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"Because I'm leaving!"

Leaving, what, I shook my head at the realisation, "Your leaving?"

"God, Charlotte get your ears check, yes, I'm leaving, I can't do this anymore!" she huffed.

"When?" I showed no emotion, because frankly, to put it nicely, she can get fucked! She hasn't been my mother for the past few years of my life, so it's not going to make a difference.

"15th, this month"

"My birthday, how convenient" I spat at her "What are you doing running off like the whore you are, sleeping with your office employee's, or have they rejected you!" I screamed.

"How dare y-, no wait I don't care say all you want, because I DON'T CARE ANYMORE, I never did, you ruined my life, my marriage, and now I'm going to live it, WITH OUT YOU! So when you wake up on your birthday, I'll be gone! The perfect birthday present don't you say!" she turned around to smirk at me.

"What about the house, the bills, what the fuck am I supposed to do, let alone Josh, you can't just abandon us with all that shit!"

"Your aunt is coming down in the next month, to settle all of that, until you go off to college, then I'm selling the house, so bad fucking luck if you don't get into a college, cause then you'll have no where to go, what are you going to do then Charlotte?" she chuckled at me, she chuckled, are you freaking kidding me. I glared right back at her, my sight started to go blotchy with white specks in my sight, my angry surged through me, like an electric currently, I was alight. I could feel sparks in my fingers, my head was about to explode. I was surround by the presence which appeared out of know where.

"It's funny you know" she chuckled to her self as she focused her attention back on her stupid overflowing suitcase "you're not even mine, you were adopted" she laughed harder this time.

I exploded, my head thrown back as a scream ripped out of me, so loud and high it broke everything glass within the house. Throwing my arms out a wind broke out from me through the house like a hurricane, knocking everything over in its path, even throwing mother around, knocking doors off their hinges in the close vicinity. And lastly a light bright enough to put the sun to shame shone out around me. I was livid and that was an understatement.

When my eyes connected with her, she flinched back. "I was warned when you were adopted, that you would probably develop mental problems later on in life, while growing up during your teenage years, specifically, they said you were to advanced for a child your age and I-I told him not to get you. I yelled, blackmailed, everything, for him not to pick you, but he did, and know look what you've done to me" She screamed at me, trying to stand up to me, "I'M RUINED! ARGH!" she stomped over to the bed, tried to zip up her poorly pack suitcase, and then made her way to the door, oh no she doesn't.

"Walk out that door, and I'll –" why did my brain block have to come now, I tried to think of something, BINGO, LIE! Nice one mind, "- blow you up, that's right I'll blow you up" I stuttered out with as much anger as I could manage, is that seriously the best you could come up with, we are so fucked, shut it. Mother stopped in her tracks, "You couldn't, even if you tried," she shakily smirked and slammed her door on her way out.

"You can't be serious" I screeched under my breath as I threw the door open and ran after her, I chased her down the stairs and raced towards the front door to stop her. "Why didn't you want to adopt me?" I spat out, as I stood victoriously in front of the door. She tried to go around me, but I followed her, "Why?"

"If you let me out of this god damn house, I'll spare your poor little soul"

"Shut up, Satan and tell me"

"Fine, you selfish brat, your ancestors were witches, the end, full stop, now fucking move" she rushed out as she lunged for the door.

"Witches, what the hell, you liar, that is the shittiest excuse I've heard, especially coming from you queen of lies" I cursed at her as I pushed her back away from the door, she stumbled but caught herself just before you she fell.

"I'm not lying you brat" she spat back " it's in your blood, the only reason you were up for adoption was because your stupid parents were murdered, by who I don't know, but they deserved it, people like that who work with magic should be drawn and quartered, your all diseases, mutants, you disgust me, I still can't believe that I raised you, I don't know how I could have stayed around you so long" she muttered to herself as I stood shocked at the words that just came out of her mouth..

"Y-you can't expect me to believe that" I stuttered out, staring up at her.

"It's true so believe it, blame your stupid ancestors that your like-"she pointed her finger up and down me, scoffing at the same time "- what ever the hell you are" she made her way to the door.

"Ah hell no you don't!" I jumped in front of her, "Your not leaving until you answer my questions, okay" I took a deep breathe, okay calm down, calm body and soul, calm blah blah, not helping stupid mind. Lets get things straight there is no such thing as witches, only in your mind, not helping, there is no such thing as magic, besides razzles because frankly the way they change from a powder lolly to gum is pure magic if I don't speak-in-your-mind myself, SHUP UP, it never shuts up, I was trying to think what she could mean by witches in modern times, since my biological parents worked with 'magic' and were killed because of it. Well that really sucks, its probable some stupid religion, my mind spoke. I froze, some stupid religion, PAGAN, my biological parents were pagans, wow, "Were they pagans?"I finally asked.

