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"Move out of my way before I take my two inch heel and shove it up your ass!" A girl, with looks to kill for, snapped.

"Sorry…" A short, kind of nerdy looking girl quickly shuffled aside, her cheeks red in embarrassment. She stared at the gorgeous girl even after she left out of view, her emotions mixed. Part of her wanted to hate the girl with all of her being, but the other part knew that she was secretly jealous of this person living the life that she had always imagined. Sighing, she slowly walked off to her next class.

Okay, guess which girl I am?

A. The bitch

Or B. The nerd

If you guessed option B then you are 100% WRONG!

You probably thought that I was the nerd, right? You were thinking that my story starts with me underestimating my beauty and eventually meeting a charming guy (or having him as my worst rival), and then after a humorous turn of events fall in love with him. Sorry. You were wrong. Dead wrong.

I am the bitch. Period.

That confession came a little easier than most. It's true; I have always been the bitch since fifth grade when boys really started noticing me. By seventh grade I had full grown men asking for my number, and then gaping when they found out that I was 12 ½ years old. Most children go through an awkward stage I never had one. Ever since I was little I was known as "That pretty Anderson girl.

Enough about my past… anyways I hate treating people so roughly, honestly I'm a nice person. I know, I know… it's a totally generic answer and all.

"Oh my gawd! Did you see the way that beyotch looked at you? I swear, it's like the little nerd hasn't learned her place yet."

That was Heather Cortez, my 'best friend'.


She's your generic blonde haired blue eyed big breasted bimbo. No offense to all you blondes in the audience. Her hair is straight and that perfect length that you always see on TV. No matter what she wears, she always turns it into the skimpiest outfit known to mankind. Today she was wearing the khaki pants I gave her and a matching light blue collared top. Somehow she managed to make the neckline plunge even deeper and the pants to hang loosely off her hips, showing an inch or two of her flat stomach.

-insert eye roll here-

"Don't worry about her." Lisa Summers, a Five foot two inch Latin American said, "She has major problems, I mean MAJOR. I heard that she had to have major counseling after having a fight with her brother over something."

"Who cares?" I snapped, still feeling irritated from the previous incident. I was mad at myself for hurting someone's feelings for the sake of my own reputation. Karma follows me like a shadow.

Heather was about to say something but stopped short as Jason Summers, Lisa's taller older brother walked by and visibly checked her out. She had been pining for him for almost months and it was almost sickening watching them eye hump each other. "Damn he's hot." She said, loud enough for him to hear.

He smirked as he walked by. I had to admit Heather had a point. With his dark skin, carefully jelled hair, and well built body he was Homecoming King material. I grinned.


Lisa rolled her eyes "Put your hormones on hold girl, he's still my brother."

"I know! But haven't you ever like, had dreams about him?"

"You mean fantasies?" Lisa sounded disgusted, her perfectly colored lips turned down into a mixture of scowl and grimace "Ew no! He's my brother!"

"That wouldn't stop me." Heather sighed dreamily.

I shook my head, feeling equally disgusted but putting on a half-smirk instead. The bell rang. I held up a hand "Hold on ladies, first thing's first. Natasha, where's that strawberry lip gloss that you told me about?"

Natasha, a Five foot four inch blonde with layered shoulder length hair smiled and dug into her bag. "Here you go!" she threw it at me without warning. I caught it with ease and returned her smile.

"Ladies…" I said once I was finished. I opened my flip-top mirror which was designed in a star shape. I looked at my reflection with obvious satisfaction. I stared into my own icy blue eyes, which were laced with naturally long, thick eyelashes. I raised my hand and lightly touched my well tanned skin which came from my strange heritage. I was White, Spanish, Native American, African American, and one of my great, great aunt's were Chinese. Somehow in the mix I got icy blue eyes, skin that was naturally tan, and good sense of rhythm.

"Time to show these peons what school really is about." I ended my sentence with a confident smirk. The others smiled back and naturally flocked around me, the Queen Bee.



I hate to sound like a total geek, but English is my favorite class of all times. There's something about reading old classics like Oliver Twist, To Kill A Mockingbird, even Romeo and Juliet that leaves me with chills… the good kind. I loved to Kill A Mockingbird the best. I think I read it three times over. Scout's childish honesty, and frank wisdom keep me addicted to the novel.

Our teacher makes things even better. Mrs. Mary A. Bell, a sixty three year old woman with a giant mole on her forehead. She is very, very, very short and rude but one of the best teacher's I've had in a long time. She keeps things real and makes class interesting.

Unfortunately, I would never get the chance to be her favorite student. Due to my rep. I sat in the middle and flirted constantly with the cute, nerdy guy beside me. I think his name is Dustin. I never stopped to ask.

"Dustin…" I fluttered my eyelashes ever so slightly "Could you lend me a pencil? Mine broke in my bookbag."

Pink coloring covered his pale cheeks. His hands were shaking nervously as he dug through his stuff. "Here you go." He handed it to me.

