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Piece of Cake

Chapter One – Part One: Ten Minutes to find that Handbook or You're on Your Own

(Jonas's P.O.V.)

"That is not the end."

"Yeah. It is."

"What?! It can't be! Is there a sequel?"


"What the heck!?" I whined, gaping at the TV. On it, the movie credits were rolling up the screen to very depressing music. It made me want to throw a shoe at the TV. But unfortunately, I didn't have a shoe anywhere near me so I just turned to Cody and frowned. "Never show me that movie—or any like it, for that matter—again."

"Why not?" Cody asked as he got off his bed. I watched him shut his TV off and take the movie out of the DVD player. He looked back up at me as he shut the case. "It's a good movie."

"No! It's not!" I told him. "There was no happy ending! They all died at the end—actually, you don't even know that! The movie just ended! It was horrible! HORRIBLE!"

Cody blinked at me, a dazed expression on his face for a moment before a large grin replaced it. He let go of the DVD case he was holding, letting it fall to the floor, then jumped—yeah, jumped— on the bed and tackled me. Air rushed out of my lungs as I hit the mattress, coming out in an 'oomph' sound. I heard Cody chuckle as he nuzzled his face into my neck and wrapped his arms around my stomach. His breath tickled my skin when he gave a content sigh. A smile slowly crept across my face and I closed my eyes.

This was so comfortable; I wanted to fall asleep like this.


So comfy…

…so perfect.

"Gaweyeluffou," he said against my neck and my eyebrows came together in confusion.

"When did you learn how to speak Alien?" I asked him. Cody laughed again, turning his head slightly so it was now resting on my chest.

"I wasn't speaking alien," Cody said as he hugged me tighter. I pursed my lips and poked him in the side.

"Then what'd you say?"

He shook his head then nuzzled his face back into the crook of my neck. "Nuffin."

"Oh, all right." I said even though I didn't believe him. But I knew it would have been pointless to keep pushing him, so I dropped it and closed my eyes, letting it fall silent in Cody's room as we continued to lie together.

Honestly, I was still getting used to things like this, even after almost three months. For the most part though, I was comfortable with hugs, handholding and quick kisses. Those were easy and practically normal to me now. It was when Cody would make the quick kisses into long ones that made my head swim and my body feel like it was no longer my body that I still wasn't used to. Not that I didn't like them, because I did. It was just…when those happened I wasn't quite sure what to do.

After a couple more minutes of just laying there, Cody groaned and sat up. I opened my eyes to watch him, missing the weight and the heat of his body resting on mine.

He looked around his room and ran a hand through his hair. I grinned because it was all poofy now and looked funny, and then laughed when he yawned, making him look even funnier. He reminded me of an electrocuted leprechaun, at the moment. And like he could hear what I was thinking, Cody turned towards me and shot me a look.

"Don't even say it," he said through another yawn. I smirked up at him and grabbed the front of his shirt to pull him down towards me. Cody raised one of his eyebrows at me, refusing to move, but I just rolled my eyes at him and yanked him down.

"I wasn't going to say anything," I told him, flattening his hair down. His eyes fell closed and he smiled as I did.

"Yes, you were. I know you…" Cody mumbled then leaned the rest of the way down until his lips brushed mine. Instantly, my eyes closed and I sighed. I leaned up to him as Cody pressed his mouth harder against mine, lightly sucking on my bottom lip for a moment before pulling away. I opened my eyes again lazily to see him still hovering over me. I smiled up at him and he smiled back before he rested his head back on my chest. Then after a couple of seconds, Cody sighed.

"We should probably go to bed," he said sleepily. "It's two o'clock and we've got school later."

I yawned then said, "We're going to have a snow day."

"On the last day before vacation? No. I doubt it," Cody said, hugging me tighter and snuggling his face into my chest. I smiled again.

"How many times have I been right?" I asked as I poked him in the side a couple of times.

"…Every time…" he grumbled, grabbing my hand to make me stop. I laughed a little and laced my fingers with his. He squeezed my hand gently.