"Yes they were from the inlands, now if you don't mind I need to leave, because Frank's waiting for me" she pushed me out of the way and wretched the door open, flying past me.

"Whose Frank another one of your fuck buddies, RUN AWAY LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO, JUST MAKE SURE THIS TIME YOU DON'T COME BACK, WHORE!" I screamed as she jumped in her car. I sunk down on stairs out front of the house watching her car pull out of the drive way and down the street away from the house, her life as a house wife, and from Josh and I.

I didn't even know it was raining until it started to trickle down my hair onto my face. "Just great" I huffed as I looked up "thanks a bunch" I picked myself up off the step and went inside.

"CHARLOTTE, WHY DOES MUM'S ROOM LOOK LIKE A HURRICANE HIT IT?" Josh yelled from upstairs, that's because a hurricane really did hit it, my mind snickered.

"The bitch you mean?" I spat as I walked into the kitchen. Opening the fridge then slamming it in frustration.

"Did you guys get into another fight?" Josh questioned as he walked into the kitchen jumping up in the bench.

"No, well yes, but she left, is there any food in this god damn house?" I opened the pantry to come face to face with plain ol' nothing, where the fuck did all the food go, I huffed.

"We never do, hopefully that's where mum went to go get some grub"

"Josh, she left, as in never coming back" I turned around to face him; my tone annoyed and frustrated "again".

"What that fuck are you on Charlie, why would she leave?" he asked bewildered.

"I DON'T KNOW, okay, we had a fight, she basically told me she never wanted to adopt me, oh wait that's right, I WAS ADOPTED-" shock ran over Josh's face at the word "- also I'm a selfish bitch and a witch " I sneered the word "she's not coming back but apparently Aunt Jess is coming down next month, and then once we graduate we're basically on the streets" I had angry tears welling up in my eyes, I tried to blink them out, but I was in too much of an emotional estate to care if I cried in front of my brother, wait is he even your brother if you were adopted? My mind questioned. I collapsed on the floor, "Is my whole life a lie?" I whispered mainly to my self.

"What do you mean adopted, what the fuck, hang on, how about living on the streets, and Aunt Jess, what the hell, a witch, what the fuck did you take?" he bent down in front of me his face now level with mine, I looked into his eye, which glared back into mine. I didn't respond. "Why would you lie? What the fuck are you on?" he pleaded.

"I'm. Not. Lying" I spoke with my eyes, punctuating every word and what does he do, he fucking slaps me. I pushed him back on to the kitchen floor, he cried out when his head made contact with the marble kitchen floor. I jumped on him, pinning him down, sitting on his chest while pushing his hands down on the floor on either side of his head. "Why don't you believe me?" I sobbed, tears flowing freely from my eyes and onto his shirt, "why doesn't anyone?" I choked out as I collapsed on him sobbing, why didn't anyone ever believe me? after a while I felt his arms wrap around me, my sobs started slowing down, I tried to get my self under control, and the comfort of my brother being there, for once in his fucking life, help a whole lot.

"Come on lets get up?" Josh whispered with sorrow into my hair, it remind me of when we were little, and I would always fall over and he would be right there trying to make it all better. I pulled myself off the floor and went to lean my face on the fridge letting the coolness cool down my blotchy face. I tried breathing in and out deeply trying to get control of myself, but finding is extremely hard from the hiccups I freaking got from my sobbing. Why couldn't I just man up why the hell did I have to break, what the hell is happening to me. You swallowed a Barbie, my mind retorted, I snorted. "I'm sorry" Josh murmured. I turned around to face him, "Well I don't care" I replied flatly, walking around him and making my way up to my room slamming the door on the way in.

I collapsed on my bed, face down, and screamed into the covers. Once I pulled myself together I grabbed my phone scrolled down contacts and hit call. Bring- bring rang out from the receiver, "come on please pick up" I spoke into the phone, bring-bring, there was an answer, HALLELUAH, "Hey –" I was cut off by "You've reached the awesome Matt Spencer's voicemail , leave a message and I wont get back to you beep" Matthews voice rang out from the receiver, I huffed frustrated "How come – how-oh fuck I have no idea, just call me when you get, uh, the chance, so, uh yeah, just having a mental break down- wait I didn't say that, I don't - didn't mean that I'm fine, well not really but, uh, what the fuck am I saying, oh fuck I'm speaking to myself, shit, I got to stop doing that, FUCK uh, huh, yeah, so bye" I hung up, well that's was the most awkward message I've left.

WHAT THE FREAKING HELL YOU MORON! My mind screamed, thanks for that. I sighed and scrolled down again, hitting call again. This time they answered "Hey" rang out from the receiver.