I made sure that my hand brushed his lightly as I retrieved said item. Nothing like a little in-class flirting to keep me on top of the game. I smirked as his blush deepened before returning to my extensive doodling. I am a professional doodler. No one doodles like Tiger Lynn Anderson. Say it aloud. It rolls off the tongue easier.

My name wasn't always Tiger. My given name was Alicia, so I would be named Alicia Lynn Anderson. For my seventh birthday Mom promised to give me whatever I asked for, and I asked to change my name. People were always calling me 'Alicia Keyes' and I suddenly knew that this wasn't the name I wanted. I had read story about a girl named Tiger and I knew that that was the name I wanted. It was fierce, confident, and sexy, something that I wanted to be. I knew that Tiger was a name I could live up to. After much arguing, and many legal processes I became Tiger Lynn.


Sorry, I love saying that. It's kind of a pun with my name and all…

This month's book study was To Kill A Mockingbird. Ms. Bell asked for the number of students who already read the book. I struggled to keep my hand still. My cousin Moriah, who was a complete bookworm, had first introduced me to it. I wished more than anything that I could raise my hand in pride, but my reputation kept me from moving. Admitting that I read an old book three times would definitely put a scratch on my record.

"I want you all to read the first five chapters of this book by tomorrow. By Saturday I want you and your partner to give a five page report on life in the 1930's. Be sure to include political movements, finances, and treatment of African Americans and other races during that time period."

I raised my hand.

"Yes Ms. Anderson?"

All heads turned my way. I kept my eyes on my teacher "Excuse me, but what partners?"

She smiled tightly, clutching the book to her chest. "Weren't you paying attention?"

"No." I answered honestly, earning several snickers. I smirked along with them, putting on my arrogant face.

"Well then, I said earlier that you were going to be partnered up for the time it takes to study this novel. Perhaps if you do well enough, we will assign the same partners for our next study." She explained in a strange act of charitableness. Usually she'd say something rude and continue on. I guess she didn't want to offend me. I mean, I practically own this school. "Does that answer your question, Tiger?"

I winced. She practically hissed my name. I guess she didn't feel that charitable after all. "Yes, thank you Ms. Bell."

After five more minutes of her talking and me doodling she finally announced the partners. Dustin was teamed up with Heather, much to her disgust. I rolled my eyes. I knew that it'd only take two days for her to start coming on to him. That's what she always does. Slut.

"Tiger Anderson and Piper Reeds."

I looked around sharply. Who was Piper? A girl sitting in the corner waved in my direction. She had thin framed glasses balanced on her button nose, and short light brown hair that seemed to be standing up in every direction. Her clothes were very casual, a plain red t-shirt and faded blue jeans. All in all she seemed to be the quiet nerd type.

Just my luck.

I ignored her wave and turned back to face Ms. Bell as she finished listing off the names. "I'll give you these last five minutes of class to get to know your partner and plan a study time. Remember, your grades are combined so if your partner fails to perform, you suffer as well."

Was it me, or did she sound a little gleeful saying that?

Dustin reluctantly moved to sit by Heather. I shot him a pitying glance which he didn't notice. Almost instantly Piper took his seat.

"Hi!" she chirped, waving cheerfully.

God, she had more pep than a cheerleader on speed. I decided it was time to show her what I thought of her. "Look, I don't know you, neither do I want to know you. So let's just get this over with. Give me your address so we can meet up at your house later on. Other than studying I don't want you greeting me in the hallway, waving to me, or even pretending that you know me. To me, you do not exist and I prefer to keep it that way."

She didn't even look fazed by my little tirade. Usually girls would burst into tears after that. What was her problem? Was she suicidal? I could ruin her social life with a few well placed words. I frowned.

"Are you done?" Piper asked with strained patience, looking at me as though I were a child.

I nodded, stunned into muteness.

"Well here's my address and phone number." She slid a faded yellow piece of paper onto my desk "We can meet up whenever you say so. I've read this book before, so it should be a piece of cake. I can fill you in on whatever you don't understand, if you like."

"I've read this before." I hissed, not even realizing what I was saying "And I certainly am not ignorant."

Piper's hazel green eyes lit up in delight. I felt my stomach dropped. I just confessed a secret to some anonymous nerd. "Great! So we should definitely make an A!"

Wait, didn't she just hear? I just blurted out a secret, and she wasn't even fazed. Should she be freaking out, or telling her friends? I stared at her in confusion.

"Look, I really don't care about your reputation." Piper explained, "I'm not going to blurt out your secrets to everyone. It's not my business. Now let's just get along for the length of this project, and we should both get good grades. Comprende?"

I nodded again. The bell rang a split second later.

Piper hopped out of her chair and smiled "Great! Call me whenever you want to meet up! Bye Tiger!"

"Bye." I mumbled.

What a weirdo.

I had no idea that I'd Piper and I would be getting a lot closer than we could ever have imagined.



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