"Mom's working tonight, so stay in here," Cody mumbled. "She won't find out."

"Okay," I said with a grin then sat up so I could turn off the lamp on Cody's bedside table. He grunted when I moved and tugged me back down once the light was off. He pulled me over to him so my back was pressed against his chest and draped one of his arms over my waist. I squirmed just a little bit to get more comfortable then relaxed, taking his hand again. Cody rested his head against the back of mine and I felt him inhale deeply. Grinning, I turned my head so I could just see his outline out of the corner of my eye.

"Are you smelling me?" I asked teasingly.

"Maybe…" Cody mumbled and I laughed.


Cody tightened his hold around my waist and leaned up so his mouth was right above my ear. "Like you should talk," he said then turned my face towards him. His lips touched mine again for a brief moment before he pulled away. "Goodnight, Jonas."

"Night, Cody," I whispered back, closing my eyes and falling asleep within minutes because I was so comfortable.

I always was when I was with Cody.

* * *

The next morning, I woke up with my face pressed into one of Cody's pillows. I groaned and spread my arms out, feeling around for any sign of Cody. He wasn't on either side of me though, and I frowned. Cody never got up before me. Normally, I woke up before everyone. I opened my eyes and looked around the room. Something strange was afoot.

I glanced at the digital clock on Cody' beside table to see that it was almost eight-thirty, half an hour after school should have started. That meant I had once again been right about us having a snow day. I smirked to myself, remembering to brag about it to Cody later, and closed my eyes again as I snuggled back into his pillows and blankets. But even though they all smelled like Cody, it wasn't the same as having him curled up next to me like he normally was when I woke up.

Dang it! Where was he?

I opened my eyes and looked around his room, searching for something that might have told me where he was. Before I found anything though, the door opened and Cody walked in, wearing only a towel around his waist. I felt my cheeks heat up as I watched him walk across the room to his dresser. Water was still dripping down his body; I could see it glistening on his back. The mental image of running my hands along his spine flashed through my mind and I flushed even harder.

Cody was being extra careful and quiet as he got his clothes out of his dresser which told me he thought I was still asleep. I grinned—how thoughtful of him!—though, seeing as I was already awake, he was kind of wasting his time. I grinned ever wider at an idea.

It was time to put my ninja skills into action.

Slowly, I got out of bed, trying to be as silent as possible as I crept across the room towards Cody. He was completely oblivious to what I was doing, and I managed to get right behind him without him noticing. Smiling triumphantly to myself, I poked him in both sides of his stomach, making him jump and drop his clothes. He turned around with a wide-eyed look and I started laughing the moment I saw his expression.

Muahahahaha! My ninja skills were more awesome than his!

"Good morning," I said happily, still laughing a little bit.

Cody narrowed his eyes at me. "Morning….when did you get up?"

"'Bout five minutes ago," I told him as I picked up the clothes he dropped because of me. I held them out for him, smiling at him.

"Thanks…" he said, taking the clothes. But instead of holding onto them, Cody let them drop back down to the floor then he smirked at me. My eyes widened as I recognized that glint in his eyes and I tried to take a couple of quick steps back to get away from him.

Before I could though, he grabbed my wrist then pulled me forward, causing me to fall into his chest. Cody locked his arms around my waist so a hand was on either side of my stomach. I shook my head at him but he just grinned and started tickling me.

Laughing, I squirmed in his arms to try to get away, but it didn't work. Even though I had had a growth spurt and was now as tall as him, maybe just a little bit taller, Cody was till stronger than me. The only thing I could do was plead for him to stop while laughing and struggling to get free. And all of those thing were rather tiring on their own; combined they were exhausting.

"Cody!" I gasped out through a laugh. "Please stop! Can't breath!"


Cody stopped tickling me and I basically collapsed against his chest, gasping for air. He laughed a little then wrapped his arms around my lower back to hug me.

