As Bilariel pulled on to the freeway heading North into the city, I resolved not to let the whole ride go by in silence. Lucifer hadn't so much as glanced at me since we got in the car.

"So what have you been up to?" I decided to try a silly and mundane question. I didn't really want to hear the horrible things he'd done, but you have to admit, it's kind of funny to ask the Devil how he's been passing the time.

No reply.

"Come on, you can tell me, what mischief have you been up to since I last saw you?"

Nothing. He shifted this body but stared intently at the back of the seat in front of him.

"Lucifer, talk to me," I pleaded.

"I waited," he said.

"I know, I told you to wait 'til I called and I did call, didn't I? But what did you do in the meantime, I mean, I watch the news. You've been quite productive, what . . ."

"I waited," he turned to me and fixed me in his gaze, "and I waited."

"All right, I get it, you're angry. But I wouldn't have thought that a few months would have seemed like much to you."

Lucifer turned away and returned to staring.

"Seriously?" I was getting annoyed. "You're that mad at me? You're ridiculous!"

Lucifer slowly turned back towards me and enunciated, "I wai-ted."

"Well, what were you waiting for?" I shouted, exasperated. Lucifer winced and took a deep breath.

"You told me to go to Hell, literally, and I did. I sat on my throne and I waited. That's all. It's what you wanted"

"I know, I hoped you wouldn't anything evil, but didn't actually believe that you wouldn't. And don't lie to me, the world hasn't changed any, you were still at work."

Lucifer waved a hand dismissively. "My lieutenants have always been more productive without me."

"So you, just sat there? They must have thought you were crazy."

"They know better than to disturb me."

"It must have been boring."

He laughed, "Boring would not be the way I would describe it."


"No, I would use the word excruciating."

"But . . ."

"Elizabeth, you won't understand until you accept me for what I am."

He returned to his staring while I pondered the conversation. It was not an easy thing to believe that he would give up evil for me. I mean, we had our kinky relationship but love of the kind that would have him giving up anything was supposed to be beyond him. He is the poster boy for pride and ego. But I did believe that our bedroom a activities gave him some relief from the pressures of being one of the most powerful beings in existence, they say lots of eenfluential people like to give up control. But that wasn't a good enough reason for me to continue our relationship. Ridding the world of evil, yes, but being a recreational role playing buddy was not.

When we arrived at our destination, I was not surprised even though I had not considered it. I remembered this place with excitement and shame. He had said back to the beginning and he had meant it. I shifted in my seat and tried to pull my skirt down to cover more skin but my traitorous dress refused to comply.

"Now," he purred, seeming pleased with my discomfort, "when inside, stay next to me and do exacly what I say."

I nodded.

"Exactly," he reiterated.

"Okay, geez!"

He turned and got out of the car and I sat there trying to prepare myself. It had been a while for me. I hadn't really let my fantasies have free rein since he'd left. I wasn't sure I was ready for what he wanted to show me. And I felt like I already got it, it's a beautiful symbiotic relationship, but I wasn't intrested in having it with him.

I heard my door open and I turned to find Bilariel holding it.

"I wouldn't keep him waiting, ma'am."

So, I got out of the car and joined Lucifer by the entrance. He was chatting familiarly with the doorman. I suppose he had told me he came to this fetish club often. He seemed to feel me arrive and start to turn to introduce me, but instead he just grabbed my wrist and dragged me inside.

It was pretty much just how I remembered it, darkly painted walls and red velvet curtains giving privacy to several alcoves along the far walls. There was a dance floor in the middle and a bar with slender legged stools at which a scantily clad man and woman served, whatever flavor you liked. Unassuming ambiant music was playing, enough to give the place an atmosphere of delicious anticipation, but not so much that you had to strain to hear what went on in this place. It turned out that the club was bigger than I thought because I was led throught several doors I didn't know existed into a quieter room with its own little bar.

Lucifer was immediately greeted by a man in dove grey suit pants and a crisp white shirt who stood up from next to a pair of kneeling women dressed in matching red leather corsets.

