Walls (The End Part II)

These walls will keeps us safe,

I have my hear their footsteps,

I feel my heart beat,

Dare I look out the window?

Will they come inside?

Do they know we are here?

Tell me we can't get through this,

Tell me that our time has came.

I see you look in the mirror,

You may be beautiful,

But your full of sin.

I like our dress,

That is such a lovely colour,

It goes good with your eyes,

Please know I'm here to keep you safe,

As are these walls, can you hear my voice,

As I wish you goodbye.

As I lay here in pain,

As I'm covered in blood,

Can you make out my final wishes?

Do you even care?

As I cared for you.

What's next for me?

What's coming for you?

Will we meet the same fate?

Or will you get out alive?

The walls will keep you safe,

As I die.