"So…you were right about us having a snow day." he said after a moment

I smirked. "I know. So…do I have the right to say 'I told you so'?"

"No," Cody said, poking me in the side once more. I let out a short laugh and grabbed his hand.

"Well, I think I'm going to anyway," I told him with a grin. "I told you we'd have a snow d—"

Cody cut the rest of my sentence off by kissing me. I gave a surprised gasp as he also spun me around and pinned me between him and his dresser. He smiled against my lips then I felt his tongue slide over my lower one and I shivered, closing my eyes.

My mind went completely hazy; the only thoughts I had that were comprehensible were those of Cody and what he was doing. My body seemed to be super sensitive to him, and when his tongue slipped into my mouth, my knees went weak. I was suddenly glad I was pinned up against the dresser. If I hadn't been, I probably would have been on the floor right now.

Cody took his hands off my back and slowly ran them up my chest until his fingers were tangled in my hair. His tongue was still assaulting my mouth as he did too, but it wasn't like I minded because it felt good—


Maybe too good since I was pretty sure I was the one who had just made that rather embarrassing noise. I didn't seem to have control over my body either. My hands were roaming Cody's bare back, feeling every muscle there was and every bone of his spine. His skin felt so good against my fingers…

Cody began sucking on my tongue and I was sure my brain was about ready to overload. Another embarrassing noise escaped my throat and it was too much. I pulled away from him, breaking our kiss.

We stared at each other for a moment, both of us breathing heavier than normal. Then Cody smirked at me and I immediately blushed. After pushing him back a bit so I was no longer pinned between him and the dresser, I started to walk towards the door and avoided making eye contact with him.

"I'm taking a shower," I mumbled with my hand on the doorknob. But before I could open the door, Cody grabbed my other hand and made me look at him.

"You took a shower last night," he said with a Cheshire grin. "You're just embarrassed and want to get away from me."

My cheeks flamed red again and I refused to look at him, making Cody chuckled. We both knew he was right.

"You're so adorable," he told me and I snapped my gaze up to his, narrowing my eyes at him.

"Do not patronize me!"

"I'm not." Cody smirked.

"Yes, you are!" I said as I yanked my hand out of his and pointed a finger at him. "You know I hate being called that! I am not adorable; I am male! Therefore I can not be adorable because males aren't adorable."

Cody grinned at me. "Jonas, I'm aware that you're male, but you're still adorable. And cute, too."

"That's it!" I exclaimed, opening the door. "I'll be in the kitchen. You can join me when you've decided that you're not going to be condescending anymore."

"Okay. I promise I won't call you cute or adorable ever again," Cody said with a smile that I knew meant he didn't really mean what he said and then he began following me out of his room. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Um…aren't you forgetting something?" I asked.

Cody gave me a confused look. "Like what?"

"Well…maybe the fact that you're still only wearing a towel." I pointed out, trying not to think about how he had been that way when we had been kissing too. I blushed a little since thinking about not thinking about it made me think about it.

After mentally smacking myself, I concentrated on the issue at hand—getting Cody to put some clothes on. I doubted I would be able to stand it for much longer if I continued to see him practically naked with his perfect abs that I was jealous of and just wanted to run my hands over, and the tip of his tattoo that was just barely visible from the top of his towel that every time I saw part of it, I wanted to see the whole thing.

And that was no different right now. I wanted to see that whole star, even if that meant making Cody completely naked.

Whoa. Dirty and inappropriate thoughts, Jonas. Very dirty and inappropriate. You should probably stop now before you start acting on them.

Hmm…Little voice inside my head, that actually didn't sound like such a bad idea…

Then just rip his towel off. You know you want to…

Yes, I did.

My eyes widened at all of the thoughts going through my head and I flushed a deeper shade of red than before. Cody gave me a strange look but I just turned away from him again and began walking towards the stairs.

"Get some clothes on, Cody." I told him and Cody laughed.

"Wanna help me?"

