At the slow motion and gentle touch of those fingers, he felt his heart speed up. He was trying with all of his might not to shiver as he felt Seth make slow circles on his skin.

"That your bitch, queer?" Seth nodded his head in the direction the other boy went.

"What's it to ya jock boy?" Kyle growled out, before continuing, a malicious grin finding its way on his face.

"Did you maybe want a taste of him?"

Seeing Seth's cheeks colour a bit, Kyle broke out in an uncontrollable chuckle.

Seth's blush fairly quickly went away as he calmed himself down, remaining silent as he still drew circles on Kyle's wrist's skin.

"You a cutter, Kylie boy?" Seth said, breaking the silence and effectively changing the topic, moving the spotlight back on Kyle.

". . .What?" Kyle asked, not believing his ears. Did that asshole really ask him that?!

"Why're you wearing this thing" Seth tugged at the wristband, "if you're not hiding scars? Eh, cutter boy?" he drawled the last two words, accentuating them with the lopsided grin that spread across his face.

Glaring daggers at the infuriating boy, Kyle tugged his hand in an attempt to get away. Only to end up being pulled in toward the table, trying fiercely to keep his balance and not crash down.

As he somehow managed to sit down without any embarrassing incidents, he glared once again at the guy that will one day surely prove to be the death of him.

"So? Should I start calling you cutter boy or not?" Seth asked once more, holding Kyle's wrist with even more force as if to emphasize his words. He looked intently at Kyle's face for his reaction, hoping he would anger the boy with his insistence.

"I bet you can't wait to get back home and start slicing your poor, abused wrists open just for the heck of it." He continued, earning himself a scoff from Kyle.

"What's that scoff mean, eh cutter boy? You saying I'm wrong?" Seth asked, the corner of his lips curling into a self satisfied smile as he still played with Kyle's wristband.

Sighing heavily and throwing his head slightly back in a display of exasperation, Kyle decided he'd answer the prick if only so he could finally get away from here. Away from him.

"Oh yeah, you're absolutely right." Kyle said mockingly, lowering his head back down so he could stare at Seth, "I slit my wrists on a daily basis. And I usually do it just after I've had my daily glass of bleach. Or was it sleeping pills?" he frowned, touching his chin with his left index finger as if in thought. Then he shrugged and said, "I forget."

Before Kyle could even register what was happening, Seth somehow managed to grab his wristband and take it off. Looking at Kyle's wrist, Seth's eyes widened.

"Damn." Seth said, his mouth slightly agape.

"Satisfied?" Kyle said with an edge to his voice, frowning at Seth and blushing a bit. Not because he was missing the feel of his fingers, though. Absolutely not. He was just simply annoyed with the guy's mere existence.

"That's one hell of a tattoo…" Seth answered, looking the tattoo over from all of the angles as he once more took Kyle's wrist and twirled it in his hands.

And no, that definitely did not make Kyle's heart skip a beat. Or three.


"So," Seth began, "What the heck is it supposed to be?" he pointed at the tattoo that was in a form of a bracelet around Kyle's right wrist.

Seeing how Seth's grip on his wrist subsided, Kyle took the chance and tugged his wrist away from Seth's hands.

"Why do you want to know?" Kyle narrowed his eyes at Seth.

"Hey, chill man. We're just talking, 'kay? No harm, no foul." He lifted his arms up in mock surrender.

Seeing that even though Kyle was frowning, he had pretty much accepted that explanation, Seth decided to speak once more.

"So? The tattoo?" he lifted his eyebrows in expectation.

Kyle huffed as he glanced from Seth to his wrist, taking the wristband back from him and tugging it back on.

"It's supposed to be a dragon. A Chinese luck dragon twining around my wrist." he started.

"It carries with it symbols for love, hope and faith." He blushed a bit explaining the meaning of the tattoo. He was proud of it even though others told him he was 'so gay' since he had something so 'girlie' etched on his skin. He never dared tell them that he was actually the one that designed it.

Seth just nodded, moved the wristband upwards and continued with examination of the tattoo while absent-mindedly tracing it with his index and middle finger. He didn't even glance at Kyle for which Kyle was very grateful as he was busy at the time desperately trying to fight the blush that coloured his cheeks as a result of such a gentle and intimate act.