"Oh, thank god, Hey Soph!"

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your call on this fine evening Charlie" her voice full of happiness, brightening up my mood slightly.

"Fine evening I think not, just had my fucking sorry excuse of a mother, I don't even think she is my mother any more, walk out on me, calling me a fucking witch and that's why I ruined her marriage because she didn't want to adopted me and then Josh not believing me just slapped me and then cuddling up to-"

"WOW, Charlie, SHUT UP, calm down, take deep breathes in and out!" I listened trying to, since I got so worked up that my hair started flapping around in a wind, even though my window was closed. "Okay I'm calm" I sighed into the receiver.

"I'll be over in 20 minutes okay, I'll get Heath to drop me off, put on some popcorn for me, we're D and M-ing be prepared, I'm staying the night, no arguments" she forced

"You don't have to, but thank you!" we said our good byes and hung up; I went and jumped in the shower trying to wash away today's shit events, but failing miserably. I hopped out wrapping a towel around walking into my bedroom to my wardrobe to grab some clothes. I was trying to pre-occupy my thoughts by singing a song, humming along to my self to past the time.

You make me want to la la in the kitchen on the floor

I'll be your French maid where I'll meet you at the door

I'm like an alley cat drink the milk up I want more

You make me wanna, you make me wanna scream

You make me wanna la la la

You make me wanna la la la

I was interrupted when I heard Josh's bed room door slam then not a few seconds later the front door. I sighed, sadly glad that he wasn't going to be home tonight. I made my way down stairs, hungry, looking at the clock in the hallway "Shit it's really eight, supposed time flies when having fun" I chuckled pathetically, "my ass thinks not" I sarcastically added. I grabbed the phone off the hook and dialled the pizza place, ordering a peperoni pizza and cheese for Soph, knowing she's not big on the meat factor.

Half an hour later I was sitting on the couch digging into my pizza while watching MTV, I put on the surround sound wanting to be engulfed by the music. I threw my head back on the couch listening to the lyrics of Paramore's new song Brick by Boring Brick. Singing along really loudly and out of pitch to lyrics, I got lost.

Ba-da ba ba-da ba ba da

So one day, he found her crying
Coiled up on the dirty ground
Her prince finally came to save her
And the rest you can figure out
But it was a trick
And the clock struck twelve, well make sure
To build your house brick by boring brick
Or the wolf's gonna blow it down

Keep your feet on the ground...
When your head's in the clouds...

I felt alive, the lyrics painting a picture in my head.

Well you built up a world of magic
Because your real life is tragic
Yeah you built up a world of magic...

My eyes shot open as I sang, "magic" I whispered. I sat up bewildered, unaware that Soph ended up letting her self in because frankly I wasn't body and soul at the moment. "Charlie are you in there?" I heard Soph sang as she walking around the corner into the room.

I sat up from the couch and turned to face Soph, still bewildered i managed to inform her that there were drinks in the fridge and a cheese pizza waiting for her on the coffee table in front of me. When she returned from the kitchen, sat down and started eating her cheese pizza, this was when her questioning began.

'So what's wrong?' Soph sighed and angled her body towards mine on the couch.

'From the beginning?' I sighed leaning back on the couch; I saw her nod in my peripherals.

"Well, -" and I trailed off explaining the events the took place earlier on, leaving out the fact that I turned into a giant light bulb and managed to spring clean the house with a giant ass gust of wind. I vented out my frustration and anger towards everything that happened, towards my stupid erratic whore-y mother, to my fucking two-faced dumb brother.

Soph nodded and squeezed my hand when I chocked out some points, almost breaking out in tears a few time, as my tiredness almost over took me and egged on my frustration and anger. Soph didn't interrupt all through my angered speech, she looked thoughtful as if she was trying to understand, nothing like this would happen in her family.

"So after I got to my room, and screamed for a while" I smiled sheepishly "I called Matthew but-"

"YOU CALLED MATT" Soph shot out of her seat, excitement gleaming out of her eyes, "I knew something was going on between you guys" she sighed happily.

"What! No, nothing is going on between us, we're just friends" I said sternly, we were just friends nothing more, how could we, I loved Spencer, but he is gone and has been for a while my mind spoke softly. My eyes started to water.

"Charlie, you look as if you're going to cry?" Soph practically whispered "What's wrong honey?"

"I miss him so much" I sobbed and collapsed against Soph, she wrapped her arms around me and I cried into her shoulder, "Why did he have to go, why did Spencer have to leave me?"

"Shhhh, its okay, everything is going to be fine, you've just had a really rough day" she rubbed her hand up and down my back as she continued to reassure me that my life isn't entire as shit as it plays out to be, I must have fallen asleep not long after because frankly I don't remember anything after that.