I faltered in my steps and stood in the middle of the hallway for a moment, trying to figure out whether I wanted to run down the stairs or if I wanted to turn back around and take him up on that offer more. Instead of doing either of those things though, I just shook my head and took a deep breath to calm myself. But it didn't really work since my face still felt like it was on fire and the little voice inside my head was telling me turn back around.

"I'm…I'm going to go get breakfast," I said, carefully walking the rest of the way to the stairs. Cody laughed again from his doorway, telling me he'd be down in a few minutes, before he shut his door. I then made my way to the kitchen, almost tripping on nothing a couple of times.

Seriously, I did that so much that I was starting to think that there were little invisible alien creatures that sat in random places, just waiting for some unsuspecting person to walk into them and fall on their face. It made a lot of sense, because why else would I be stumbling every couple of steps I took? It definitely wasn't because my pajamas pants were too long.


Not at all.

With a sigh, I sat down at the kitchen island counter and grabbed a green apple from the fruit basket. Using the sleeve of my hoodie, I rubbed off that waxy stuff on it until it was shiny then took a bite.

Mmmm…green apples…

Delicious, just like lollipops.

I loved lollipops, especially green apple ones.

Mmmm…green apples…

I took the last bite of my delicious green apple then tossed the core towards the garbage. But since my aim is horrible, I missed it by maybe six feet.

Huffing in irritation, I got up and threw the apple core away properly then sat back down. I looked around the kitchen, trying to find something to concentrate on since I no longer had my delicious apple to focus on eating. And when I found nothing, I started thinking about the number one thing that had been invading my thoughts for the past two weeks.


Well, not really Cody; more like my relationship with him.

We'd been together for about three months, and at first it had been slightly awkward with me being…well, me. But after we had gotten past those things, everything had turned out great. Everything was great. Cody was so nice and I knew that he cared about me a lot. I cared about him a lot too, so I knew we were solid.

The thing was though, three months was a while and being teenage boys…well, I knew there was probably a chance that Cody wanted to…take things further… I could kind of tell by the times we had made out. When it had gotten very intense—the times that when I thought about made me blush crimson—it was there in the way Cody kissed me and the look in his eyes when suddenly pulled away, panting for breath. And it wasn't like I had a problem or was scared to…um…become more intimate… It was just…I didn't exactly know how to make it happen.

I knew Cody had it set in his mind that he needed to take things slow with me and would never just do something without knowing for sure that I was okay with it. He would never pressure me into anything; that was clear from the way he always stopped things before it went anywhere. I just wished I knew how to let him know I wouldn't mind letting it go somewhere without coming right out and saying it since that would be awkward.

Very awkward…

If only I knew how to…initiate things myself.

But I didn't.

I gave a frustrated huff then put my head down on the counter top. This was so difficult. No matter how often I thought this—and I thought about it a lot—it just didn't get any easier. I was completely clueless when it came to this kind of stuff. And that really wasn't such a big surprise seeing how I had never had a relationship with anyone before Cody. I was new at this—a beginner—but I was trying. Just…I didn't really know what I was doing.

Did they make a handbook for this stuff?

I heard footsteps in the hallway and a few seconds later, Cody appeared in the kitchen. I picked my head off the counter as he walked over to the refrigerator, watching him open it. He stood there for a while before he shook his head and let the door close. I smiled a little as Cody opened one of the cupboards and then shut it a moment later.

He always did this in the morning; he'd look through everything, trying to find something to eat but always would just take a piece of fruit from the counter in the end. And sure enough, after spending about five minutes searching the kitchen, Cody picked up the orange from the basket I had gotten my apple out of. I laughed a little and shook my head slightly at him.

"What?" Cody asked as he peeled his orange, sitting down in the seat on the opposite side of the island from me.

"Nothing," I said.

"Mhm. Sure," he said sarcastically, narrowing his eyes. I grinned at him then stood up and began walking towards the living room.

"I'm going to go watch cartoons," I told him.

