I'm so tired and sore and exhausted...

The last two days...
Oh dear God, they've been all over the place.

Going from good to bad to great to worse.

I'm just so tired at the moment.

My body is aching in places I didn't know existed.

My eyes don't wanna stay open.

I constantly feel the urge to cry because I think on the inside, mentally I'm on the brink of it every minute, despite what my emotions are telling me.

I've worked my usual three hour shift and feel more tired than if I'd worked an eight hour one with no breaks or lunch or anything.

I want all this to be over and done with, so we can all get back to our daily routines.

I go to bed wrapped up in your black sweater that was sitting in my car when they took you.

I go to bed holding the little Care Bear you got me and the little Pokemon plushies I bought that you showed me because you were sure I'd love them.

I go to bed clutching the blanket you gave me.

And I still can't sleep worth a damn.

I miss you so much, and it's only been a day. But I want you to come home. I want them to let you go and allow you to come home...