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A buzz rang around the dark hallways of Hail Mary's Correctional School for Juvenile Delinquents in Louisville, Kentucky.

"Did you here?" One boy asked a passing girl with a hook shaped scar on her cheek. "There's a new kid coming!"

The girl smirked and shoved her hands in her pockets. "Boy or girl?"

"No one really knows, but we're all pretty sure it's a boy. Have you heard his record? He's been to juvy three times in the past two years! He pulled a knife on his teacher when he tried to forcefully carry him to the office! Plus, he's done nearly every drug that's out there. He does the drug for a week or two, then he switches to another without getting addicted! This dude if so awesome!"

The girl smiled and walked away towards her class. This new kid could be interesting.

Mr. Starvers first period science class was the first to meet the new. An excited but hushed whisper fell upon the class. The door opened and everyone looked up expectedly, only to see and old woman standing there trying to adjust her glasses and fix her papers at the same time.

Mr. Starvers stood and cleared his throat. "Children, this is Maria Oblim. She's here to talk to us about saying no to drugs," He told them as he hid his can of chewing tobacco under his desk.

The class groaned and barely listened as the woman droned on about the bad drugs can do. She smiled and as she reached to open the door, it swung open, hitting the woman in her forehead.

A collective gasp fell from everyone's lips.

The New Kid had arrived. He stood about six foot tall wearing a dark navy hoodie with the hood over his head so that it hid his face. He stood slouched with his hands in his pockets and a bubble of gum growing from his lips.

He stood in the doorway looking at the woman, who quickly scrambled to her feet and out the door. A pretty blonde woman walked beside him and pushed him in gently by the small of his back.

"Go in, Charlie. You can't just stand there looking menacing." When the boy didn't move, the woman walked around him and up to the teacher's desk. She smiled and shook his hand. "Hi. I'm Debby Hollbrook. I'm Charlie's social worker. The principal asked me to come since his father couldn't make it."

"I don't need you here," Charlie mumbled as he started moving toward the back of the class.

"Excuse me!" Mr. Starvers called. "Could you please take you hood off?"

Charlie ignored him and kept walking.

"Charlie, do as your teacher asks you. Charlie!" Mrs. Hollbrook called. "Charlotte O'Neil! Listen to your elders."

Charlie growled and pulled the hood off. "I told you not to call my that!"

The class gasped. Charlie, the new kid with a record longer than the principal's hair, was a girl. And not only that, she was a pretty girl. She had short red hair that framed her porcelain pale face. Well, she would have looked porcelain if it hadn't been for the massive amount of scars that covered her face and neck. It was obvious that this girl had seen many a knife fight and mostly had participated in most of them.

Charlie narrowed her eyes and glared openly at anyone she caught looking at her for too long as she sat down in the very last seat. To her right there sat a sleeping boy who had missed all of the morning's exciting happenings.

"Well, bye Charlie!" Mrs. Hollbrook called as she left. "Be good!"

Mr. Starvers started class up again and Charlie just stared into space, ignoring the looks everyone was giving her. A loud snort interrupted her thoughts and she was brought back down to earth. She turned her glare to the boy who was sleeping beside her with the two back legs of his chair above the ground.

She growled as he snorted again and she kicked the legs from under his chair. He let out a strangled yelp as he fell forward and his chin banged the table. Groaning, he got up off the ground and gave the girl a piercing glare, almost rivaling her own.

"What the hell did you do that for?!"

"You were annoying me," She told him simply. She raised an eyebrow when she saw the goggles that hung around his neck. "What's with the goggles? You going swimming or do you just like looking stupid?"

"Not like it's any of your business, but I'm going to my father's house to race dirt bikes with my sister right after school." He sat up and massaged his chin as he righted his chair. "That hurt you know. And who exactly are you?"

Mr. Starvers cleared his throat as he stopped in front of their table. "Charlie. Jake. Are you two quite done?"

"Yessir, we quite are," Charlie said sarcastically.

Mr. Starvers glared but let it go and walked back up to the front of the class. Jake looked over at the red head and grinned. "We'll finish this after school."

Charlie's lip turned up into a smirk. "You want a fight, Goggles Boy? You got one."