"Mr. Morningstar, it's been too long!" They shook hands and then Lucifer steered me towards a velvet armchair and pressed me into it. The two men wandered off, chatting and laughing their way through the room. I noticed that he occasionally glaced over at me to satisfy himself that I'd stayed put and it irked me. Severeal people in the room obviously knew him quite well and, from the sound of it, had missed his skills in the sensual arts that were practiced here. I hadn't considered that he might have interacted so directly with the people here and he had never told me anything about it. So here we are, at a place that caters to our mutual tastes and he was treating me like I some chick he'd brought as an amusement. I was about to get up and insert myself into his conversation when he gave his friends a final nod and sauntered back over to me.

"Finally," I complained, "Are you going to introduce me or just leave me to entertain myself?"

He grinned. "What you are going to do, my dear, is go through that doorway," he pointed, "and go see the man in the last booth on the left."

I rolled my eyes and he raised an eyebrow. I gestured my aquiesance and he continued.

"He will have a clipboard. Tell him I want the main room at," he made a show of looking at his Rolex, "10 o'clock." I sighed and started to get up when he snapped his business card in front of my face between two slender fingers. "And you'll need to show him this." I snatched it out of his hand and stomped out of the room. I'm pretty sure I heard him chuckling behind me.

In the the other room, I found the guy I was supposed to see easily enough. He was sitting alone in the booth Lucifer said he would be in with a man wearing a collar sitting at his feet. His attention, however, was focused on a stunning red head who had woman engaged in some kind of form of fetch.

"I need the main room at 10 pm," I said without preamble.

Turning and giving me an appreciative once over, he said, "You do, do you?"

"Yes," I replied, not wanting to give him anything.

"It's booked," he smiled and turned back to his entertainment without having even glancing at his clip board.

"I'm supposed to show you this," I muttered, annoyed.

After a few seconds, he deigned to look at the business card I held out to him. "Ah!" was all he said and then he immediately lined out something on his clipboard and wrote in something else.

The redhead appeared over his shoulder and asked, "Really?"

"Mh hm," he replied as she gave me a stern appraising from head to toe. "I'll let everyone know," she concluded with a shrug.

"Who's 'everyone'?" I asked, "and what...?"

"You can go," the redhead dismissed me and went back to ber waiting slave.

Taking a deep breath and choosing to let the exchange go, I returned to the bar to find Lucifer engaged in an intimate conversation with another woman. She was pearched on a bar stool facing him, leaning in to listen, and then she laughed at whatever he said to her. She was bear foot, dressed in a white negligee, and when she leaned back in laughter she arched her breasts prettily at him. Needless to say, I was jealous. I'd never had to share even the smallest piece of him with anyone else. Seeing her there made me want to grab him by the hair and pull him unceremoniously off his stool all the way back to the car. This rather strong reaction shocked me at first but then my mind skipped to the part where he was back in my bedroom and it stared to no longer seem so strange. I clearly had some pent up sexual energy.

I began to walk towards them, resolved to say something nasty to her instead of behaving like a caveman, when I saw her begin to reach out a hand towards his thigh. She'd been flirting with all her might (I had to admit he was a sexy man) and now she was going in for the casual touch to let him know he could have her. I didn't like it, but I really had no right it interfere, did I? I'd told him to move on. She didn't look like his type, but who was I to judge. So, I stopped and made myself let it happen even though I wished I could smack her.

And then all of a sudden, Lucifer caught her by the wrist and yanked her up, knocking her stool backwards against another one.

"You presume too much," he said gruffly.

"I'm sorry, master, I. . ." She struggled in his grip.

"I am not your master."

"But, I . . ."

"Leave." He let her go and she fled rubbing her wrist.

As I approached, he straighted the stool and turned to me with a knowing grin.

"You think I am that easy? Pretty girls are everywhere, honey, I need more than that. And I've already found it."

"Well, she didn't seem like your type but I hated the idea of her touching you."

"I liked that," he purred. I rolled my eyes at him but I couldn't help a smile curling up my lips.