That was coming from Seth. From his number one enemy. That was coming from the boy he wanted to fuck so badly that it physically hurt.

…He so didn't think that just now.

Nuh-uh, no way. No-fucking-way.

Oh fuckity fuck, I'm seriously fucked. What the heck's wrong with me?! What am I? A bloody masochist?!

"Did you do it 'cause you love the pain?" Seth asked lifting his head up to stare at Kyle, his face serious.


"I mean, you have-what-seven piercings on just your ears--,"

"Eight." Kyle interrupted, deciding he'd ignore the idiotic question from earlier.

"Sorry, what?" Seth stared at Kyle, confused by the sudden response from him.

"I have eight piercings." Kyle said with a slight smirk on his lips.

"I can only see three in your left ear and four in the right one." Seth looked completely mystified.

"Well of course you do. It's 'cause the eight one is in a more…private place." Kyle grinned at the obvious look of curiosity on Seth's face.

"Oh that just admits it. You're a pain whore." Seth grinned.

"Yep, that's me, your regular pain addicted slut." Kyle grinned back.

He decided to casually ignore the fact that he was having a more than civil conversation with 'The jock boy from hell'—Seth Andrews as he laughed at the face Seth was making while scanning Kyle in search for the last piercing.

"Sorry, not gonna be that easy." Kyle smiled at him slowly getting up and walking away from where he sat when the bell rang for the end of the lunch period.

"Pain whore." Seth huffed, not moving from where he sat at the table and still looking at Kyle with a smile on his face.

And also something that struck Kyle as a rather peculiar glint in his eyes. It reminded him of his mom's eyes when he and his dad would buy her flowers. When she was happy.

Was he really…happy? Could that be it? Why would he be happy talking with Kyle? He hadn't particularly humiliated him or anything so…what would he be happy for? Was there some point in time where he was actually harassed that he didn't notice?

…He didn't think so. So why…?

Kyle walked away, shaking his head slightly, trying to force his thoughts in the direction of remembering which period he had next before he allowed his mind to wander back to those gorgeous, light brown eyes.

Oh-kay. So what the hell just happened here?


Over the next two weeks, Kyle noticed that something was wrong.

Something was missing.

Rather, someone was missing.

He hated to admit it to himself, what with deciding to forget the guy just two weeks ago and only a few hours before the whole 'lunch incident' as he liked to refer to it, but he was worried.

Seth was nowhere to be seen.

He didn't hear any gossip about him being in an accident or a scandal, so he figured he was fine. Still…he couldn't help but feel concerned about him.

Somehow not seeing the boy made Kyle feel out of place.

The only plus side to all of this was the fact that he wasn't being beaten anymore. Or at least, not as much. He figured that when those jocks lost their pack leader, they simply lost the drive.

It was funny though, how they seemed even more out of place than Kyle was. They looked like wet kittens that were waiting for a big, bad wolf to jump out of nowhere and pay them back for all their evil deeds.

As the bell signaling the end of the last period for that day rang, Kyle picked up his stuff and headed for his locker.

Opening it, he was met with a piece of white paper. Taking it out, Kyle wracked his brains out trying to figure out who and why would send him a note like this?

He was definitely not a bad looking guy, what's more he was considered quite striking. Handsome, some said with his naturally black hair and pale green eyes. But being gay he didn't really get that much of girly love letters. Just once in a while there was some freshman kid that hoped she would be the one to 'cure' him from his 'disease'. Hmph.

As for the guys, they would just wait for him after school in some dark part of it, hoping to not be seen by others while asking him out.

And then there were even some who just approached him for the sake of having sex with him, no strings attached.

Neither of those sent him letters.

Opening the folded paper up, his eyes carefully ran over the neat handwriting.

'Meet me at the usual spot behind the school. S.'

Reading it over and over again, he couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. There was only one person in this entire school that could have sent him a letter of such content.


What did he want with him? Was it a trap? Did he want to have a one on one fight with Kyle? What about the conversation they had? Was that a part of his plan? To make him soften up by acting all goody-goody and that way not expect a trap…?

