A Dream A Smile A Friend [08]

Let's call it a dream.

A long forgotten

smile, let's call it a friend you

haven't seen

in a while.

But we all

Know what it


You wander off

to weave

your tales. Forgetting

what you're

is real.

Let's call the

Stories fascinating

Or worthwhile.

But where is your

Smile that

Rises on your

Face, every time

You take your


At the top of the

Stage, head of

The campfire,

Looking down

All the while

Thrashing and flailing

During your actions scenes

Placing great

Emphasis on things

That seem

Key to the

Story that you


At the top of

your lungs

drifting off towards

the end, relaxing

your listeners

to ease their

minds, that heroine

will survive the time.

Living on wit

And guile,

Let's call

It luck, a

Dream, a smile

A simple story you haven't told

in a while.