I was sitting on our swing, in a white summer dress, my hair flowing down my back in waves, blowing in the spring breeze, leaves rustled around me. I closed my eyes feeling the wind on my face made me smile, I was happy. My eyes shot open when two hands on my lower back pushed me forward on the swing, increasing my height on the swinging, the wind blew past faster and my feet didn't drag along the ground any more. I didn't look back but the hands felt familiar on my lower back, I didn't look back, as the swinging started to slow down, when I wasn't moving any more, the hands stayed on my lower back and moved along towards my sides and along my hips and rested on my stomach as a familiar head was rested on my shoulder leaning against the side of my head.

"God I miss you Charlie" Spence whispered in my ear, I leaned back against his chest, intertwining my fingers with his on my stomach, "me too" I whispered back, I closed my eyes, trying to etch this memory into my mind forever. "Let's not have a repeat of last time okay" he whispered as he squeezed me and let me go. I spun around on the swing falling over in the process, he couldn't leave he just got here. I fell to my hands and knees, I looked up and couldn't see him, I looked around and around, far beyond the tree's, not even a shadow caught my eye, but I knew he was here, I
felt him here. I got up to my feet and sat back on the swing, swinging with caution my eyes and mind on alert for any sudden movement. It felt like forever before his hands returned to my lower back pushing me again. This time I relaxed immediately into his touch, "Where did you go?" I curiously asked.

"I didn't go anywhere" he replied.

"But I couldn't see you!" I whined, trying to turn my head to look behind me.

"DON'T TURN AROUND!" Spencer pleaded, I felt his hands move up my back, over my shoulders to my head turning it back forward, gently but a touch of harshness in it made me cringe, my Spencer wouldn't do that.

"Why? Why can't I look at you?"

"Because Alexandria will feel it from you, I can't risk last time happening again, she can't find you, or see you. Otherwise bad, bad terrifying, horrifying things will happen" his voice trailed off, as his hands stilled on my shoulders.

"What things will happen?" I whispered

"She will kill you" he said bluntly, I stood up from the swing, he hands falling off my shoulders, I walked away from him with my back to him.

"You're lying" I tried to convince myself."What am I to her, I'm nothing, I don't even know her, all I know is you're scared of her, seriously what could I do, nothing, THIS IS A DREAM!" I laughed bitterly as I threw my hands up in the air in defeat.

"You could do everything, if you listened" he muttered to him self

"Listened to what exactly Spencer?" I spat into the surrounding forest that felt like it was closing in on me. I wanted to look at him to look him in the eye, to see if he was lying or telling the truth.

"If you had just done what I told you last time and you had just gone and spoken to Matt-"I cut him off, I spun around, sick of his antics, but stopped in my tracks frozen.

Spencer shimmered there behind the swing, he seem almost transparent, I gasped as I noticed the cuts over him, his face, neck, arms, covered every inch of his skin visible and a deep gash on his right forearm, made me feel sick. "What happened?" I chocked out, I raised my hand to cover up my mouth.

"Alexandria is what happened, but don't worry this is nothing" he sneered at me, "compared to what she could do if she really wanted to, which is why you have to leave now!"

"Why, I can take her, It's my dream after all" I spat angrily at him.

"CHARLOTTE ITS NOT A DREAM, but you need to wake up before she comes" he was now standing in front of me, trying to get me to understand, his eyes pleaded for me to leave.

"Why, I'm sick of not knowing anything, I don't care any more, if I get to stay with you, why should I worry?"

"You don't want to stay here, please leave, save your self, for me please! Please just leave" he was on the verge of tears, my own eyes welled up, when I caught the sight of blood dripping down Spencers eyebrow into his eye. I looked up and scrambles back away from Spencer. I looked over all his other cuts, which were all weeping, fresh blood, and clotted black blood. A few seconds later Spencer started to cringe, as the blood started burning through his skin and in his cuts, he was now giving off steam, and he was turning a deathly pale colour. He looked like he was dying.

"Spencer what's wrong?" I cried as I hugged my self, willing his pain to go away.

"ARGHHHH, she is near, leave, ask Matt, must" he all but screamed out in agony as he collapsed on the ground wreathing around in pain, he chocked back his screams and cries, but he couldn't get all of them, he started to convulse as, black liquid spewed from his mouth, I couldn't take it any more, I ran over to him but stopped short when a spotted something in the distance.