But then, why was he avoiding Kyle these past two weeks? Cause that's the only way to explain Seth coming nowhere near Kyle and not beating him into a bloody pulp every day.

It was funny how that possibility just now dawned on Kyle as he read the letter, a strange sense of urgency coming from just that one short sentence.

Deciding to ignore it, he closed the locker after depositing all the unnecessary stuff in it and taking out what he needed, and then slowly walked away. Passing by a trashcan, he threw the letter away.

Walking down the steps of the school, he noted that the rain was drizzling through the stormy clouds. Taking out his fold-up umbrella from his backpack, he opened it and started for the school gate.

Closing in on the gate, he realized that the rain was now coming down heavier than before. Stopping suddenly, he cursed under his breath as he turned away from the gate and started walking back toward the school. Without even noticing, he started running in the direction of the meeting place, his umbrella thrown away and long forgotten somewhere behind him.

Turning around the building, Kyle stopped tight in his tracks at the sight in front of him.

I'm such an idiot.

Of course he wouldn't be here soaking himself in the rain.

Not for me, anyway.

The last thought for some unknown reason made his heart clench and his breathing quicken in a semblance of a panic attack.

The fucker must be somewhere out there watching me and having the time of his life while laughing his ass off at my stupidity…

Once again Kyle felt a pang of an unnamed emotion. Was it rage? Maybe anger for being played for a fool? Maybe…maybe it's…

Sadness…? Why the heck should I be sad that the bastard had fun on my expense while I was actually worried for him? Of course I'm not sad.

That's just ridiculous.

I don't care what he does or doesn't do. I don't.

Turning to leave, Kyle got startled when he noticed a tall figure standing now in front of him, the rain relentlessly beating on his unguarded form.

Recognizing the other boy, he frowned and went to sidestep him so he could walk away. But before he managed to even walk passed the boy, he was grabbed by his shoulders and slammed against the nearest wall that was on his right and the boys' left.

"Ow…what the fuck you bastard?!" Kyle yelled after the initial shock and lifted his head to glare at the guy in front of him. He was shocked into silence from what he saw in his eyes, on his face.

"…Seth…?" he asked warily, not knowing what to make out of the look in Seth's eyes. If he didn't know better he could have sworn that he saw lust and desire in them. And even fear. But what could he be afraid of?!

This guy just doesn't make sense anymore…

Suddenly Kyle felt Seth's fingers gently tracing the fading yellow bruises on his face. The action somehow seemed familiar, but Kyle just couldn't place it.

It feels so vague, this feeling of his fingers on my skin…just like I'm in some sort of a dream.

. . .

A dream…?

Wait a minute…A dream…There was this one dream that I---That must be it! The dream I had when I got beaten two weeks ago!

But wait…Could that really be it?

Could he have actually…Nah, he's not like that. He wouldn't do something like that.

Would he…?

He looked at Seth's face, a mix of emotions running through him at the sight of his mortal enemy, all of the confusion he felt visible on his face.

That's when he noticed that somehow Seth was now closer to him than he was just a moment ago.

In fact he was so close that their noses touched and their lips were in an extremely dangerous proximity. Becoming nervous from such proximity, Kyle closed his eyes in a hope that it would serve to calm him down.

It didn't help all that much since he could still feel the heat radiating from Seth's body. Kyle's breath quickened at the thought of the other's body, which however turned out to be the worst possible idea.

With each quick breath he took his senses were washed over by the scent coming from Seth. That slightly spicy, strong musky scent that made his head dizzy and his knees weak.

He looked up, slowly opening his eyes, and meeting Seth's in the process only to realize that his gaze was cast downward.

Where's he looking at?! I ain't got no tits down there!

...Is he staring at my lips?

His eyes still locked on Kyle's full, completely kissable looking lips, Seth absent-mindedly wet his dry lips with his tongue, belatedly realizing that it also flicked over Kyle's lips. The touch was short but electrifying.

And if the shivering of Kyle's body was any indication, he appreciated the brief contact very much.

Shifting his gaze from those lips and on Kyle's slightly closed green eyes; he smirked a bit, looking every bit dangerous and devastatingly beautiful like some sort of a wild animal.

