After an hour of biology and then history, the final bell rang, and Holly met her friends as usual in the hallway just outside the drama room to take things in and out of her locker as needed for the night. When she got there, Samara was waiting there with an understandably quiet Rusty and Claire, who knew better than to speak and give her ammunition to fire back at them. Samara, of course, had no problem with their silence, since she knew Holly would talk to her regardless of whether or not her friends did—she was just too nice to be impolite.

"Samara?" Holly sighed, walking down the steps after a brief pause to get to her locker. "What do you want?"

"I just wanted to know what you had planned for tonight with Kent," Samara said, smiling that almost evil smile of hers. "Because you obviously want him inside you very, very badly."

"Leave her alone, you bitch," Claire said.

"It's okay, Claire," Holly said. "I can handle this." She closed her locker and then her backpack, and finally wrapped it around her shoulders before turning to face Samara. "I thought you didn't care."

"I don't, but apparently neither do you, Ozzie. Sure, you act like there's something special between the two of you, but unfortunately for a girl who doesn't want to follow in her mother's cum-stained footsteps, the only thing I see real between you and Kent is some admittedly very entertaining sexual tension. Tell me, what's the bullshit excuse you have for liking him?"

"He is not unlikable!"

"While your decision to pursue a boy who probably looks great when properly groomed but spends too much time masturbating to Gilmore Girl-on-Girl and occasionally glancing up to see that bird outside the window to make any effort at it is honorable, I've yet to hear what it is that you really like about him. You know, that one personality quirk that makes his penis worth pursuing."

"You fucking spied on us?!" Claire said, knowing that was the only way Samara could have known so much about Kent. "You bitch!"

"I'm glad you keep insulting me differently every time, Tex," Samara said. "Between your mastery of Roget's Thesaurus and your home state's obvious love of Darwinian science, you really are an inspiration for future generations." She returned to Holly and asked, "So, Ozzie, are you going to answer my question, or do I have to watch the two of you crash and burn without the benefit of the very thing that makes it so hilarious in the first place?"

"Look," Holly said, her hand signaling both Samara and herself to calm down. "Kent is smart, he's funny, he respects me for me, he—"

"Stop," Samara said with her own helpful hand signal. "I don't think I can take any more originality. It's a good thing we're already in L.A., Hollywood could fucking use you guys right now."

"Are you going to buy some pot," Rusty said, "or are you going to leave?"

"Later, Cheech," Samara said, "and besides, you don't have any on you right now, we're at school."

"Then leave already!" Claire snarled.


The four of them turned to look up at the doorway leading out into the quad, and there, Kent stood, with a look like he had appropriately stumbled into a place he didn't belong. Holly hoped to whatever higher power might or might not exist that he hadn't heard anything she didn't want him to hear. But he didn't seem like the kind of person who would make a conscious effort to overhear other people's private business, so Holly retained this thought rather than the negative alternative.

"I don't have a pet name for you yet," Samara told him, "if that's what you're wondering."

"Uh…thanks?" Kent said.

"What is it, dude?" Rusty asked.

"Oh, it's nothing," Kent said, looking past Samara at Holly. "It's just that, well…this is going to sound really stupid, but, I, uh…I just had to see you one more time, Holly."

Holly smiled.

"Actually, Samara, do you think you could move so I can see her better?"

"Nobody tells me what to do, Kent," Samara said.

Holly took note of that comment but also of the fact that she just wanted to do it, and walked past Samara so she could see Kent at a much closer range…at the same time he had seemingly decided to the same with her. The two of them met halfway, and shortly after agreed to simply head outside and talk there, without the bother of other people.

"So you just wanted to see me again?" Holly said with her biggest smile yet. It was good to see she wasn't the only one who said things that hadn't intended to be said, even though, like her, when Kent said such a comment, he really did want to say it. The only things keeping them from saying these things was the fear of embarrassing themselves, as if love (?) was something to be ashamed of. "Why's that?"

"There's just something about you," Kent said. "You make me feel good about myself. Comfortable. I'm just…happier around you."

"Well, that's good."


