I love you.

But I fear I must depart,

for the fear that I fear,

the frigidness I witness and frighten myself with,

the coldness and bitterness that terrifies me so,

lies within your heart.

You are

white entrenched in black,

bitterness coated in sugar,

sorrow beneath joy

the night waiting in the wings of the sun.

You are

the scarcity of happiness within this world,

the abundance of depression,

the lugubrious core one looks for everywhere.

You are

my one and only love,

the love I never can escape from,

a love within my grasp,

but cannot partake of.

I need to stay away,

from you,

difficult as it may seem,

attempt to rip myself apart from your presence,





But, needless to say,

I can't.

The Light cannot exist without the Dark,

Evil without Good,

Virtue without Vice,

Joy without Sadness,

Love without Hatred.

You are

my opposite

in every


and I cannot

stay away

from you,

no matter how

I try.