Or at least that was Kyle's humble opinion.

The one he desperately tried to deny of having or even having thought it in the first place.

Damn him for being so distractingly handsome.

Goddamit. I want this man. I want him bad.

Fuck, Kyle. Stockholm syndrome much?

Still keeping his gaze locked with Kyle's and looking Kyle deep in his eyes, Seth closed that almost non-existent distance between them and covered Kyle's lips with his own, kissing him gently, tentatively.

He felt the boy stiffen at the first contact of their lips, only to relax completely in mere seconds. Never breaking the chaste kiss, Seth bit gently at Kyle's lower lip, making him gasp out in surprise. Taking advantage of the momentary confusion, he plunged his tongue through Kyle's slightly parted lips making him moan loudly. Seth smiled into the kiss at the obvious display of pleasure.

The next minute he was left breathless as Kyle put his hands in his hair, puling Seth in even closer and taking over the lead, twirling his tongue in a maddening slow, yet forceful motion. He could feel Kyle's hot tongue exploring his depths and touching his own gently and only briefly; making Seth mad with desire. He wanted to feel the boy more but he couldn't break this spell he'd been caught in either.

Seth was really caught off guard with such a display of dominance coming from the other boy. Even though he knew the boy wasn't exactly the quiet, meek type he never did expect him to be this way. Somehow he seemed way too strong right now and was in a strange way shamelessly demanding.

A small thought was born in Seth's mind, but he decidedly ignored it. He pushed all his thoughts aside except for those that centered on this boy that was now clinging so hard to him that he could feel the rise and fall of his chest against his own as he breathed.

Feeling the need in him rise up from this maddeningly stimulating kiss, Seth lowered his hands from where they rested on Kyle's shoulders down to his waist.

He never broke the kiss, but decided to take back the control over it and distract the other long enough for what was to come. He tipped Kyle's head slightly back, managing to deepen the kiss and making Kyle moan with satisfaction. He tasted every bit of his warm mouth as he teased him, taking revenge on him for his previous torture. Once in a while he bit on his lips and almost broke the kiss only to plunge back in and bite down and gently suck on the warm, wet muscle in his mouth. At one point Kyle even chuckled in his mouth at the obvious urgency Seth showed through their kiss.

Somewhere in the back of his mind Kyle knew he probably shouldn't be doing this; they were enemies and Seth was acting weird lately. But he didn't care about that right now. He decided to ignore his conscious thoughts and listen to his feelings. Though in the long run that might be more dangerous than he'd like to admit.

Deeming that the boy was distracted enough, Seth snaked his hands even lower, coming to a stop on the boy's hips. Grabbing Kyle's hips with both hands, he pressed their bodies even closer; a feat that gave him quite a gratification in a form of a slight bulge that was now pressing itself against his thigh. At the sudden movement, Kyle broke the kiss as he threw his head back slightly and moaned deep in his throat.

Loving the sounds coming from Kyle's wet, swollen lips, Seth repositioned their bodies in such a manner that now their crotches were flush against each other.

Hearing a quiet whimper coming from Kyle at the new position of their bodies, Seth once more smirked, leaning down to kiss the boy before he rocked his hips.

Feeling that delicious friction through his pants, Kyle moved to break the kiss so he could take in that so much needed breathe of air. Only to be stopped by a strong hand that grabbed him behind his head and smashed their lips in an even fiercer kiss. He gave up on his tries once he realized Seth was not letting him move; seeing that, Kyle relaxed against the wanton body that was flush against his and let the boy swallow his moans instead of voicing them out.

Noticing the slight change in Kyle, Seth took it as being given a green light. He started grinding against Kyle in a rhythmic manner, feeling Kyle harden. Kyle couldn't help the moans anymore and knowing that Seth didn't want to let him go, he bit him hard on his lower lip. Seth jerked in surprise from the sudden jolt of pain only to witness what was probably the most erotic scene in his all seventeen years of life.