"You need a drink," he announced and the bartender materialized. I opened my mouth to order but he told him "Two more," gesturing at the highball in front of him.

I sat down on the stool and the bartender was already placing a glass of amber liquid in front of me.

"How do you know I'll even like this?"

"Please," Lucifer scoffed. I took a sip and found that it was a deliciously peaty whiskey. He certainty did know my tastes.

"So, is that woman an old plaything of yours?"

"Denise? She has a master. She just likes to shop around, keep him on his toes so to speak."

"Doesn't she get in trouble for that?"

"It's all part of the game."

"Is she going to be part of your show?"

He laughed. "I did invite her, yes."


"You know, you have nothing to worry about here."

"I know, but they are not very welcoming."

"They just don't know how you fit in yet. They will soon enough."

"What if I don't want anyone here to know what turns me on? I'm not exactly comfortable dragging my sexual issues out in front of these people." I took a long pull on my drink.

"I wouldn't worry about that."

"I'm sure they've seen it all before but I haven't."

"They haven't seen everything," he replied softly, "and it's time." He finished his drink and waited for me to take a last swig of mine. He stood with a hand out to me and I let him help me down, I needed it. Then intertwining his fingers with mine, he lead me to the main room.

Once inside I saw a long dimly lit room with tiered seating on either side of a central area, the performance space. In the middle of the space there was a single chair illuminated by a soft spotlight that was large enough to encompass a tall wooden post fixed with a steel ring high up its length. As my eyes adjusted, I could see that the far wall just beyond the post was fitted with hooks and shelves that held all kinds of whips, bindings and toys. The shadowy depths of both corners held large shapes that promised to be kinds of 'furnature' that you could bring out to strap someone to.

It was all getting very real, very fast. I swallowed hard and let Lucifer lead me over to the chair. When I tried to sit in it, he held me up and shook his head. He guided me to a spot halfway between the chair and the post, then backing away from me, he slowly let my hand go. I heard the room hush and for the first time I looked around at the audience. The whole club must have been there, masters and slaves, everyone. I suppose Lucifer would be someone who would put on a good show, but I not expected an actual audience, just the people he would be using for his demonstration.

"Are you ready?" He asked and I turned back to him.

"Yes," I managed.

"Just like we are at home, my dear, just you and me."

I nodded and looked nervously back at the chair. I wanted to sit down, somehow it seemed that sitting, even in the cnter of the room, would get the attention off me and then I would be ready for this to start. A titter of laughter ran through the audience and I turned back towards Lucifer blushing.

"Let's begin shall we," I could feel the anticipation in the room rise as they quieted again. "Just you and me"

I met his gaze and he smiled reassuringly at me but made no move. Then I saw his smile begin to fade and his eyes fill with a familar longing. He took a big inhale and let out a long shaking exhale. I couldn't believe what he was asking. Not here!

But I wanted it too, didn't I? I had called him back to me when I'd vowed not to. I'd come here with him. I wanted to know if he could prove something to me that would make it okay to have him. So, I decided to see where this led. It didn't take me long to crack. I'm helpless.

"Strip," I told him. If we were going to do this, we were going all in. Getting him naked was bound to ignite a fire in me.

A look of relief passed over his features and without hesitation he kicked off his shoes and slipped off his jacket. As he started on his shirt buttons, there were murmurs in the crowd, which increased to a soft crecendo when he dropped his pants and briefs to the floor and swept them off to the side with the rest of his clothes. He ignored them and stared intently at me.

"Kneel," I commanded, raising my voice to shut them up.

He fell gracefully to his knees, leaning down to place a gentle kiss on each of my feet. It was a greeting, a welcome. And then he sat back on his heels, his head bowed. He'd always known how to please me, our play had never been about restriction, only surrender in whatever form it took.

The murmurs started anew and I took my attention away from him to scan the audience. What I saw there was shock. They hadn't been expecting this either. He'd been only a master here and they had never seen this side of him. Of course, it pleased me all the more that he would submit to me in front of them. Tricky bastard!