A woman, dressed in a green and gold tattered old ball gown, with a pattern that seemed as if vines were creeping all over her from the bottom of the skirt and thinned out near the bosom part of the dress. She stepped, more like floated out from out of know where, I backed up, trying to get away from her. Her ice cold hazel eyes connected with mine. Her blonde hair was half bunched up on top of her head, and the rest of it flowed long down her lower back, in knots, her gold earrings dangled down for her ears, her right one with a leaf caught in it. She had on a gold necklace, where the pendant which looked like a giant emerald hung just above her cleavage, her wrist's were taken over by gold bangles which resembled leaves, sticks and tree's, with only one ring on her wedding finger. There was nothing on her feet, which didn't touch the ground. She looked as if she lived in the forest, no was apart of the forest, even though she looked like she needed a shower desperately she was beautiful, and she screamed danger at the same time. And to put it nicely she scared the fuck out of me.

Spencer continued to convulse on the ground in front of me, chocking out one word "Alexandria" before his whole body stilled.

"I've been waiting for this moment ever since I laid eyes on you" the wind spoke piercing my ears with a screeching noise, which I realised was the woman speak who I'm guessing is or was Alexandria.

"Be prepared to meet your fate girl" she screeched again and she flew herself at me.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed as I squeezed my eyes shut.

I sat up from the couch screaming, Soph rushed to my side immediately, trying to calm me down. I rubbed my hands over my face; I sighed and turned to look at Soph, she smile sympathetically at me.

"Bad nightmare, I'll be fine" I reassured, "What's the time?" I yawned.

"Just turned 2, you slept a long time, and your brother got home about an half an hour, then left saying he had some errands to run" she stood up off the couch. "We need to keep you busy, lets make lunch then we'll figure something out" she smiled, and I felt a little bit better already.

"Wow, I didn't know I slept that long" I commented, as I followed her into the kitchen, where she had already started to make a sandwich. "you want one?" she asked, slapping a dollop of mayo on top off the bread, it made me cringe, too much mayo, too much mayo my mind rambled. "I'll pass, thanks" I forced a smile, in the end I settled for a bowl of cocoa pops. I don't know to explain it, but it felt as if I had been possess by something, I was myself but not, as if I had a shadow over me 24/7, like something in the back or my head was waiting to strike, blow up and take over my brain. I didn't voice my stress to Soph as I put her through enough of my shit last night, instead we ended up in my room, cleaning it up, well me cleaning and Soph on my bed reading a magazine she pulled from somewhere and playing with my stereo. It was your typical girl day, in my eyes, considering, it's me we're talking about here.

At least there is no painting nails or facials my mind cringed, yes thank god. As I was pulling all my dressed off the rack on to my bed to re hang, there was one dress that remained on the rack, you know when you hang the hanger backwards so when you pull all the hangers off in a bunch it wont come off, because clearly its on be hung backwards, I turned to dump all the dressed and turned around to grab the dress, and almost vomited, it was the white summer dress, from the dreams. I turned around shocked; my back to the dress, Soph noticed and gave me a questioning look. Its just a dress you fucking pansy, get a grip, maybe if it had 'boo' written on it then I would seriously consider freaking but its fine god, idiot my mind insulted, but it did have a point. I turned around slowly, trying to even out my breathing that had pitched. I grabbed the dress of the rack and almost walked over to the window to throw it out, but I held it against me and looked in my mirror. It really was a beautiful dress, it had a sweetheart neck line and thick straps, with a fitted torso, and when it hit my hips it flowed out until mid calf, but it was a nice flow. Its something you would see in a 1940's movie, that's why I loved it so much.

"Wow, its beautiful" I heard Soph from behind me, and saw her staring at me in the mirror, "I didn't think you would own something like that, knowing you" I cracked a smile at the comment. I couldn't throw it out, so I put it right in the back of my wardrobe, far away so that it couldn't remind me of the memories but not too far away so it couldn't be admired for it beauty it held.

I had finished putting my wardrobe back together when I heard the front door slam open and then people making a nosily entrance in to the house. I quickly left my rooms confinements and made my way down the stairs to see what the hell was going on. I heard the muffle of talking voices, then Josh above them all "Yeah, Bront, chuck 'em in the kitchen, everyone else with supplies, follow Bront" as I stepped off the bottom step, I almost got bowled over by six huge footy players carrying kegs, I turned around shocked trying to find Josh who was belting out more orders, "Oi, you guys set up in the living room, plug it into the surround sound and set speakers up in other rooms, not upstairs" I finally found him standing by the front door, where two guy where walking through the door with turntables resting in their arms. They past me, ignoring me and headed to the lounge room, which had been cleared to make a dance floor, I'm assuming.

"This night is going to go off" Josh exclaimed while doing a bro handshake hug thing, I could never understand them.

"WHAT THE FUCK JOSH! What is all this shit?" I pushed him in the shoulder forcing him to turn around to face me.