Kyle's eyes were half-lidded, as he threw his head back in ecstasy, parted his lips just enough to let out all the grunts, pants and moans he'd been suppressing. Bringing his head back down, he looked at Seth with a devilish glint in his eyes and smirked. The next thing Seth felt were two strong hands gripping his shoulders as he felt one of Kyle's legs worm it's way around his own leg, bringing him closer and making him unable to move away.

Not that he wanted to.

Readjusting his position into something that gave him much more access and control, Kyle started grinding his hips in a manner that showed just how much experience he actually had. Just those slow, but intense circular motions of Kyle's hips were enough to reduce Seth into a panting mass of a shivering seventeen-year-old boy.

Kyle loved what he saw; he loved the fact that he made him like that even more.

He knew Seth was on the edge. He was so far gone that he didn't even notice when he transferred all of his weight onto Kyle as he tried rather unsuccessfully to keep himself steady. He lowered his head on Kyle's shoulder and in doing so unwittingly gave him a new way of slowly torturing him.

Seth yelped when he felt teeth sink into his ear lobe, nibbling and gently sucking on it just before the teeth were replaced with a tongue that slowly traced from his lobe and all over the shell of his ear.

He opened his lips to speak, but was quickly interrupted by Kyle's raspy voice,

"I have an idea…follow me."

Seth stared at him, but obediently followed after the retreating form of Kyle.


"Now, before you say anything, I know this is pretty much a bad-porn-cliché type of place for having sex, but it's the only place that is absolutely deserted today. Meaning there will be absolutely no interruptions." Kyle said hastily.

Kyle was a bit surprised to see Seth blush, but he quickly understood what the reason was. It was because of what he said. Sex. They were actually going to go through with it.

Realizing that, Kyle felt himself blush too.

Seth looked around their gym's storage room. "I don't really mind." He said, trying with all his might not to let his voice tremble.

Kyle slowly moved toward Seth, all the while searching with his gaze throughout the entire storage room.

Finally his eyes landed on the things he was looking for.

The gym mattresses.

Kyle grinned. Those will do the trick just fine.

He came closer to Seth, taking his left hand with his right one leading him toward their destination. Kyle guided him to sit down on the piled up mattresses and sat next to him; he searched Seth's face and smiled gently at him when their eyes met. He took his chin gently with his left hand, raising it up.

Kyle leaned in and gave him a small, chaste kiss before moving away.

Doing that seemed to remove all of Seth's self-inflicted brakes. He crashed his lips with Kyle's, clumsily at first, urgently. After he felt Kyle relax in his arms, he slowed the pace down and concentrated on tasting every part of Kyle. He felt the need in him build more and more as he lost his calm and was completely lost in this dance they were trapped in. He bit on Kyle's lips, chin, traced his jaw with his teeth only to lick down his neck and to the part of skin where the shoulder and neck met, trying hard not to rip away the soaked through clothes that were utterly in the way.

Seth somehow managed to compose himself enough to take the coat, the vest and the shirt off of Kyle in a blur of swift motions. Seeing the exposed skin glistening from the contact with Kyle's wet clothes, Seth felt his mind shatter. He bit hard on Kyle's shoulder, marking him; claiming him. You're mine…Only mine…Kyle…

What he didn't notice, however, was Kyle's satisfied smirk at such display of urgent lust and overwhelming desire.

The next moment Seth found himself lying on the mattresses, a strange weight on him. He focused his eyes on the figure in front of him.

Oh god. Oh god. He's on top of me. I can—I can feel his—Oh good lord!

Kyle smirked eerily seeing the awestruck look on Seth's face. He felt Seth squirm beneath him, which only served to push their crotches tightly together. Seth gulped audibly realizing that what he just did only made his nether regions stir as he felt his member harden. Kyle looked him deep in the eyes, smirked and rocked his hips without so much as a warning.

Not that it was needed, just...all of this was new to Seth and he felt slightly overwhelmed. Kyle readjusted himself so he was now looming over Seth; he placed both of his palms on either side of Seth's head and slowly lowered himself closer to those alluring lips, not once disrupting the rhythm of his hips, making Seth bite back a moan.