"And leave me all alone?" Cody asked and I turned back around to look at him to see that he was mock pouting at me. I rolled my eyes at him playfully.

"You're mobile. Or has an angry pixie eaten one of your legs off while I wasn't looking?"

Cody laughed. "No. I still have both my legs."

"Well then," I began, raising an eyebrow at him. "I don't see the problem you seem to be having. Would you be ever so kind to enlighten me?"

"Jonas," Cody growled darkly. "Don't be a smartass."

"Then don't be lazy." I smirked at him, laughing a bit when he glared at me, then continued on my way to the living room to indulge in the greatness that was animation.

I plopped myself down on the couch and grabbed the remote off the coffee table. The TV was already on the channel I wanted to watch when I turned it on, making me smile. I knew I was probably too old to be watching Scooby Doo reruns that I had probably already seen about fifty times now, but I didn't really care. They were better than anything else on TV. Or at least, that was what I thought.

About five minutes into the show, Cody wandered out into the living room. I smiled at him and made room for him next to me on the couch. He smiled back at me then sat down, pulling me over to him by the sleeve of my hoodie until I was resting against his side with his arms wrapped around me. I shifted around a little bit to get more comfortable then rested my head on his shoulder to continue watching my cartoons.

I knew Cody didn't really enjoy watching them like I did. He really didn't even like watching TV. He'd much rather listen to music, I knew, but he still put up with all the stupid shows I watched and it made me feel good to know that he would do something like that for me. It gave me that on-a-rollercoaster feeling in my stomach like the one I got when he looked at me in a certain way.

I really loved that feeling.

Cody tightened his arms around me then laced a hand with mine about halfway through the show and I snuggled into him.

Surprisingly, having him hug me like this wasn't the hardest thing I had to have gotten used to. In fact, that had been relatively easy; I had been comfortable with that within the first month. What had been the hardest thing for me to get used to though had been kissing and showing that I wanted to hug and kiss him. It was pretty self-explanatory for why I had had a difficult time with kissing Cody, considering that he was the only one I had ever kissed. But with expressing how I felt, it was different.

I had never been a touchy feely type of person since there had never been a real reason for me to be. So, when Cody and I had gotten together, I really hadn't known how to be that kind of person. I had wanted to have been able to show him that I liked it when he held my hand and hugged and kissed me. It was just I hadn't been able to do it because I hadn't known how to start those things myself. Cody had always been the one who had had to do them and then I had just followed along.

And sometimes, I still had trouble, especially with kissing. There was only a few times I had managed to kiss Cody on my own, even though there had been so many more times I had wanted to. I was getting better at it though, and maybe once I was able to it every time I wanted to, we'd be able to move on to other things…

A commercial came on and I sat up to fix my shirt—it had somehow managed to bunch up in the back—then stretched my arms over my head. And as I did, Cody poked me in the stomach, making me frown at him. He just grinned then pulled me back over to him so I was leaned back up against half of his chest with my head resting in the crook of his neck. I sighed contently then inhaled deeply, causing Cody's scent to invade my nostrils. My eyes closed halfway and I took another deep breath.

God, he smelled so good; like that nice smelling body wash he used and just the natural smell of him.

I loved it.

It made me want to…

"Cody," I said quietly and he turned his head a little bit so he was looking at me instead of the TV.

"Hmm?" he asked, giving me a curious look.

I stared up at him for a moment before I reached up with one of my hands and held the back of his head in place as I leaned up towards him. I then kissed him on my own for what was probably the twelfth time in the past three months, pulling him down so I didn't have to strain to reach him. And Cody complied almost instantly; he turned his body a bit so it wasn't uncomfortable for either of us.

I let my fingers tangle in his hair as I moved my lips against his, my other hand grabbing the front of his shirt to pull him closer. Cody placed both of his hands on my waist and began rubbing circles with his thumbs on my hipbones. The tingling sensation he was causing made goosebumps erupt all over my body, and I sighed contently into the kiss.

This was the best feeling in the world.