"Clearly no parent, means a party, and Aunt Jess ain't coming until like next month, so from now on it's PARTY TIME, OH OH OH" he cheered as everyone else joined in. I slapped my hand against my head, why was everyone so fucking dumb around me, I shook my head "Ergh I don't even know why I bother" I muttered and walked back up to my room, trying to avoid all the guys already walking all over the house, like they owned it.

When I got to my room I slammed the door and landed on the bed with a "hmpf" I chucked my arms over my head, blocking out the light and trying to block out what's about to happen tonight. "What's going on downstairs?" Soph questioned from beside me, still absorbed in her magazine.

"Oh, my brothers just throwing the party of the century downstairs yippee!" I sarcastically exclaimed.

"A PARTY!" I felt the bed move next to me, next second I'm getting dragged up onto my feet by an excited Soph.

"Where is SOPH? What have you done to her?" I smiled.

"It's perfect" she cheered running over to her night back and whipped out her phone and started typing, I just started at her waiting any moment, for her kill buzz answer. She turned around with a devilish smile on her face, which she failed to hide. She practically ran over to me and shoved me into my bathroom "Have a shower, NOW!" she yelled and slammed the door. I stood stunned, looking at the door; maybe a shower wouldn't be too bad. I turned and looked in the mirror, my hair was all matted and defiantly needed to be wasted, I sniffed my underarms which you would do considering I had a shower last night, but a shower was defiantly in order. I still looked half asleep so maybe it would help wake me up as well.

Half an hour later I stood in front of the mirror towel drying my hair, I don't normally shower that long but I had an internal debate on if I needed to shave my legs or not and that's internal debate by its self took up ten minutes. But the end result was worth it, I felt relaxed, and more awake with smoother legs. I laughed at my self. With a towel securely wrapped around me I opened my door only to come face to face with Soph, who happened to be in a denim skirt, with a frilly black/purple top that showed her curves, with purple pumps to finish her outfit. Her hair was straight which hung down and around her face. "It's about time" she said while pushing me towards my bed which had an outfit, "I need to finish my make up" with that she passed me and walked into my bathroom with a bag in her hand and slammed the door.

I turned around to face the outfit on my bed, I could hear and feel the bass from the speakers coming up through the floor, as I sat down on the edge of my bed and stared at the outfit. It seemed normal; it consisted of my Lee dark denim tube jeans that frankly made my ass look really good, so I had no problem with that part of the outfit. The top was a bit complicated, it was an emerald green that had a full front and the straps criss-crossed over and down my back so it was practically backless, I could wear a bra thank god, but I was thank full it want one of those tops where your boobs don't pop out constantly. So Soph got another tick for an impressive outfit. Once I had the clothes on, I went to check my self out in the mirror. I'm not vain; I just like to make sure I look good! Yeah your vain my mind tormented, I sighed and ignored it. The out fit increased my curves, and made me look taller, and even a little bit sexy. As I made my way over to my desk I stubbed my toe on something which ended up with me falling over, I looked over my shoulder to find out that the hell I had tripped over.

They happened to be my Black Death traps, which Soph forced me to buy last summer, they were hot, but they would problem end up helping my death. They were black patent leather peep toe heels with a built in platform for extra height. I sighed know that they would ultimately complete the outfit. "When do I every get to dress up like this" I sighed to my self, I stared at the hot heels staring up at me, "What the heck" and I slipped the shoes on and checked out my completed outfit in the mirror, I wasn't going to complain, I looked good. It was an added bonus that my hair had dried in small nice waves and for once didn't frizz so I didn't need to do anything besides maybe run some hair product through it to keep it that's way, no doubt Soph probable has some. I walked in to the bathroom to ask Soph bout the hair product when she wolf whistled, "Damn girl you sure do scrub up, give me a twirl" I suppressed a smile as I did what she asked.

"Okay put your hands out" she asked, and squirted some liquid shit in my hands, I gave her a questioning look, "Its hair product just run it through the ends first and work your way up and it will keep you hair like that all night" she read my mind, I smirked at her and she turned to finish applying her mascara. Once I finished with the hair product I washed my hands and leant on the bench. "So what's with all this?" I questioned staring at her and she applied lip gloss.

"Ahh, the party downstairs" she gave me a dumb look, and then scrummaged around her make up back and produced some tubes and handed them to me, just as her words sunk in.

"WHAT, ah oh no! We are not" I argued, I was not going to party with my brothers friends

"Yes you are!" Soph said standing her ground "everyone is coming, from our school your old school. Every. One. Is. Coming! The perfect distraction" and she turned back to the mirror to fix her lip-gloss. I stared at her dumbfounded, she saw me looking in the mirror, "What, do you need help do your eyeliner?"

