I can see where you stand

Because right where you are

There is a light so bright

It shines like the sun

In our big blue sky,

There in your large blue eyes.

I know where your heart lies

And what it looks like.

It blazes red with passion

Desire and ambition

Showing the world

How much you can give.

I have only one question for you

As I look in those big blue eyes,

See that bright red heart

From across the room

Do you see me too?

As I see you?

Do I shine like you?

Does my heart blaze like yours?

Or, are my colors dulled


And unimportant


I pray that isn't so

Hope it isn't true

Because how can I deserve you

When I'm so unappealing

And dull?

Do you see me?

Say you do

Say it isn't true

Say I shine

Say I blaze

Say I have what it takes

To be with you.