I tilted my head slightly to the side and tugged on his lower lip. Then I ran my tongue over it and Cody pressed himself closer to me as he opened his mouth a little bit. An idea popped into my head and I smirked, deciding to roll with it.

Ignoring the fact that Cody was giving me the opportunity to snake my tongue into his mouth, I pulled on his bottom lip then slid my tongue over it again. Cody parted his lips a bit more but I still ignored him. I repeated it one last time, laughing when a frustrated growl come out of Cody's throat. But that laugh turned into a surprised gasp when Cody pushed me back on the couch so I was pinned underneath him.

He copied me now, tugging on my lower lip then running his tongue slowly across it. And like he had done, I opened my mouth a little to let him in but he didn't take the invitation. Instead, Cody pulled about a centimeter back so our mouths were no longer touching. I opened my eyes lazily and he ran his hands up my chest. Then he just stopped and put one hand near both sides of my head on the couch to hold himself up as he stared down at me with that glint in his eyes. I frowned at him, my eyes flickering from his eyes to his lips.

Cody smirked at me then leaned down just a little bit more so our lips were just barely touching. I leaned up to try to get them to actually touch, but he moved back the moment I did. Whining, I leaned up again and got the same results. I glared at Cody.

This was my kiss; I was the one who had started it, so I wasn't about to let him take control. Nope, I wasn't. He already did that enough.

My left hand was still tangled in his hair and my right was still clutching onto his shirt. I yanked as hard as I could with both, causing his elbows to give out and him to fall forward.

Our mouths crashed together again, a bit painfully this time, but I didn't really care and I doubted Cody did either. His hands found their way back to my chest and I wrapped one of my arms around his neck to keep him where he was. I licked his lip again, and this time I didn't even wait for him to open his mouth before I slipped my tongue in.

Cody met mine with his, pressing himself closed to me. I could barely move now since I was pinned tightly between him and the couch. Our bodies were so close together that it was making it hard for me to concentrate on anything else. It was making me forget that I wanted to have control of the kiss and soon I just let Cody have it. It was so much easier to just let him lead at times like this because he still had control over what he was doing and he at least knew what he was doing. Half of the times I kissed him, I was winging it.

He trailed a hand up my chest again as he ran his tongue across the roof of my mouth and my mind went blank. I felt my grip loosen in his hair, and then I basically went limp in his arms when he started sucking on my tongue a few seconds later.

I had lied before—this was the best feeling in the world

And this was the other reason we had gotten nowhere—I couldn't do anything after a while since Cody took away all the control I had over my body. And he usually pulled away shortly after that happened anyway, so we couldn't even if I didn't. It really frustrated me, but I didn't know what I could do about it.

Cody rolled his tongue along mine and I let out an embarrassing whimper that I couldn't keep in, losing the last bit of control I had left.

Well, at least I had kept it for as long as I did. I was pretty sure that this was a new personal record.

Actually, that made me feel rather pathetic since it I knew that this hadn't been going on that long to begin with; maybe just short of ten minutes.


Ten minutes and I could no longer form comprehensible thoughts or use any of my motor skills.

Ten minutes!

TEN freaking minutes!

Dang it! Why did this have to be so difficult!? I just wanted to be able to—


That definitely hadn't been me. At least…I didn't think it had been, but I couldn't really tell anymore. My mind wasn't translating sounds correctly right n—


Yeah, that definitely hadn't been me because I had felt it against my mouth.

Cody suddenly pulled away from me, panting, then grabbed my hand that had been sliding down his body—remember? I had no control over my limbs when I was kissing him—and removed it from his lower back. He then climbed off of me, sitting back up in his original position on the couch. I stayed where I was and tried to catch his eye, but he refused to look at me.

With a huff, I sat back up too, watching him stare at the TV without really seeing it. After a while though, I turned away from him and crossed my arms over my chest as I pouted at the coffee table.

This happened every time—every time! And I was sick of it.



Where was that stupid handbook when I needed it?