"What no, I don't" I huffed and turned to the mirror. I applied the eyeliner, and then put on several layers of mascara, I chucked on some glossy lip smackers lip balm, I'm pretty sure watermelon flavoured, and I was done. We made our way out of my bathroom just as there was a knock on the door, Soph practically bolted to the door. She swung it open and leapt into whoever's arms were there, they stumbled back into my room and Soph pushed the door closed. I made my way over to my desk to grab my phone, since I hadn't checked since last night; I only had one text from Matthew, I sighed chucking my phone back on my desk I was not ready for that awkward conversation with was my fault due to the awkward message left in his message bank.

"Hey hey hey" a familiar voiced pulled me from my ranting in my mind

"Hey Heath!" I turned around and gave him a hug "Long time no see" I smiled.

"I brought you lovely ladies a present" he smirked and produced a bottle of vodka from behind his back; he bowed and unscrewed the lid, took a swig and handed it to Soph.

"Sorry I couldn't find cups, it already extremely packed down there" Heath explained, I shrugged and took the bottle from Soph who didn't make any motion to drink from it and took a giant ass swig from the bottle and handed it back to Heath, "Something tells me you're not going to be taking it easy tonight" he laughed.

"You got that right sister, you little princess of a girlfriend says I need a distraction, let the distraction begin" I exclaimed as I grabbed the bottle back took another giant ass swig and began to make my way down to the party.

As we got down to the party, it was in full swing, games of beer pong were taking place, beer bongs were going down, and the dance floor looked like a giant orgy. "I'm so not drunk enough to handle this shit" I muttered, "I should have just taken the bottle, why did I always give it back" I continued to mutter as I made my way into the kitchen to find some sort of cup to hold the alcohol, after searching high and low, someone shoves a cup in my face, "Wanna a drink" a guy I've never seen before slurs.

"Why you read my mind" I said sarcastically as I grabbed the cup from him and left the room. I ended up on the edge of the giant orgy downing the cup of alcohol, which I think was beer, trying to get a buzz and loose myself. Once I finished I made my way across the dance floor, getting groped at every opportunity some one even flicked my bra strap, by the time I had crossed it I was beyond pissed, I trying to find Soph, but mostly Heath because he had the Vodka. As I made my way into the sitting room I found them, both sitting on the couch, Vodka sitting on the floor near Heath's feet, my mind did a victory dance, as I swept the bottle up and left the room, seeing my friends making out gives me the creeps.

I had no idea what the time was, but the vodka was gone so I started drinking beer, but lost my cup when I got dragged out on to the dance floor, by Soph, who had finished making out with Heath, who knows they probably had a quickie. We danced to the music, bumping and grinding, laughing the whole time at our ridicules dance moves. We were soon interrupted by Heath who stole Soph away from me, while Jack came up with cups in both hands, handing me one, I skulled what ever alcohol was in it and started dancing with him. I barely knew him, but he threw a pretty good party last time and he has an 'amazing', I'm going to repeat that 'amazing' six pack, he had orange hair though which creped me out, with boring brown eyes, I don't think I could ever date him, and his dancing was like two beats behind the music, I was glad when it started to get a little too personal I pushed him away and tried to make my way off the dance floor, just as a really good song came on Pornstar Diamond Cut remix by Amy Meredith, "Fuck my typical luck" I muttered to myself as I tried to squeeze through everyone, I spotted Soph and Heath over in the corner and tried to make my way over to them, but someone's hands wound around my hips and pulled me towards them. I turned around and came face to face with Matthew Spencer.

Here we are it's the right time,

Let me know that you feel the same as we fall.

"Hey" he mouthed, and smiled. I giggled, the alcohol in my system getting the better of me. "Hi" I mouthed back, I looked down blushing, since when does this happen to me, I started to freak out, when his hands found their way on my hips and I responded automatically by sliding my arms and hands round his neck, one of my hands going into his hair as we began to dance. I was shocked seeing as how relaxed I was, I got lost in the music and touch of Matthew; I liked it which caused me to smile harder. We got closer and closer as the song went on. "I've been looking all over for you" he shouted in my ear but I heard it as a whisper. I turned my head to reply back "Really, why?" I regretted my words as soon as they were out of my mouth, "Fuck" , he laughed when her heard me swear, he shrugged and pulled me closer, "You look so good tonight" he said in a low sexy voice which made me all hot and bothered. I stared up into his eyes, and got lost.

I could be a pornstar, we can leave the lights

You can feel my heart beat, and it won't stop.

Show me how to fake it, you can taste my lipstick

Then we'll turn the light off, and you can touch me in the dark.

