it rained, it was warm so she didn't mind
outside, the clouds parted and the world ripped apart
and her heart, beating like a girl's again
just then, the lightening struck like a blade
so afraid, her white dress turned sheer in the storm
in her mind, she was looking for something to find
and there it was

the rain splashed down like someone had poured it -
and maybe they had, who was she to doubt -
the grass growing green and fresh
bare feet dancing, gliding through puddles
wet hair stringy in front of olive eyes, no where to hide

and there it was
her whole life, in the palm of her hand
but then again, maybe she was dreaming
another glance, a random chance
a necklace on the ground

she held her luck, like it was sand
watched it blow out of her hands

and it rained, but it was warm
and in the middle of the storm
there she was, bare feet dancing, gliding
never really knowing

alabaster dress slick with rain
wrinkled fingers warm and small
a freedom she'd never felt before.