It is almost unbelievable how backwards life can be sometimes. More so than many people realize. They live as selfish parasites, failing to notice the true pathway that it travels on. That is the real truth of the matter, which makes more of a contribution to life than anyone can figure. It's mainly destiny taking it's course and choosing the direction it wants to go in; whether or not it's always straight forward is something that I prey people come to realize as they move on, gaining the knowledge of how history always finds a way to connect with the future. And that's always what we really miss in our analysis: things will never be what they seem, no matter how tempting the offer or how believable the explanation. Anyone can think of the future, but that doesn't guarantee the unexpected future that inevitably follows. Then this future triggers actions, which can carry out as hostile or sympathetic or grateful in depictions of their own image. It's just the cause-and-effect state that our world replays over and over again, trying it's best to go out on a limb and better itself through society and economy. Though those two are never going to be what needs to be bettered. And as stated before, it's the malediction that has shrouded our world in darkness on our own account, blinding Us for however long we continue to impose on the wrong-doings of what we think is right. And, automatically connecting with the unexpected plays of the universe, what We think is right is not always going to be right in the eyes of destiny. Our chosen pathway could be the opposite direction in which destiny chooses to move in, which will cause controversy and aggressive action, ultimately affecting how life will be lived. When that happens, We will be recoiled, and forced into exploring what should have already been found. It balances out reality and life and fate, all succumbing to the idea of history being reincarnated to act as the future in disguise. But is that all it is? Is it really just a disguise that we fail to examine as something we've already experienced?

Post Script-

These loopholes we find for life, the anomalies and irregularities that we claim to be so out of the ordinary seem as such. Though, if we so-frequently come across them, would that make them so irregular? Are we failing to realize how every day when we live our lives and come across a certain uncomfortable aspect, we are actually contradicting our own matters of opinion and fact? Could we honestly me mistaking one for the other? Do we really make such a difficulty of referring to one, when the other is sitting right under our noses, acting as the exact opposite of nondescript?

Could this be a matter of ignorance or insolence? Maybe a lack of knowledge, which has been noticed before, only to reiterate was has been repeatedly said, yet not fully comprehended? Are the true deciding factors in this situation the conflict of destiny and fate? Has the lack of knowledge set one back and the other foreword, or maybe vice versa? As the two contradict each other, could they also support one another at that? Is a love/hate relationship possible for two things that are not even living, but are rather forces of nature in their own definitions? Could they altogether create something that we have never experienced before? Or, possibly, the product could be equal to one of the two factors on opposite ends of the spectrum—life versus death?

Fate, in dictation, is described as the one word: death. Could that mean destiny is the lighter of the two? Maybe it is life? Maybe destiny was something that we were so accustomed to that there were no instinctual intentions to figure out the true meaning it has in itself?

Do we yet have new experiences to understand?