To You, My Dear

Once upon a song

We loved each other

But no more strong

Faded with summer.

I look back on that

And it seems like a fantasy

What game were you at

The truth I refuse to see.

Once upon a song

It was all about love

Blessed to last long

By the very angels above

Autumn again repeats

With usual punctuality

My smile's a deceit

So I won't return to reality

But now it's a symphony

Resonating bitter

Reaching a cacophony

As cold as winter.

Was I simply

A pretty thing to break

So everyone would only

See me as the mistake?

That song is too soft

For me to hear now

You walk with your head aloft

It puzzles me how

Was I the proof

That you were a man?

You could be as aloof

And stay while I ran?

So now I'm singing

And I hope I'm clear

Death toll ringing:

I hate you, my dear.