Without wasting another moment, Kyle latched himself onto Seth's lips while his nimble fingers quickly removed both the coat and the vest, breaking the kiss for the slightest moment. Resuming the kiss, he slowly started unbuttoning his shirt. Finally removing the last piece off of his firm and toned upper body, he sat back on his haunches as he observed the fruits of his labor, ceasing the delicious friction and making Seth grunt in disapproval. His eyes clouded over at the sight of taut muscle and slightly tanned flesh. Before he could even think to stop himself, he covered that small, temptingly pink nipple with his mouth, sucking on it ever so gently.

"Nnngh…Ky—yle…" Seth moaned, throwing his head back and arching into Kyle. He wanted the boy closer, dammit!

Kyle could feel his slacks becoming even tighter as he listened to those muffled moans Seth made; he was trying so hard to control himself, to not make too much noise.

Well, we certainly can't have that, dear Seth. I want to hear you scream.

Kyle couldn't believe how bewitched he was by this boy under him. He was bewitched by the rise and fall of Seth's chest, the beating of his heart, the quickened breathing coming from his slightly parted lips.

Feeling the heat rush through him, he decided he couldn't wait any longer. He needed Seth. No, he wanted Seth. Badly. He rose back up, taking the previous position. He was still straddling Seth's hips and their stiffened crotches were slightly touching, making it impossible for him to think. Except for how he wanted the boy under him.

Have I always been this pathetic? This needy? Or is it just Seth's magic? Kyle thought, his eyes locked on Seth.

Seth was still panting slightly, trying to sort out his thoughts, when suddenly he noticed something glinting from the corner of his left eye and gasped almost inaudibly.

"I found it…"

Seth was baffled by the fact that he was so lost in all the sensations that he failed to notice it before. Just like he failed to notice just how muscular Kyle actually was. He wasn't buff, but he did have a built of someone that worked out. Seth couldn't help but stare in awe. They were not only close in height, even their built was similar. Though he never registered that, considering that Kyle was hiding it behind a roughly two sizes bigger uniform.

Goddamn uniform. But I guess he couldn't possibly be a frail, weak guy if he managed to fend of six of the strongest guys on the football team on a day to day basis...Seth thought, for a moment forgetting about his find.

Kyle smirked down at him, knowing exactly what Seth was talking about. He spoke, snapping Seth out of his thoughts.

"Told ya it was in a private place."

Kyle snickered when he saw Seth raise his hand slowly, tentatively toward his right nipple. He gently put his entire left palm over it, covering it protectively. Gulping slightly, he became bolder as he moved his palm up and down, rubbing the pierced nub so lightly that Kyle shivered at the touch.

Seeing Kyle's reaction, Seth grew even bolder as he took it between his fingers and gave it a small squeeze and then rolled it between his thumb and index finger, making Kyle moan. He was shocked how good it felt to touch another boy, this boy, to hear him moan. He knew he was attracted to Kyle for a while now, but he never knew he'd be so desperate to feel the heat of his body underneath his palms, on his skin. He wanted him so badly that it physically hurt. It was the first time he'd felt that way.

This is bad…I'm reaching my limit…Kyle thought fervently.

Sorry Seth…Hope you're ready for this…

Kyle took Seth's hand and removed it from his stiffened nipple and leaned in once more, kissing Seth fiercely, hungrily, making him moan and gasp for air every now and then. He carefully undid Seth's slacks, trying to catch the other boy off guard, and then slid them down his hips so slowly that Seth didn't even flinch. Breaking the kiss suddenly, Kyle smirked down at him and gave him a peck on the lips before sliding all the way down to his painfully big erection.

"Kyle? What are yo--"

He stopped mid-word as he felt tight heat envelop his throbbing member. Throwing his head back, he opened his mouth to scream, but no words came out. He closed his eyes, feeling the tight heat slowly move up and down.

Oh my god! Kyle is…Kyle is…Hi-His mouth…Oh god…

"S-So go-ood" Seth mumbled in a tiny voice.

Kyle knew it was too soon. He knew this will all freak Seth out to the end of the earth. Still, he could no longer wait. He bobbed his head up and down in an increasing speed, making Seth pant violently, fighting for air. He twined the fingers of his left hand around his shaft before he removed his mouth only to lap with his tongue at the over-sensitive slit. He started pumping him with one hand, using his wicked tongue to tease his aching cock, licking it every now and then and slowly moved his other hand to gently squeeze his sack, rolling it playfully in his hand.