There was a hush again as I walked over to the wall where the toys were and selected a sturdy lash and a leather collar. The collar was bright red and had a conflicting patter of metal hearts and spikes on it. It was the silliest one I could find. Depositing the lash my chair, I looped the collar around his neck and buckled it. It was a shame. He didn't need decoration, he was beautiful. But this was my nod to the club and a subtle way of punishing Luke because he was going to enjoy every minute of this if what he says about himself is true.

"Get up," I told him. When he rose, I just said, "Go" and he turned and went to stand in front of the post. I toyed with the idea of binding him, I knew how much he enjoyed that but I decided that I'd show off a bit. Standing behind him, I took his wrists and lifted them to the hook which he took hold of. I let my hands trail down his arms all the way down to his hips and he shuddered, sighing quietly.

I didn't usually talk much in the bedroom but I felt I should say something, make some kind of statement about why I was doing this. They seemed to expect it. Or maybe I just felt I owed them some explaination for turning a celebrated master into my devoted slave.

"You said you wanted to be mine and you will prove that to me now or our relationship is over."

"Yes, Mistress," he replied. He rarely called me that but in this moment I liked it.

I walked back to my chair and retrieved the lash I had chosen. It was the most vicious one I could find. I was not going to make this easy. Either he surrendered or he balked, I would find out for certain this time.

The first stroke is always the hardest to convince myself to enflict. Once I get started, I quickly get my rhythm. When the lash hit him, he arched inhaled sharply. The next one catching him before he was ready. But by the third stroke he was crying out in unmasked pleasure. He'd clearly been holding out on me. He didn't even try to pretend that he was scared or in any kind of discomfort. What our audience thought of this I didn't know. I was too focused on drinking in his response. He was feeling me deeply but what he was feeling was not pain.

I let the lash rain down as fast and hard as I could manage and finally a faint line of bright red blood appeared near his left shoulder blade. This seemed to excite him and the following lash did the same nearer the center of his back, illiciting a wild moan.

I reached back again but was stopped by a voice shouting, "Madame!" I turned and glared at a man standing next to me.

"Madame," he said with an odd reverence I wasn't expecting, "You've drawn blood."

I smiled, but said, "But he hasn't had enough. Have you?"

"No, Mistress."


"We have a rule, Madame, we . . ." I waved a hand at him dismissively, "It's fine."

I went over to Luke and pried his fingers off the ring he was clinging to. When he let go, he turned an simultaneously crumpled at my feet. I looped a finger under his collar and led him crawling to the center of the room, where I unbuckled it and tossed it aside. Standing behind him, I lifted him up to his knees by the hair and bent his head back so that I could kiss him. Then I leaned down and slid my hand down his torso to rub his cock which hard enough to leave no doubt how much he had enjoyed himself. He continued to give his lips to me and began to rock his hips gently to give me rest of him too.

I started to become aware of our audience again, there was a murmur of appreciation and fair bit of awe as well. They'd never seen anything like his submission before.

As I disengaged from him, he moaned in protest and threw himself towards my feet as I headed to my chair. He laid there for a few seconds breathing heavily before he crawled to my feet and pressed his forehead to the floor in front of me.

"Look at me," I said, but when he sat back on his heels, he kept his head bowed.

"Look at me," I repeated and lifted his chin with a finger. When I met his eyes I saw it and some of the audience did to. It was a look of pure adoration, so exquisite and so fragile, that a I let out a small cry of surprise.

"Adgmach!" He breathed. I didn't know what the word meant but I knew what it was from. "Adgmach," he said again with more intensity. And I knew that playtime was over.

"Clear the room," I commanded and immediately people began shuffling out. I was surprised that it worked even though when I had said it I had fully expected to be obeyed.

Luke continued to whisper words to me that I didn't understand and when the last of the crowd was making their way out, I said, "Come here, come on." He sunk his head in my lap and started shaking. "It's okay," I told him, "You can sing for me." And he did. He sang until his body went slack and weak. And then I took him home.