They entered an awkward pause, and for a minute neither one of them knew what to say to get out of it. It was only a minute, but it felt much longer. She looked into his blue eyes and saw herself, and then she saw him on top of her, and together the two of them were on a bed…that's when she closed her eyes, which ended up being the catalyst they needed. That healing blink—as if what she had seen was an image in need of fixing—caused him to break the ice with his momentary concern.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, something in my eye, that's all," she said, and precisely because that was the excuse everybody seemed to use, she worried that he didn't believe her. Samara was right: she was terrible at reasons when it came to Kent. Oh, please, don't let there be any repercussions for this stupidity. She opened her eyes and just came out with it: "No, that's a lie, it wasn't in my eye, it was in yours. I'm sorry."

Kent lifted a hand to cleanse his eye, but then said, "Really?"

"No," she sighed. "There's nothing there. Just my imagination."

"Well, I'm just glad your eyes are okay. They really are your best feature."

"That you've seen." Shit, innuendo.

"…That's true," Kent said. "But I mean it. You've got an amazing body, but your eyes, that's where the money is. Seriously, I find it hard to look away from them. They're mesmerizing, I tell you. Look at me, I can't stop staring." He sighed with a mix of pleasure and pain that Holly echoed as she stared back at him.

"God, you are just so…" he began, now unable to even form a complete sentence. Before he could even finish with the word "beautiful" or some variant, he abandoned the stalling altogether and pulled his face towards his until their lips locked. She didn't fight it; in fact, she wrapped her arms back around his neck and threw her own effort into the increasingly passionate kissing. They let their backpacks slide off their back carefully, and then, without letting each other go and barely opening their eyes, they began making their way somewhere more private, namely the drama room, bumping into the doors and walls along the way while Rusty, Claire, and Samara could only watch. Now inside the drama room, where Kent had never been, Holly backed up until they were at the foot of the small stage, which he gently leaned her down upon until he climbed on top of her and she began running her hands across his clothes. They took a good look at each other right in their identical blue eyes one more time before the clothes began to be pulled off.

And that's where the fantasy ended.

"Holly?" Kent said. Oh no. Ignoring the object of your affection while fantasizing about fornicating with them was supposed to be the man's vice, and Kent probably wouldn't even do this; shit, this was no good at all.

"Yeah?" she said, foolishly pretending to have been paying attention to his compliments. (To be fair, she had been paying attention, she had just gotten carried away imagining how far they were meant to go, but that wasn't an excuse. Damn it, Samara, be wrong for once!)

"You zoned out there," Kent said, like she didn't feel guilty enough without him calling her out on it.

"Well…I guess I'm not the only one with amazing eyes," she shrugged with a fake smile, which quickly turned into a real one when he took the long overdue compliment. His eyes weren't really that powerful, as hers were claimed to be, and Kent certainly knew this, but considering that someone had just given him a positive comment, he accepted it anyway.

"Okay," Kent said. "I should probably get going."

"I wish you could stay," she replied.

"Me too," Kent said as he walked down the stairs onto the concrete of the quad. She looked east towards the other set of stairs leading out of the administration building and saw Tom waiting patiently for Kent at a nearby table. She waved at him, and he waved back, and then Kent turned back to look at her and she put her hand down before changing her mind, smiling, and waving at Kent instead, and then it was his turn to wave back.

"Bye," she shouted.

"Bye," he answered.

Holly sighed and leaned back against the door they had exited the hallway through, the open space in which they had first seen Kent this afternoon, and that's when Rusty, Claire, and Samara all walked up to her.

Samara, naturally, didn't let anyone do anything before she did, and patted Holly on the shoulder. "Don't feel bad. It's only sex."

"It's not!" Holly argued. "I don't want it to be!"

"Why do you insist on giving her the attention?" Claire groaned while Samara walked away.

"Sooner or later, she'll make an exception and treat someone decently. Crazy, I know, but aren't we all?"

"I think you're doing the right thing, Holly," Rusty added. "Mostly with regards to Kent, but to Sam, too, I guess. Go got 'em."

"I need a smoke," Holly said, and Claire expressed agreement.

"All right, rainy day women," Rusty continued, putting his arms around their shoulders and pulling them in towards him, "let's go get stoned."