He was driving Seth mad. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Seth knew something about this situation was off, but his head was utterly blank with pleasure and unable to form coherent thought.

That was, until he felt something cold and slick against his small, puckered hole. The only warning he got before he felt the first intrusion were the guilt-ridden eyes of Kyle as the boy removed both his mouth and hand from Seth's now fully hard erection. The look was fast gone and was replaced with hot desire as he started thrusting his finger in and out, changing pace occasionally.

"K-Kyle…nnnh…feels…" gasp, "s-strange…"

Seth realized now what the weird feeling about this situation was. Their roles somehow became reversed. He felt a bit scarred and angry at the realization, but couldn't help the thought that came crashing down at him like a tidal wave.

This feels so good…

Without saying a word or giving any sign that he heard what the other boy said, Kyle swallowed his now dripping cock once more as he pushed another finger inside the tight heat of Seth's body. Seth never even noticed. The sensation he got from Kyle's mouth and tongue alone made his mind go blank. The third finger, however, got him gasping for breath. It wasn't unbearably painful and Seth was no wuss either, but it did hurt.

"Fuck!" Seth hissed, feeling something hot trail down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry, please bear with it." Kyle said, moving up and kissing away Seth's tears.

"I'm going to move them now." He said, his lips hovering just above Seth's.

Seth nodded his head, not trusting himself to speak. He would love to fucking shout or even bite Kyle's head off, but that is beside the point. The moment he felt Kyle's fingers move, he did shout out.

"Fuck it, it bloody hurts! Take them out, NOW!"

Kyle looked at Seth, worry in his eyes. He felt his heart speed up at the obvious look of pain, and not a trace of pleasure, on the boy's face. He felt his heart clench as he bit his lower lip, trying to remain calm, keeping his fingers still inside of Seth, but not moving them.

He was quickly loosing his confidence and becoming a nervous wreck.

What the hell's wrong with me?! I'm never nervous! Never! I've fucked more virgin boys than I can bloody count! So why am I like this now?!

Seeing the look of terror on Kyle's face, Seth felt his anger slowly melt away. He took deep, calming breaths, feeling the pain slowly subside.

I'm so gonna regret this later…

"Move them." Seth said with a demanding voice.

Kyle looked at him, confused. The look of both confidence and fear on Seth's face made him calm down. He leaned in and kissed him as he started to slowly move his fingers. He twirled them, searching for that pleasure spot, determined to, from now on, only give him pleasure.

Seth felt a jolt of electricity run through him as he felt his entire body twitch. He moaned deep in his throat, trying to break the kiss and take in some air, but Kyle wouldn't let him move an inch. For a moment he thought that it was Kyle's revenge for the same situation earlier, when their roles were reversed.

Kyle mercilessly rubbed that small gland inside of Seth, making him shudder and arch his body, trying to deepen the contact. He was entranced when Seth started to ride his fingers, moving his hips in time with the thrusts of Kyle's fingers. Seth didn't even notice what he was doing; he just wanted more of that electrifying sensation. Kyle broke the kiss as he pulled his fingers out, making Seth growl in frustration at the loss of both sensations.

Kyle hurriedly unzipped his slacks, sliding them down his hips and removing his boxers. Seth pushed himself up a bit, noticing Kyle fumbling with something. The thought that ran through his mind at that moment was 'what the hell is more interesting than me?!'.

That was before he laid his eyes on Kyle's hard, dripping length. Seth couldn't help the blush or the too loud gulp he took; Kyle was indeed full of surprises.

"That won't fit." Seth gasped out. "It's impossible." He felt panic rise in him as the thought of turning away and running for it was born in his mind.

He couldn't move. He just looked Kyle in his eyes that shone with warmth and something else, that Seth thought he recognized, but decided he was just being delusional. Still, he couldn't walk away from him.

Kyle fumbled through his pockets before taking out a small metal, flat, round vial. He raised it up and said with a sheepish smile,

"Lip balm. It should do the trick so I don't hurt you. It will hurt, though, I won't lie to you." He stopped for a second, furrowing his brows in thought. Seeming to have reached a conclusion, he opened the vial, took most of the greasy substance from it and started coating his thick length.