Everyone on the dance floor seemed closer, as one mass of body moving, it was exciting like an electric current moving through everyone. It felt even better being in Matthew's arms. Matthew started singing the lyrics in my ear, which wasn't helping that state I was already in. I turned around with my back against his chest, his hands were working my hips and waist, and my hand massaged the back of his neck also winding in and out of his hair, while my other was on one of Matthew's hands on my hip. I was dumbstruck at how naturally this came to me considering I had never don't this in my life, not even with Spencer. STOP thinking about him have fun! My mind screamed at me. One of Matthew's legs found there way in-between mine, our bodies trying to find more and more friction as the song played. Near the songs end with the massive built, I turned around to face Matthew again, staring into his eyes. His brown eye were swimming with emotion, almost black, they flicked down to my lips, I found my biting my bottom lip in anticipation, as I continued to star at him, then suddenly his lips crashed onto mine.

His lips were heaven against mine, so soft yet masculine at the same time, our lips moving together, made my happiness jump through the roof, my hands were now both in his hair, while one of his hands was on my lower back and the other one my neck. I pressed myself into him wanting to feel more, then suddenly his lips were ripped from mine, I opened my eyes just in time to see some one bump right into me and Matthew essentially ruining our fucking mind blowing kiss. "Fucking prick" I screamed at the guy as I grabbed Matthew's hand and pulled him out of the giant orgy and towards the stairs. I stopped at the bottom and turned around to face Matthew who crushed his lips to mine again, I giggled this time and continued kissing him, his hands found their way to my ass as I squeaked as he grabbed my ass, I broke away from the kiss and grabbed his hand pulling him up the stairs past all the drunk passed out people and the hooking up.

I got to my door and was about to open it when he pulled me around and pushed me into the door, kissing along my neck, I pulled his head up, so that our lips could meet and finish what they began, he didn't need to be told twice, so that's how we ended up making out against my door. His hands were all over me, and mine were all over him, his tongue pushed against my lips, which asked for permission which I fucking happily granted. I tried to get some leverage from anything around me, to bring me closer to Matthew, but in the process I ended up opening my door, which ended up with me on the floor and Matthew on top of me. We both started laughing "Are you okay?" he asked and he rolled off of me and got up offering me a hand, which I accepted. I slammed my door shut and locked it turning around with a devilish smile on my face. "Never been better" I smirked, as Matthews face started to glow at the sight of me. "You don't know how long I've waited to kiss you" he smirked, as I literally jumped on him and crashed my lips to his, my tongue instantly mingling with his. We were both extremely hot and bothered and extremely turned on. Matthew was slowly walking backwards as he was holding me up with my legs wrapped around his waist. Soon enough the back of his legs came in contact with my bed and we fell backwards on it.

Matthew landed with a "opmft" mainly because I landed on him, I rolled off of him, breaking our kiss, trying to control my breathing as he started peppering kissed all along my neck and collar bone, he rolled on top off me and began to kiss me again, I ran my hands along his chest to the bottom of his t-shirt and pushed it upwards, Matthew sensing what I was doing leaned back took his top off, and got back to where he was, my hands explored his torso and chest, until I pushed him off me and I swung my leg over him resulting in me straddling him, taking control, an extremely bold move on my behalf, considering I had no fucking clue what I was doing. I stared at him, and he stared back as his hands moved to the bottom of my top slowly edging it up, inch by inch. "You're going to slow" I whined as I grabbed the bottom of my top and ripped it off myself. "God you're so sexy, when you're bossy" Matthew smirked and pulled my face down to meet his lips, which were rougher this time.

I felt him kick his shoes off, and he flipped us again, he started kissing down my neck, down my chest between my breast, down my stomach until he got to my pants, "These pants are so fucking hot on" he smiled, then smirked "but they have to come off" and he took my shoes off throwing them on the ground then unbuttoning my jeans and slid them off extremely slow, while felling up my legs "God hurry up" I cursed. Thank god I had put on a good pair of undies today, and that it wasn't laundry day! I willed myself away from these thought, but they just kept coming. I would normal be extremely embarrassed about any body looking at my body. You're intoxicated, fucking shut up! My mind yelled you have a half naked guy standing in front of you! My mind was right, I had a fucking hot guys standing topless in front of me. I licked my lips, as he jumped right back on top of me, I laughed at his antics until his lips met mine effectively ending my laughing, mind rambling and thinking, I slowly reached down and undid his button and zipper and then pushed his pants down as far as I could with my hands then using my feet for the rest of the way.

Our kisses grew stronger and we hungered for more. His hands moved around my back as he undid my bra and flung it some where in the room, I stared into his eyes and got lost again, they were filled passion and love. I reached up grabbing his lips with mine, our tongues mingling, touches growing passionate and our hearts racing on into the night.


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