"Just…try to relax, okay?" he said, pulling Seth's legs open and readjusting himself.

Seth snorted. "I can't believe you're giving me the 'virgin talk'."

Kyle smiled. "Me either." He said before pushing the tip of his cock inside Seth's tight entrance.

Seth's eyes widened at the sudden intrusion as he slightly arched his back, trying to escape the pain.

"You—" gasp, "fucker!" gasp, "That hurt!! You could have at least warned me!" Seth screamed.

Then he noticed Kyle's face. He could tell the boy was trying hard not to just slam right inside him, for which he was grateful. He would kill him if he did something like that.

"You're so fucking tight!" Kyle gasped out, his forehead slicked with sweat and his eyebrows knit in concentration.

Without waiting for an answer to his statement, Kyle started pushing further inside, slowly; trying to hurt his lover as least as possible.

His lover. The thought felt strangely pleasant, Kyle realized.

Seth screwed his eyes shut, feeling the tears roll down his cheeks. It bloody hurt and it didn't feel good at all.

Shifting slightly, Kyle moved so he was now staring directly at the pain filled face of his lover. Licking his lips, he lowered his head to Seth's shoulder and bit down on it. He bit so hard, that Seth's eyes shot open.

Seth growled at the pain. "Fuck! That hurt, you son of a—"

He lost the train of that thought as he felt Kyle slam the rest of his big, hot cock inside of him. It was a strange feeling; yes it hurt, but it also made him feel so…well, full. He could feel Kyle's member twitch inside of him and that made him blush. He could actually feel Kyle inside of him. That was a mind-blowing thought. Then he noticed Kyle wasn't moving.

Seth turned his head to look at the face of the boy whose forehead was now resting on his shoulder. He was panting wildly, trying to catch his breath. Seth moved a strand of hair that covered Kyle's face, and kissed his temple tenderly. Kyle lifted his head so he could lock his gaze with Seth's. He placed a tender kiss on his slightly parted lips, which Seth accepted eagerly, deepening it.

Kyle broke the kiss to speak.

"I'm gonna move now."

Seth could only manage to nod his head, before Kyle pulled out almost completely only to slam back in. He repeated the action a couple of times, trying to find that elusive little spot that would bring the highest pleasure to Seth.

Feeling Kyle's cock rub against something inside of him, Seth felt that same electric current run through him; his mind went blank as he felt something coil in the pit of his stomach.

Seth wanted more. He wanted to feel more of Kyle, more of that amazing feeling he gave Seth.

"H-harder. Kyle!" Seth shouted out, wrapping his legs around Kyle, puling him closer; deepening the contact. "Fuck me harder, you asshole." He growled, before pulling Kyle down and crashing their lips in a desperate battle of their tongues.

Kyle continued thrusting into that tight heat, that wanton body. He could feel his orgasm coiling in the pit of his stomach as he felt Seth's muscles tighten around him. He took Seth's twitching member in his hand and started pumping it as he gave a few more hard thrusts. Not long after he felt Seth shudder as he spilled himself in Kyle's hand. After a couple of more thrusts, Kyle came, filling Seth's body with his essence. He slumped on him, pulling him into a tight hug, not wanting to move from the warmth that was Seth.

Still panting fiercely and slightly shuddering in the afterglow of making love, it finally clicked in Seth's mind.

It was 'making love', wasn't it? It wasn't a simple fuck or some sort of a weird curiosity driven thing.

…He loved him. He loved Kyle.

Taking a deep breath and wrapping his hands around Kyle's sweat slicked torso, he whispered into his ear.

"I love you, you insufferable prick."

Kyle giggled at the statement. "I know."

Seth looked at him, shock in his eyes. "Cheater. You're supposed to say 'I love you too'."

Kyle laughed again, seeing the pouting face of the boy he loved for too long to even remember when it all started. He didn't intend to tell him that, however. Not yet, anyway.

Flicking his tongue out to lick the shell of Seth's ear, he breathed out.

"I know."


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